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An Open Letter

to Our Visitors from The Way International

Welcome to No Way Out!! We just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are in no way trying to convince you to leave The Way International(TWI). That is a decision for you to make (or be forced to make) for your self.

The purpose of No Way Out is to give you, as a follower of The Way, the opportunity to see the negatives of the group that you are involved in and make an informed decision for your self. In my personal experience with The Way, I have found that most steps in the decision making process are in some way influenced by your leadership or by your base desire to be a part of "the elite". No one can blame you for your intentions, but unless you were told to look at the site, you must already have questions that need to be answered.

This site was designed on the premise that "Information is Freedom", and on the First Amendment that plainly states that any American in this country has the right to make a "free will choice decision" concerning any religion they choose to be involved in.

Some of the things you will see here on this site will make you uncomfortable and it SHOULD! A large part of this site is raw news articles that we have found (which, by the way, come from sources that have no "ax to grind" against The Way International), or from portions of TWI's own material. In this issue you will see in text what Rev. L. Craig Martindale had to say about a few of those. You will also notice that he NEVER responded to them other than to call us names in a fit of rage.

The Way International has become adept at hiding the faults, the things that go on behind closed doors. They have also mastered the art of "duck and run", having really never stood accountable for the hidden practices other than to change the subject or to stand as poor, innocent victims (something that goes against their own teachings!).

We are here, constantly posting facts and information that we receive (from believers like you) to fully inform the public of the hazards of being involved with this group. Up to this point, we have not received anything concerning the benefits of the organization.

If you would like a "voice", please feel free to write to us. Each month we will be posting Letters to the Editor, including the positives and the negatives. You may also rest assured that you may post your opinion anonymously if you request to prevent the obvious difficulties that it would cause for you in your home fellowships. This is an open door to tell us off or pat us on the back! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Proving there is a more than abundant life outside of TWI,

The Editor

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