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As a member of CARP (student branch of the Unification Church) in the US for 6 1/2 years, I was trained as a lecturer and public speaker. I taught 7 day workshops on the "Divine Principle," the Unification teaching, and gave lectures at UIC (University of Illinois, Chicago) campus. I was a top fundraiser and recruiter, working directly under the State and Regional leader of region 5 (Midwest) at that time, Mr. Tetsuo Yoshizumi (who in turn was directly working under Moon).
Since leaving the group in May of 93 I have done extensive research on the group, as well as on the methods of psychological manipulation they and others use to recruit, influence and keep members. In Germany, my home country, I have given numerous talks on the group and my experience, including at a seminar of Eastern theologians. (Religious leaders from Eastern Europe and Russia.)

I am presently completing a Master's of Education program in the Boston, MA area. I have given several talks at conferences and other occasions here in the US, and I am willing to speak out and educate the public about the menace this group and groups like it are posing. I am willing to speak at universities and other institutions, and I encourage other former members to do the same. It is amazing to me that most schools tolerate recruiting activities of CARP and other organizations like it on campus, perhaps ignorant of the fact that the ultimate goal in most cases is for the new recruit to quit school and to "dedicate his life" fulltime to "Father" Moon. (In some cases an individual will be encouraged to complete his degree so that he can add credibility to the group, but the majority of new recruits are asked to either quit or postpone school, with the promise that they can go back later. A promise that is seldomly fulfilled.)

If you would like me to speak at your campus, institution, or seminar, please contact me via e-mail:

e-mail: ingo@user1.channel1.com

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