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The Griswold Letter

United Campus Ministry
Howes Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Dear Hal,

Thank you very much for the material on The Way which Christine Burns passed to me on April 19. Iíve read most of it and find it -- quite concerning. I have a couple of reactions, especially regarding its presence on CSUís campus.

First, of course, the group has every right to exist on campus as long as the legal actions thus far instituted can find nothing illegal about them. The allegations of brain washing and other cult manipulations, though valid, cannot deter the Fort collins group from the availability for the free marketplace of ideas. I know of no regulation against other such cults (Hari Krishnas, etc.) and believe more open discussion of The Way might provide a cautionary note for students who find themselves attracted.

Second, I do believe the faculty advisor for all such groups ought to be aware of what he/she is getting into. I was not. The young man who asked me to advise them (I have not met with them at all) said only it was a Christian group to study the Bible, which I thought was innocuous enough. He is Steve Josey, who happened to be one of the brightest students in a class, later made Phi Beta Kappa in his Junior year, spent a semester studying at a German university. From what I read of The Way, Steve is a prime candidate for leadership in The Way. When asked what heíd do after he graduates in May, he said he planned not to go to graduate school or into business, but to a Way training school.

Third, the faculty advisor should meet with the groups they advise whenever possible. I have not, thinki8ng The Way was like the Bahaiíis, with whom I have some contact but never attend meetings. I would also suggest that meetings be held in a public place rather than the home of students. However, given the skill of the group at nurturing the devotees, they would doubtless have a benign meeting in public and meet at other times for the ìnurturingî/

Finally, I shall not act as their advisor next year. They will have to work through the Student Center officer responsible for such activities. The person is, I believe, Chris Bell, who alerted me to the problem in the first place. I would hope the new faculty advisor would work closely with you, as well, especially to read over your material before accepting the responsibility.

Sincerely yours,

William J. Griswold

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