Why it hurts democracy & freedom when celebrities associate with Moon

On Sunday, Nov. 12th 1995, the Women's Federation for World Peace (One of Moon's front groups started and headed by his wife, Hak Ja Han; as a member of the UC I used to fundraise and do public relations for it) held an "International Women's Friendship Conference" in the Boston Marriott Copley Place, featuring Mary Matalin as keynote speaker. This was part of a national campaign that concluded with an event on Wed., Dec. 20th in the New York Marriott Marquis, Times Square, NY (tel. 212 398-1900).
The advertisement reads, "A special day unlike any other - The Sisterhood Ceremony, Key-note Speaker, First-rate Entertainment, - take home memories that will last a lifetime" and lists celebrities such as Ambassador William H. Luers, Ambassador Selwa "Lucky" Roosevelt, Charlton Heston, Maureen Reagan, Rita Morene, Frank Sinatra Jr., Coretta Scott King, Jim Lovell, Maureen McGovem, Lynne Cheney, Nancy Wilson and Don McLean (with their pictures) as keynote speakers and performers. Former President George Bush has recently spoken twice at their events and is planning to do so again in the future. Whereas he originally denied knowing that this is part of the "Moonies" (A term used lovingly by "Rev." Moon for members of his Unification Church), he apparently now takes the stand that does not care, 'as long as they're not doing anything bad' ...and as long as they continue to pay him the handsome speakers' fees...!?! -

Associating and getting his picture taken with famous people, especially political leaders, has been Moon's primary strategy to gain social acceptance and political influence. Unfortunately, it works - because people tend to make the logical error of generalization, that is of assuming a person must be good because he is associated with good people, or that he is friendly and trustworthy because he has friendly face and appearance.

Why shouldn't celebrities associate with Moon?