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Media Advisory/Press Release

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For your information:

Your agency is probably aware of the mass wedding in Seoul, Korea, held by self-proclaimed "Messiah" Sun Myung Moon on Aug. 25th, 1995, in which supposedly 360,000 couples were matched by Mr. Moon in marriage. In light of the headline news regarding the Aum Shinri Kyo nerve gas cult in Japan, it may be of interest to you that there are aspects in connection to this event which the public is not aware of, such as the fact that in a secret ceremony, the members are required to hit each other with a baseball bat as hard as they can, and that ex-president George Bush gave a speech in mid-September at an event of the"Women's Federation for World Peace,", one of Moon's front groups - his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, is the founder and leader - thus lending credibilty to the Unification Church which has set as its absolute goal to take over America and the world.

[For quick reference review items 3. to 5.!]

Until recently (May 93), I was a member of CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principle), student branch Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. (For a total of over 6 years.) I'm presently a graduate student of a master's program in counseling psychology, and I would like to inform you of another side of the group which it has effectively hidden so far by fooling the public with well-maneuvered PR efforts. There are several aspects of these mass weddings you may not be aware of:


1. that Mr. Moon, who publically claims to be the Messiah, the return of Jesus Christ, supposedly can see 7 generations of his followers ancestors in order to find the perfect spouse for them?

2. that he does NOT select all partners, but that many are chosen by request of their direct leaders?

3. that families around the world, who were not allowed to see their child for numerous years, have been promised their son/daughters would come home shortly AFTER the wedding - in order to pacify them and prevent them from taking any action against the group? (Personally, I was allowed to see my parents only once for 3 days during the 6 1/2 years of my involvement, and only under constant supervision of other members; this is part of the mind control process called "millieu control" I was made to blieve that satan works through my family)

4. that in a non-public aspect of the mass wedding the members are made to drink a "holy wine" which according to early members contains Mr. Moon's blood?

5. that in a secret marriage initiation ceremony the members are required to hit one another with a baseball bat? The husband first has to hit his future wife with a baseball bat three times as hard as he can on her behind in order to "restore" the "sexual fall of man" and all resentment between men and women in history, according to the teaching of the U.C.

Many women pass out during this ceremony, and when it is their turn to hit their husband they are often too weak, so Mr. Moon will ask another man to do it. There are people who have suffered serious back injuries as a result, and some of them are still sitting in a wheel chair today.

6. that the "Women's Federation for World Peace" (IFWP) is founded and headed by Mr. Moon's wife, Hak Ja Han Moon? I know because I used to carry out PR tasks for her speaking events when I was a member (during the latter part of my membership). At present, ex-president George Bush is planning to speak at one of her rallies in Korea, possibly unaware of the fact that he is being used by the group to create positive PR for the group. (This has been one of Mr. Moon's main tactics since entering the US - to be associated with prominent leaders or ex-leaders in politics, e.g. Nixon, Ford, Gorbachev, etc.)

7. that according to early speeches of Mr. Moon it is o.k. for him or his followers to lie to the public as long as it serves a (their) "good purpose." This is called "heavenly deception." E.g., publically leaders of the group have declared that they do not split up families and that their members can leave any time, but within the group manipulative psychological techniques are used to prevent members from going home! (There are several families in the US, Germany, England, and Australia, who are willing to testify to this!!!)

For more specifics please contact Ingo Michehl

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