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Witness: John Lynn

L. Craig Martindale
The Way International
New Knoxville, Ohio


I am in the process of writing an article concerning THE WAY INTERNATIONAL and we wanted to get information from you folks directly instead of relying upon people who are no longer with your organization.

Let me assure you that your letter will be printed in it's entirety with no change in the wording of it. I want to provide a balanced view of your organization and I feel that the best way to do this is to write this letter to you directly.

The first question that comes to mind is, we have been hearing that T.W.I. might be moving in the near future due to a sale to Honda of America of most of the property in New Knoxville, Ohio. The comment that I have received from Honda of America was "NO COMMENT." Could you comment on the possibility of a sale to them and the possibility of a move of the HEADQUARTERS to the Gunninison Site or an undisclosed location in The North Carolina Area?

I have heard that the number of members are currently around 10,000 (ten thousand) people can you give us an accurate number?

Recently your organization gave away thousands of dollars of equipment to local agencies and also discontinued several programs such as The WOW program, The Way Corps, and the yearly meeting called The Rock of Ages. Why were these programs dropped? What are you replacing them with?

I have read articles and talked to people (such as J. Lynn) who have told me that there were several problems on the Theology that was taught in the old PFAL class and that the class was reworked and renamed. Would you tell us about the changes in the teachings and why they were made?

Thank you for your cooperation,


Jim Martin Editor, No Way Out

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