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Kropinski's List of TM Casualties

In 1986, Robert Kropinski filed "Answers to Defendants' Interrogatories--John Doe I" with Judge Gasch of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia as part of his civil suit #85-2848.

We do not know whether all of Kropinski's allegations are accurate. We do know that the court found his case compelling -- Kropinski was awarded a settlement in the significant six-figures.

Our Editor personally knew victims #2 and #8 and can verify these stories. Victim #4 is well known throughout the TM movement. We have every reason to believe that these -- and the 30 other stories that Kropinski claims to have documented -- are true.

How could such scandal be kept quiet for so long? You may know that the allegations of violence from within Scientology only surfaced 10 to 15 years after they began. We suspect that the TM movement is following a similar timeline. Who knows what stories will surface as true TM insiders begin to abandon the faltering movement?

We invite TranceNet readers to submit similar incidents to us. One of the most powerful weapons against the alleged abuses of Scientology has been the list of 300 suicides maintained by FACTNet. Let's accomplish as much to stop the abuses of TM.

Reprinted below from publicly available court records is the text of Robert Kropinski's "Answer to Interrogatory #40." As they say, not one word has been changed or omitted, with one exception. We have deleted the victims' names in the interest of their and their families' privacy. They have suffered enough.

Names and addresses are available to responsible parties -- as judged solely by the editors -- from the original court documents.

We believe these cases represent just the tip of the iceberg of TM casualties. We are maintaining a list of all documented cases. If you know of similar incidents, please email us.

Interrogatory No. 40

State each and every instance of emotional and/or psychological injury arising from the practice of T.M. and the Sidhis that plaintiff claims or believes supports allegation 28 (for John Doe I, II and IV) of plaintiffs' complaint or allegation 27 (for John Doe III, VI, Vi and Jane Doe) of plaintiffs' complaint and for each such instance, give the following:

    a. The name and last known address of the person suffering emotional or psychological injury;

    b. The date, time and place said injury was suffered;

    c. The facts and circumstances surrounding the claimed injury;

    d. The facts upon which plaintiff relies or which plaintiff claims supports his or her contention that defendants knew or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known of said instances.


The following is a short list of incidents which have occurred to other TM practitioners. Our research into reported incidents is continuing and we will continually update our findings.

[Victim #1]
Chairman of the MIU Philosophy Department, the Ad board and student counselor. Advisor to Bevan Morris. [Victim #1] was a respected member of the faculty of MIU. [Victim #1] was actively engaged in soliciting participants to engage in sadistic and masochistic activities with men on the campus of MIU. [Victim #1] advertised in local newspapers and wrote articles for magazines and periodicals which specialized in these activities. His special interest was discovering the true meaning of a "master disciple relationship." He invited individuals to urinate and defecate on him while he begged to be disciplined.

[Victim #2]
Worked on staff at Livingston Manor NY. The directors of the Academy were aware of her recommended she continually take repeated SCI courses. Because she was wealthy and influential the advisory board at Livingston Manor finally approved her for a teacher training course. While attending her course in France she became hysterical and threw herself off of a balcony and was found dead by the teacher training course leaders. These leaders later were advised by the TM movement not to mention the incident.

[Victim #3], Fairfield Iowa.
[Victim #3] is a housewife and a member of the TM community in Fairfield, Iowa. [Victim #3] was experiencing mental difficulties from her practice of the sidhis. One afternoon, she was seen leaving the dome dazed. She later poured gasoline over her head and ignited herself becoming a human torch. She remains disfigured, and crippled from the incident.

[Victim #4], Los Angeles, California
The former wife of Dr. Keith Wallace lived in the TM center in Los Angeles. She was under the personal guidance of MMY and was permitted to live in the center with MMY's personal permission. In a hallucination while practicing the TM-Sidhi program she felt an older woman was drawing energy from her body preventing her from levitating. She purchased a gun and shot the woman during their practice of TM Sidhis.

[Victim #5], Long Island, NY
Attempted to take the TM Sidhi program while on [sic] living on Long Island. The local center refused to recommend her to take the Sidhi program because of her history of mental instability. She left Long Island and took the Sidhi program in California. Later she returned to the same Long Island Center and proceeded to practice the Sidhi program with the same people who refused to recommend her. They never disallowed her to practice at the local center. Her mental condition continued to deteriorate while practicing TM and the Sidhis. She murdered her mother shooting her to death after practicing the Flying technique at the local center.

[Victim #6], Long Island, NY
After attending an extended rounding course in Europe [Victim #6] in a fit of severe depression severed his testicles, slit his wrists and throat with broken glass. The teahers [sic] in the Long Island area knew of this incident. [Victim #6] is an active member of defendants organizations and has been instrumental in helping organize large assemblies in the Washington D.C.

[Victim #7]
During an "Executive Governor" training course in Europe a group of ladies have reported that one woman threw herself out of a window after hallucinating. The other course participants were told by TM movement representatives not to report the incident or discuss the incident after returning home. This group followed their instructions until recently.

[Victim #8]
Director of MIU-Press at the ASCI-NY facility was housed in a padded room from 1974-1976. During this period he would howl, scream and continually threw himself into walls only during his practice of TM.

[Victim #9]
A teacher of TM and a course participant during my AEGTC course, [Victim #9] was asked to leave the Fairfield community by representatives of the movement after being caught molesting children.

[Victim #10]
Promised by Mahesh and the TM organization that a four year graduate of MIU would be enlightened (cosmicly consciousness[sic]) and would be incapable of making mistakes by the time he received his BA degree, [Victim #9] attended MIU. After returning to the Philadelphia area to work, [Victim #9] was last seen walking downtown in womens clothing. He has become a professed transvestite and is undergoing psychotherapy.

[Victim #11]
The defendants also were aware of a [n] MIU professor, employed by the defendants organizations, who administered thorazine by injection when handling meditators who had a severe reaction to the practices. The organization itself was no stranger to the use of powerful sedatives by injection to control "freak outs" during courses. In one case Mahesh ordered one of his own private secretaries drugged and placed in an assylum[sic] in order to keep her quiet. She had threatened to expose the organization and its practices.

[Victims #12]
There is no question the movement knew of these incidents and numerous others. My own review of files in La Antilla, the results of rounding courses in Majjorca[sic], Spain and Fiuggi, Italy confirmed these same disastrous consequences for many individuals. Additionally administrators of MIU are aware of incidents like the student who jumped through a plate glass window, the staff member who couldnt[sic] be found and was later discovered in a dumpster, the student president who proclaimed he was Arjuna and was sent home, and they are aware of the individuals involuntary [sic] committed to local mental institutions. They have witnessed and experienced for themselves the courses in which everyone was screaming, shaking and convulsing. They have had their own employees administer thorzine[sic] by injection to 'freak outs." They know and have known of students, former students and course participants who after leaving MIU or other movement facilities later committed suicide.

The movement has been repeatedly put on notice regarding these instances and chose to ignore the hard cold fact that these practices are dangerous.

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