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Mission Statement

To further the cause of freedom, truth, justice and righteousness by exposing the deceptive and manipulative practices of the Unification Church and other cultic groups.

To inform and educate the public in order to stop and prevent the unchecked spreading of cult mind abuse and the unnecessary suffering and psychological damage inflicted upon unaware victims.

The reason/purpose

The purpose of this public service page is to inform and educate about the true nature and the dangers of Sun Myung Moon, self-declared Messiah, whose proclaimed goal is to take over the world, and his Unification Church / Movement.

As a former member whose personal life and family has been devestated by the destructive influence of the Unification Church, my hope and passion is to prevent others from having to go through the unspeakable suffering I and my family have had to endure. How precious the freedom of mind is and how devestating the loss thereof, I only realized after finally - thank God - snapping out of the cult mind set.

The effect of cult mind control is well expressed in a statement we as members used to somewhat jokingly throw around, "Free Will - No Choice!" - for example when we were asked to hold an all night prayer vigil or to fundraise until 3 am.

No choice because we were afraid of the negative consequences we had been conditioned to believe in should we go against the thoughts, goals and demands of the movement. It was not until after I left the group that I realized that without choice there is no free will. -

The Vision

My vision and hope is that the information I and others provide will be used wisely by government officials, public health officials, lawmakers, educators, mental health professionals and other public servants to hem the tide of cultic expansion.

My vision is also that through my work other former members and families who have lost loved ones to cults will be encouraged to speak out and share their stories as well in order to join the effort of exposing the social evil of cults and to educate the public as a preventative measure for its spreading. With the current rate of growth, almost everyone in the United States will be affected by cults-directly or indirectly-within the next ten years, unless increased measures are taken soon. Many of them, like the Unification Church, have the goal of taking control of the government, and ultimately, the world.

America has fought far too hard and dearly to surrender without fight the single most precious thing it owns: FREEDOM!

As Antoine de Saint Exupery so eloquently formulated, "I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind!" That is what is at stake in America today. Aldous Huxley's gruesome vision of a "brave new world" has indeed already come true-in the cults.

This cancer feeds on ignorance, and its only antidote is information and understanding. If we as a society do not want to be consumed by this malign growth, we as individuals need to take steps of action, educating first ourselves, and then those around us.

Moon's strategy of educating and training political leaders at his own universities such as Sun Moon University in Korea and the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, for example, to then send them into the US government as an extension of his totalitarian ideology, is a scary proposition. He wants to use democracy to overthrow democracy. Understanding and exposing such efforts is the first step to stopping them.

This public service is made possible through personal resources as well as donations from concerned individuals who have experienced the detrimental power of cult manipulation. They, like myself, feel, that even though we cannot change what happened to us or our loved ones, we may prevent others from having to go through the same hell. Information is the only antidote to cultic expansion, and I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who has made this page possible. I even thank my former leader Mr. Yoshizumi, for he forced me to learn to use the computer.

If it is on your heart to support this work financially or with hardware (computer & video equipment etc.), please contact me.

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