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You may copy and distribute this information freely. Do so at your school, or share it with a friend who is being approached by the Unification Church. You may save him or her ...years of their life.

Preliminary information:
(a list of perhaps the most important of Mr. Moon's over 600 organizations or "front groups" many deny affiliation with the UC, although they are founded and ruled by Mr. Moon.)

  • Unification Church (UC) = Organization founded by Korean, self-declared "Messiah" Sun Myung Moon
  • CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle) = Student branch of UC
  • CAUSA = Central/South American organization against communism founded by Mr. Moon; serves as his political arm
  • Noticias del Mundo & The Washington Times = Mr. Moon's most influential newspapers
  • Women's Federation for World Peace = Organization founded and led by Mr. Moon's wife, Hak Ja Han Moon. Hak Ja Han is Mr. Moon's totally committed and submissive wife who totally believes in his Messiahship and carries out his orders absolutely. She is believed to be the perfect, "true mother" by members. To claim that the organization is not connected to the UC is silly. The purpose of this and all other organizations is to spread Unificationism around the world and to gain social and political power.
  • The New Yorker Hotel is the UC's declared "world mission center" and headquarter in Manhattan, NY. (43rd St.)
  • The Manhattan Center / Manhattan Studio is Mr. Moon's state of the art multimedia center, recording and production studio right next to the New Yorker Hotel. It is used to promote the church and its goals via the arts, performing arts, and public communications.
  • Bridgeport University, Connecticut, USA = An accredited school "bought" and controlled by Mr. Moon and his members through the PWPA (Professors World Peace Academy), Mr. Moon's organization of academics around the world to support his "vision" (According to former leaders of the UC, many of them also receive sizable sums to attend his events and support the organization.) By giving money (in excess of $ 1 million according to present and former members) to the school when it was in financial need, Mr. Moon gained a majority on the school board and thus controls the school. He demonstrated this by appointing one of his oldest and most faithful supporters and allies, Dr. Rubenstein, president of the school. Although witnessing (=recruiting) activities are apparently not (yet) obvious to the public, Mr. Moon uses this school to train and to give credentials and visas to members and to lure foreigners such as the young man who wrote to me into the church. Several incidents are known of Russian students who were offered scholarships there only to later be approached about becoming members.
  • There are many Japanese and Korean restaurants, as well as fishing companies in Gloucester, MA, and the famous Christian Bernard chain which belong to Mr. Moon.

Although several of Mr. Moon's supposedly "perfect, sinless family," such as his eldest daughter Ye Jin, and his daughter-in-law Nan Seuk, have deserted him and now denounce the organization, the church continues to grow...

This is my response to a talented young musician in South America whom the Moon organization was trying to recruit by promising him to fulfill his dream, offering him the opportunity to study in the US at their Bridgeport University or to work at their Manhattan Studios. This is response is based on my own personal experience, with full awareness that other members of the UC may have had different experiences. ...But I know many former members who had similar experiences and who would agree with me.

Dear friend.

I understand your plight. It's a very big temptation. Yes, I'm sure the Unification Church (Moon) could give you the opportunity to study in the US etc. Mr. Moon is very rich. You can do it and ...lose your youth, your freedom, and perhaps your life. - (I lost my freedom and my youth from age 20 to age 26 ...and almost lost my life several times due to the activities in the church...! E.g. driving a van all night while being with as little as 1 or 2 hours of sleep... Several teams died this way being overworked and having an accident due to directions from their leaders to meet their fundraising goals.)

My personal advice to you:
STAY AWAY FROM THE MOON ORGANIZATION!!! THEY USER VERY CLEVER AND POWERFUL MIND MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES TO GET YOU TO FINALLY DO WHAT THEY WANT, not what you want. At first they promise they will fulfill all your wishes - like studying in the US etc. ...but once they have done you a favor you are in their debt and they will ask you to join their seminars and activities. Then you will be indoctrinated in the Moon teaching - which says that Mr. Moon is the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. To the outside world they say he's a millionaire interested in arts, politics etc. ...but once you're inside the organization you'll learn they worship him as Messiah, direct representation of God. In my opinion it is a VERY dangerous cult, dear friend, so I can only urge you to STAY AWAY!!! They are looking for talented young people like you ...but let me ask you: What is your success worth to you? Is it worth losing your soul? Is it worth losing your freedom? will if you chose to join the group. Actually, you won't notice it. It's a very subtle process.

Mr.. Moon's public relations and recruiting techniques are VERY slick and effective. He gets celebrities and government officials to attend his events (for large sums of money) ...and then uses pictures taken with them to lend credibility to him and his organization. (Examples: Bush, Gorbachev, Cosby, etc..) He focuses on getting young talented people like you ..and me back then. I also was told I could study and become a successful teacher. But once I had attended the seminars and been indoctrinated to believe that Moon is the Messiah, I was asked to "give up my Isaac" (according to the biblical story) - which for me was my education, my family ..and my country! I didn't see them for 6 1/2 years because I was not allowed to by the organization. So within a week of intensive seminars I had moved from being an observer interested in their idealistic world view to ...a religious fanatic who even deserted the German mandatory army service to stay in the group! I told my parents to give away all my things to friends cause I wouldn't need them any more... I can particularly relate to your situation being a musician myself. When I was 18 I was told by a professional I could easily become a professional with my talent as a flutist, saxophone and keyboard player. Once in the church I was told I could later use these talents in a great way, that there are professional groups in the church etc. But as soon as I was committed to the church, I was asked to "give it up!" I did. I didn't play my flute or other instruments for 6 1/2 years, and the few times I did dare during my involvement, I was plagued by a bad conscience (given to me by guess who...) because I was indulging in my "selfish pleasures" rather than doing "public work" for God. Even now, 3 years after leaving the church, it is very painful for me to try to play my instruments because I have lost so much of my skill and I can't improvise as I could before joining the group. You see, the church wants you to conform to their standards. Hence, they squeeze you into their desired personality mole (I.. being an extrovert, "happy", "friendly" Moonie). You will be "forged in fire" as they put it ...until not much of your own personality is left. So while on the outside you wear a mask of enthusiasm and happiness for the church, inside you feel dead, flat, and empty. ...and that feeling persists for a long time even after leaving the church. Once you've been trained for so long to cut off your real emotions (sadness, loneliness and anger are not acceptable in the church!)'s hard to connect to them again. I've had that feeling of numbness and the inability to connect to my feelings ...and my music even until today.

Once you're a member and your family gets negative won't be allowed to see them, or to go back home. And you will believe that's ok because it's God's will and they only are trying to protect you from satan. You will think and feel and act differently ...only, YOU won't notice it until you leave the church.

Now, if you talk to UC members of course they'll tell you a totally different story. And they may have had a different experience - but the fact is that in the organization, people are manipulated and exploited. I myself was made to work for free for 6 1/2 years - without health insurance or any benefits. If you work for the Manhattan center you may get paid at first but they'll try to make a full time member out of you ...who either doesn't get paid ("voluntary work" for the Messiah) or who returns virtually all of his earnings to the church to support "Father's" work in building the "Kingdom of Heaven." You also have to understand that yes, Moonies are VERY friendly and likeable. That's why they are so effective in recruiting people. But they are not really interested in you as an individual but only as a future member and manpower for "Father's work". They will support you ...and use you for their purposes. Of course you would be a great asset to them cause they could use your talent to represent themselves even more effectively PR wise.

But my question to you: Do you want to invest your youth, your talent and your energy to support a corrupt organization, a religious cult that is trying to take over the world? (That's Mr. Moon's declared goal.) I'm thirty now and so glad I had a chance to leave the organization 3 years ago. My health was in bad shape, and so was my internal situation. The organization is not as abusive any more as it was, so I heard, but it still is abusive and manipulative. They use deceit and fear to influence and control people. For example, once you have come to believe that satan - according to their teaching - is trying to destroy your eternal life by making you leave "the family", they can even use reverse psychology and say, "go ahead - go back to Argentina ...with satan!" What do you think you'll do? Would you commit what you believed would be spiritual suicide? ...Even if you were suffering in the church?

Yes, I did learn many things in the Moon organization, even many positive things (such as sales and goal setting skills) - but the price wasn't worth it. I came out with severe physical and psychological trauma (some of which I still am suffering from today), and with NOTHING to show for my 6 1/2 years of work! I raised over $600.000 ...but didn't get to keep a penny for my efforts. Do you want to work for free for the rest of your life? ...and then being dumped by the church when you get sick or can't work any longer? (I know of several cases where this has happened. If you are no longer profitable to the church and they have to pay for your medical bills'll be surprised how far the "unconditional, true love" really goes.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and realizing you're 25 ...but have no idea what happened in the last 7 years. They are like a dream, a haze, a fog can't remember... but you're 7 years older. That's what it was like for me when I finally go out. And it's a common phenomenon among former cult members that they feel like "a 20-year-old in the body of a thirty year old" (or 24/18 respectively).

I have written a lot cause your letter really touched me. I have to think of myself back then. How I wish someone had given me the information you just got! ...It could have saved me 7 years of my life, 7 years of my precious youth! And as a result of my cult involvement I also when I got out got married too soon (=right away) ...and regret it now. That is also quite a common phenomenon among formers... By the way, as a member you're asked to stay celibate ...until you're chosen to be matched and married to a woman you never met by Mr.. Moon. How would you like to be matched to a fat, ugly Korean girl who speaks not a single word of English ..or Spanish ....or Portuguese? Are you ready? As a full time member (especially of the Moon student organization CARP) you will also be asked to "fundraise" = to make money by selling pictures or flowers on the street and in shops and offices.

Fund raising and witnessing (=recruiting and training new members) are the two primary activities in the Moon church and everything else is connected to them. So your music would be used as a Public Relations and thus recruiting tool to recruit new members and especially celebrities. If you are chosen to go on a "National MFT team" (Mobile Fund raising Team) you will sleep in a van with 9 to 11 other members, selling products during the day and traveling from city to city during the night. These activities are illegal, as is the tax evasion in connection with it (the money collected from the sales is not declared, of course) - but in their eyes that's ok, because "the end justifies the means." (the end being "doing God's Will" by expanding Mr.. Moon's empire)

Do what you must, but my advice, in closing, can be phrased in terms of the Nike ad ..."Just (DON'T) do it!"


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