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Editor Accuses MIU of Misleading Claims

U.S. News Letter January 17, 1990

Mr. Robert Brigante
218 S. 6th Street, #136
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Dear Mr. Brigante:

Thank you very much for your recent letter about the claims made by the Maharishi International University. I have thoroughly examined our latest edition of "America's Best Colleges" and find, as you say, that their claims are at oddes [sic] with reality. Strange things must happen to you when you spend a lot of time in transcendental meditation.

Out of a combination of what could be called naivete and confidence we find it impossible to check the thousands of pieces of data provided by all the institutions in our book. Curiously, we like to believe that those we have put in charge of molding the minds of our children would not submit misleading information. Our slogan is "In Deans We Trust," but unhappily, it seems, some deans will on occasion stretch the truth.

In any event, I have turned the material over to our attorneys who will take the necessary action to insure MIU does not make claims to which it is not entitled.

Again, my thanks for helping to maintain the integrity of a publication that takes a great deal of time, care and effort to satisfy its readers.

Best regards,


Mel Elfin
Executive Editor
America's Best Colleges

Mr. Elfin's phone number is listed as (202) 955-2570, address U.S. News, 2400 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037-1196

MIU University News Ad Appeared in MIU University News, September-November, 1989.

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