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TranceNet: Getting Started

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* An Open Letter from a Former TM Initiator: What You Should Know Before You Learn TM
If you're thinking about starting the Transcendental Meditation program founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, there are a few things you should know that you're not going to read in a book or hear at a TM lecture. The anonymous author learned TM as a college student, became a TM teacher, and taught over 250 people how to meditate, and has also been a faculty member at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa.

* trancenet.net: TM Defined
Based on an outline by Steve Hassan, this concise outline defines basic terms and gives a general overview. With special sections for current and former members, friends and loved ones, the media, and more.

Questions for an Intro Lecture

Are you or a loved one considering starting TM? Or have you seen an introductory TM lecture or other TM related function advertised? Here are some basic facts which you and others may wish to know. Written together by a TM initiator and a new meditator, this flyer outlines insider "secrets" and questions you may wish to consider. By adjusting your screen width and font size, you may print this flyer to read from at a TM lecture or to post. We also provide a PostScript version that you may laser print.


This flyer contains "secret" information, the disclosure of which most TM teachers would consider damaging to the "innocence" required to gain maximum value from starting TM. These "secrets," which have been reproduced from the record of a Federal Court case in which TM was ruled a religion, are included here in an effort to eliminate what many TM teachers consider deception in the way TM is promoted.

Questions for an Intro Lecture -- HTML Version

Questions for an Intro Lecture -- FTP Version

Questions for an Intro Lecture -- PostScript Version

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How Much Does Enlightenment Really Cost?

--© 1995 John M. Knapp. Excerpted and reprinted with permission of the author.

People often deceive themselves about their level of involvement in coercive groups. The truth is, even members who have left coercive groups are frequently in deep, deep denial about the money -- much like the alcoholic who "only drinks socially" or the gambler who perennially "breaks even." You may find these questions useful in creating a fearless personal inventory of the money you have spent. I've included typical answers for my cult, Transcendental Meditation. You should find it easy to translate this worksheet to the terminology of your group. After all no matter what their ideologies, cults have more in common than differences dividing them -- when viewed from the outside.

How Much Does Enlightenment Really Cost -- A Worksheet

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open letter from an initiator ] [ questions for intro lecture ] [ cost of enlightenment ] [ links ] [ top 20 pages ]

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