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TranceNet: Children's Initiation

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Children's Initiation

Before initiation talk to the child of meditating parents as below:

"I will tell you one word of wisdom - this will be your own private word of wisdom. You would like to have it?" "Yes" And you want to become great and do great things?YesYes, you will become a great man with your word of wisdom and you will repeat it a few times each day; but do you know one thing, everyone keeps his word of wisdom very secret - you will keep it to yourself, you will not tell it to your friends or to anyone, yes?YesYou know, everyone keeps the key to his treasury in his own pocket and doesn't give it to anyone. So this word of wisdom is the key to all wisdom in life. I know you are very intelligent - you won't tell it to anyone.Yes, alright."

"Now we will make offerings to Guru Dev who gave this word of wisdom to Maharishi and Maharishi has given it to me and I will give it to you. This is the Holy Tradition, so according to the custom of the Holy Tradition, I will make offerings to Guru Dev and then we will tell you the word, yes? Come with me - stand here - take this flower in your hand and witness the ceremony. I am sure you will like it."

Then go through the whole ceremony, and after bowing down and coming up speak the mantra and let him repeat - motion to him to sit down. After a minute say, "Say it a little more quietly." After one minute, "A little more quietly, very easily without forcing." After one minute, "More softly." After one minute, "Say inside the mouth without moving the lips - without whispering." Let him say it for two or three minutes and then say, "This is how you will be saying it to yourself moving the tongue inside, while getting ready for school and for a few minutes before you do your lessons, homework, or play, etc. (as appropriate for the child). With your word of wisdom you will become very creative. And you know you will keep it secret to yourself?" "Yes."

"Now you will take this fruit and keep this handkerchief and flower and go into the other room and walk about saying your word quietly and I will see you in ten minutes to check your pronunciation before you go home."

Call him after ten minutes and say, "Whisper to me quietly your word" ... "Oh yes! You are very intelligent - you have remembered your word."

Say to parents:

"If it is possible, bring the child the next day (or according to their convenience) for the checking of the word." When he comes for checking say to him, "You feel good with your word of wisdom?" "Yes" "And you remembered it?" "Yes" "Good, whisper to me quietly the word of wisdom," and when he says the word, say, "Yes, very good, you remember it. Now you will never forget it. And tell me when you repeated it daily yesterday - at what time - and where and when - yes?"

"You will be repeating it while getting ready for school, and for a few minutes before you do your lessons, homework, or play, etc. (as appropriate for the child). And your lips were not moving?" "No" "Alright, say it for a minute as you have been say it." See that his lips do not move and he does not look to be straining or struggling to repeat the word within his mouth. And if you find from his facial expression that he is straining or struggling, then say to him, "Very easily you don't have to try to say the word within your mouth. Just very comfortably and easily say it." And leave him only when you are sure that he is saying it comfortably and easily. "Yes, this is how you will be repeating it. And any time you want to ask anything tell your mother or father to bring you to me - anytime you feel the need of asking something about the word."

We don't initiate children whose parents or guardians are not meditating, (or at least one parent with the other's consent), because the initiator may fall into trouble if the father or mother, who are not meditating and who are not aware of the great benefits, may come to know that the child has been initiated into meditation and they may rise up to object. Therefore we always ask the parents to start Transcendental Meditation and then only their children can be initiated.

Jai Guru Dev

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