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The Miller Letter

K. Kent Miller
(Address on file)
February 21, 1987

Rev. Robert F. Winegarner
The Way of Kansas
P. O. Box 20138
Wichita, Kansas 67208

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your hand delivered letter and the tape of the month (which I had listened to over one week ago). I understand your position - you made that quite clear. Any further discusion on this matter would be unprofitable. As the adage which we've been taught states, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinnion still."

Since you took it upon yourself to relieve me of my Twig coordinator's title and responsibilities, by your definition, I am no longer an agent of The Way International, Inc. Therefore, my actions are none of your concern.

I hereby request that you discontinue all forms of communication with me in persuit of this matter. Most importantly, because of my God-given rights and then because of those guaranteed in our nation's Bill of Rights, I have the freedom to speak and act as I see fit according to the Word and God's ability to wirk in my heart to see the Word live.


K. Kent Miller

*TWI Original "Mark and Avoid Letter" to Kent Miller

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