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Questionnaire for former members of abusive/controlling groups

Most of us former members still suffer from "residue" of our cult experience. This survey has been designed to gain a better understanding of the issues regarding the effects of cult mind abuse and what helps former members best in their recovery. I, Ingo Michehl, am a former 6 1/2 year member of CARP (Unification Church/Moonies), and I am conducting this research in the framework of my master's thesis in counseling psychology. Please take a few minutes to download (just go to File - Save As on your browser) this survey, answer and e-mail it back to me. Check here _ if you would like the results of the survey. In case you know other former cult members, please give them a hard copy or e-copy and ask them to fill it out as well.

Gender: __ male __ female

Involvement in the group: From ______ to _______

Joined at age ______

Type of group:
__ new age __ bible-based __ eastern-mythological __ psychotherapy type

__ other: ___________________________

Name of group:

What was the primary initial appeal of the group to you?
__ emotional __ intellectual __ spiritual __ all three

How would you define your mental health before joining the group?
1 excellent 2 good 3 fair 4 not so good 5 struggling/bad shape

While you were in the group, what beliefs/fears prevented you from leaving?
__ belief that I was doing good (e.g. God's will, helping people)
__ belief that I would grow spiritually/mentally
__ belief that I could help change the world for the better
__ belief that I could gain special power/position
__ belief that I was restoring my relationship with God & people
__ belief that this was the only (right) way to go
__ fear of being invaded and destroyed by satan
__ fear of loosing my salvation/relationship with God
__ fear of loosing my mind
__ fear of physical harm to myself/others (e.g. family)
__ fear of betraying the group/leader
__ (others)__________________________________________________________

Please rate your PRESENT level of satisfaction:
(1 very satisfied 2 satisfied 3 not really satisfied 4 dissatisfied
5 extremely dissatisfied)

__ job/career
__ social (relationships)
__ recreation/hobbies
__ personal/intimate
__ spiritual

__ job/career
__ social (relationships)
__ recreation/hobbies
__ personal/intimate
__ spiritual

What is your present level of yearly income?
__ $0 - $20,000
__ $20,000 - $50,000
__ $50,000 - $100,000
__ > $100,000

What is your present employment
__ full-time
__ part-time
__ student
__ unemployed

Please mark the descriptors that best describe your situation/state BEFORE joining the group:

__ good, satisfying, stable job/career
__ transitional stage (between jobs, schools, etc.)
__ "healthy" family background
__ dysfunctional family background
__ clear, specific goals
__ searching for truth/meaning/purpose in life
__ parents together with good relationship
__ parents divorced
__ satisfying social relationships (friends etc.)
__ traumatic experience within one year prior to joining group (e.g. broken relationship)

What difficulties have you experienced since leaving?
__ headaches: __ daily __frequent __occasional
__ depression
__ muscle tension/back problems
__ disorientation/Difficulty to relate to reality
__ bad dreams/nightmares/sleep disturbances
__ mood swings (excitement/hope => frustration, depression)
__ frustration/hopelessness
__ feeling empty and dead inside
__ feeling negative and unhappy
__ feeling angry
__ inability to trust & establish meaningful relationships
__ loss of energy and motivation; feeling tired
__ feeling overwhelmed
__ vivid, recurrent recollections of being abused in the cult
__ difficult to experience positive emotions (love, joy, etc.)
__ low self-esteem
__ panic/anxiety attacks
__ others (please specify) _______________________________________________

Did you receive professional help (counseling) after leaving the group?
__ no __yes If yes, for how long? _____________________________
In what form? __ individual counseling __ group therapy __ medication
__ recovery program

Have you studied about cult mind control/thought reform since leaving the group?
__ yes __ no __ a little

Do you believe mind control exists?
__ yes __ no __ not sure

Do you feel that you were manipulated or controlled by the group?
__ yes __ no __ not sure

What has helped you most in your post-cult recovery?
__ speaking out about my experience in public
__ listening to self-help/motivational tapes
__ sharing with others who had a similar experience
__ reading self-help/motivational books
__ talking to friends and family about my experience
__ sports/recreational activities
__ meditating/listening to music
__ journaling
__ individual counseling (therapy)
__ career planning/goal setting
__ studying about cult mind abuse/manipulation
__ group counseling
__ former members' meetings
__ others (please specify): ___________________________________________

What is one thing you have learned from your cult experience?

Please this survey via email to: ingo@user1.channel1.com

My Internet Home Page: http://www.channel1.com/users/ingo (Moonism - A Threat To Democracy & Freedom)

If you're a former UC member, please e-mail me your testimony as well so I can publish it on my page.

Thank you for you cooperation!

E-mail me your response

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