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Moon's purchase of the University of Bridgeport, CT

Using one of his front groups, the "Professors World Peace Academy," Mr. Moon recently purchased his first American school: Bridgeport University. By giving "generous" contributions to save the school from bankrupcy, he was able to gain a majority in the school board, thus gaining control over the school.

As a member, I was told that if the Amercan public fails to accept "Father" (Moon) as the Messiah and absolute authority, "Father" would train his own political leaders in his own American universities and then infiltrate and take over the government. Moon knows that influencing and controlling the intellectual elite of a country ultimately means influencing and controlling the entire country, and his quest to take over American real estate, such as the huge estate he recently purchased in Texas, and American schools such as Bridgeport, is part of his strategy to take over the world. The scary thing is that nobody seems to notice or care. Right now, Mr. Rubenstein, a Florida Professor who has supported and represented Moon for many years, has been appointed president at Bridgeport University. Like any good UC PR person (who gets paid well to do so), Rubenstein denies affiliation with the Unification Church - but as a member I was fundraising for and supporting "Father's University" in Bridgeport. It was another source of pride and credibility for the members ...and the public.
Furthermore, the school is a great tool to "sponsor" foreign members (especially new Russian recruits) to legitimately come to America to raise funds and recruit more members. That's similar to what was done with me: When Moon started having problems because of all the illegal members being caught fundraising (illegally selling flowers, pictures etc.) - we simply were asked to go back to our home countries and get a tourist visa, then to return and register in some language school or junior college. Not to serioiusly study but merely to take easy classes so we could keep our visa status. I was even made to feel guilty for waisting public time with my selfish desire to go to school and learn - even though I was told to do so.

For more information and to find out what you can do to stop Moon's takeover of Bridgeport University and other schools, contact
William A. Finch
136th District (D)
70 Crown Street
Bridgeport, CT 06610
tel. (203) 368 9126

Bill has been working desperately to stop Moon's takeover of the school, but he has found mostly deaf ears. If you're a former member willing to speak on campus about your experiences with the Unification Church, or if you have other helpful information - NETWORKING IS THE KEY! Contact Bill or e-mail me your experience! Help expose the evil, deceptive schemes of Moon! For quotes from Moon exposing his true intentions, read my document on why celebrities shouldn't associate with Moon - particularly the section on "Moon is ANTI-DEMOCRACY."

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