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Professional Bio of Ingo Michehl, M.Ed.

We all are influenced by our past. Those of us who have experienced neglect or abandonment by one or both of our parents during childhood are set up for tendencies towards codependency, various forms of addiction and escapism. Many join cults or other destructive types of relationships to fulfill the need for affirmation, acceptance and pleasurable experiences ...only to find themselves even more traumatized.

The traumas we have experienced often have a subtle but powerful and sustained effect on us. However, as adults we have the power to choose the impact of our past on us. We can rewrite the script in order to take charge of and design our own life. In a sense, we can to choose to be victim or victor.

Having been a member of a destructive cult (the Unification Church, known as ìMooniesî) for over 6 years myself, I know the impact trauma can have on our lives - but I have also recognized the incredible human potential to choose oneís own response to lifeís experience ...and to turn the negative into positive.

The human system is goal-seeking by design. Without a purpose and goal it roams around the ocean of life and ultimately self-destructs, much like a torpedo without a target. And as a keen observer once stated, ìif a man does not believe in something he will believe anything.î Hence, in order to live an effective, successful and fulfilled life, it is crucial for us to connect to our deepest values, to formulate a mission statement and to align our goals and actions with them. In order to ACT on our internal maps, we also need physical energy, which brings up the issue of proper nutrition.

I provide an integrative approach to dealing with issues of cult involvement and recovery, as well as personal development and success motivation. I give presentations, teach seminars, and act as a personal consultant in the areas outlined above. My passion is to understand and bring about positive change - which is in line with my life purpose to realize my potential and help others to do the same. With an extensive background in sales, marketing, recruiting, lecturing and public speaking (skills I learned in the cult), computers (I created my own home page on the internet: http://www.trancenet.net/moonism) and personal development (having studied motivational audio programs, books and seminars for about 6 years) I am now building a business as a internet designer, consultant, speaker, seminar facilitator, and trainer. I hold a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Counseling Psychology.

As to my personal life, I work out regularly, and I enjoy mogule skiing, hiking, scuba diving, playing jazz flute, sax and piano, and reflecting in the serenity of nature. Being from Germany, I also enjoy traveling.

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