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Part 4 of 5, Author's 20 years of research into The Way pits organizaton's claims vs. facts

The Wapakoneta Daily News
By: David Coehrs
There was a time when Jim Martin relied on The Way Interantional for everything. The organization was his family, his moral and spiritual compass, and his reason for being.

When he was dismissed from the New Knoxville religious sect in 1981 for challenging its doctrine, Martin experienced such devastating feelings of loss and betrayal that he lost his emotional bearing and almost took his life.

Once fully recovered, Martin established a home page on the Internet to expose what he deems to be deceptive and controversial practices by The Way.

Among Matin's electronic allegations against The Way are food drprivation, encouragement of excessive tithing, paramilitary activity within a leadership program called the Way Corps, and sexual favors granted to the organization's leadership in the name of healing.

While some of Martin's asscertations are questionably overstated, his claims about the financial and prurient interests of The Way International's leadership are true, according to John Juedes.

A 42-year-old pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church in Highland, Calif., Juedes has heard plenty of allegations from numerous ex-followers.

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