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(1) Paradigm Shift: How to Communicate with a loved one who joined a controlling group

The lecturer acts as an mediator between families and and their loved ones in the group, to help both sides understand and come closer to each other. Giving and overview of the Unification Principle in UC style, he provides insights into the world of the member in a non-threatening way, then encourages the member to also consider another viewpoint. Any group that is ethical and true does not need to fear communication, critical examination, even challenge.

(2) Divine Principle: The Purpose of Creation

(Unification Church/CARP)

In Unification style, the lecturer gives a presentation on key elements of this first section of the Principle, critically examining its implications and real life applications for validity. A close look is taken at the mass weddings.

(3) Divine Principle: The Parallels of History

One of the pillars of unification teaching is lectured in typical UC-style. At the end of the lecture it is pointed out that according to the Parallels Rev. Moon is the Return of Christ. But then, using the Bible and historical data, the lecturer analyzes the timeline and shows that its "logical" conclusion is incorrect.

More tapes are planned, including testimonies of other ex-members and further lectures, as the teaching is a major factor that is keeping the members in. Also, there will be a tape on helpful hints for recovering ex-members, and we appreciate suggestions and feedback.

Although we do not charge, we would like to ask for a donation of $25 (incl. shipping and handling) per tape to cover our costs and enable us to continue this work. Please help us to help you and the victims of mind abuse. The equipment to produce these video tapes is very expensive, the time and effort are costly. If you would like to support our cause, we would very much appreciate your contribution.

To order tapes please list the tape numbers of the tapes you're interested in and e-mail this form to:

e-mail: ingo@user1.channel1.com

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