This is an e-mail exchange with a long time UC member who knows me from the time I joined...:

From: "Wayne Despres"
Subject: Moonism
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 21:38:08 -0400
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I was doing a search on recent news regarding True Parents when I came across some of your nonsense on the web.

I remember you from when you first joined the church at Macaama Hill many years back. You were bright, cheerful, helpful and energetic.

I noticed that, in all your vitriol, you never once proposed an argument that was able to refute even one part of the teachings of Reverend Moon. You seem to have avoided that like the plague, because you know that in that arena, you have to deal with reason, which you lack. Your only weapon is sensationalism and fear-mongering. And the arguments you DO put forth are full of contradictions couched in flowery psychological jargon to make it sound like there's something intelligent to it.

... (some stuff I left out for brevity)

We both know you're lying through your teeth, and hiding behind a psychology degree to give yourself some credibility. You just want to serve yourself, but you know that selfishness sucks. You feel guilty, but you're too weak to change, so the next best alternative is to attack the standard. You want to fornicate, but you know it's selfish taking, so you have to denounce morality rather than be moral. Then you won't feel so bad. If you can get everyone to think like you, you can hide in the crowd. The ole "fallen nature number four," right?

If you want to see evil machinations at work in the world, look in the mirror, or on your own web page.

See you. I hope you can smarten up soon.


Hi Wayne.

You don't answer my questions but keep accusing me that I don't talk about truth on my web page. I find that ridiculous, if not silly. I have several papers published there refuting the DP teaching on a logical basis, contrasting it with the bible. I also have a link to Allen Tate Wood's page with the critique of the Parallels of History. So don't give me that balloney! Is it possible you simply don't WANT to see it or think about it cause you're too conditioned and afraid of facing the possibilities that you may have waisted a large part of your life. (I was, too, but it's never too late!) You just pose general accusations. Why don't you give me specific examples of what you criticize or disagree with on my page?

And since you're so much into truth: Let's define it first, ok? "The truth" is the correct description of spiritual and physical reality. It is absolute, eternal, unchanging - and NON CONTRADICTORY. In other words, truth cannot contradict itself. Agreed? A equals B and A unequals B cannot both be true at the same time. Right? OK.

NOW - since you are so self righteous and cocksure : I am willing and open to follow truth. If you can prove to me that DP is true - I'll join again! I mean it! But if I could prove to you that DP is NOT the truth ...would you leave the church? Is it even POSSIBLE that DP is NOT the truth? Please don't just answer with another rote monologue but answer these above questions specifically!!!

I will only continue dialogue with you if you agree to the above... otherwise it's just a waiste of time!

I was willing and open to face truth and draw the consequences. Are you? It was scary as hell to leave the church and it took a lot of courage - and conviction! My commitment was that I would never leave unless I was convinced that DP is NOT the truth and Moon not the Messiah. I held true to that commitment ...and left!

And just so you know I'm NOT the only one who vehemently insists that Moon is a fraud, here's an e-mail I just got in reponse to my page. Maybe something to think about?

Subject: Former Member Supports Your Work !

My name is Craig Maxim , I was a member in the Unification Church for 2 years living in the Upshur House Center in the District of Columbia and continued to support Moon for several years after that living on the outside in my mother's house . My mother June Maxim had joined before I did and got me into it at a (no surprise to former members !) weak point in my life . At the time I was seperated from my ex-wife and was depressed and open to anything that could help . My mother and I had been introduced to Moon's teaching however much earlier by my stepfather at the time Ron Hagberg who had been one of the first members in America . He left the Moonies after awhile but still believed in the teaching and trained us in the doctrines of the church when he was involved with my mother . They split up eventually and she looked up the local church in Washington to find out for herself what the church was all about . She joined as a home member (not living in a commune) and as I mentioned , got me involved . Now for the good stuff ! I have had a great deal of personal contact with Moon and his True Family because of my mission there . I started out as a fundraiser like everyone else . Working all day , with one day off a week (not really because we were doing house chores and witnessing etc..) Long hard days in the rain , heat , snow and everything else ! Unlike most members however , I escaped this torture after they found out I could sing and play musical instruments . After that I was still selling flowers for them ( you didn't think they would stop me making money for them did you ?) but it was mercifully interupted with singing jobs for Moon.

They taught me how to sing in Korean ( it should be noted that Moon expects all members to learn to speak Korean and it is taught in their 40 day training that Korean is the language spoken in Heaven now that Moon has won over the spirit world and it bows down before him !) They dressed me and my mother , who learned to sing in Korean too , up in traditional Korean clothes and along with other members from different countries had us sing for large groups of Koreans (not members) that Moon was trying to impress . He pays for groups of Koreans , hundreds at a time , to come to America and he takes them on a tour of his American empire , from the Washington Times newspaper to The NewYorker Hotel he owns in Manhattan and on and on and on ! We would give them these heartbreaking testimonies (Thank God I never had to !) and some of the sisters borrowed (lied) testimonies of others and told them to these guests and then sang Korean songs in Korean dress to them . Most of these people came on Moon's trips because it was a free trip to America to visit their families who were living here . But after these weekly staged emotion trips they were put on they often go back to Korea with a better idea of Moon which is his plan of course ! Moon was so happy with our P.R. for him that he often invited us to his houses to sing for him privately ! I've been in small groups with him in two of his houses in N.Y. , In Washington D.C. , in a house he owns in Potomac MD. and one in McClean , VA. and even his home in Korea ! In his home in Korea I sat next to him at his feet while he signed an autograph for me and had a picture taken with him. I remember there were the regional (top) leaders there with him and he had signed autographs for them too , but one had been in the bathroom when he did this and when he got out Moon had finished . When another leader very softly asked "father" if he wouldn't sign one for this leader who missed out , Moon flew into a rage (Seen this alot !) and yelled " you know how many people want my autograph in the world and you lost your chance because you weren't here so you lose ! My mother told me about it when she went to get blessed ( married by Moon ) and during the ceremony Moon recognized a son of a diplomat from Germany who was there to be blessed . Moon had given this person a choice of wives in a previous matching ( Ordinarily there is no choice but Moon's , but Moon always bends the rules where celebrities and politicians are involved because having them involved with his church furthers his credibility in the world so they are not made to suffer . That is reserved for the poor souls who slave for Moon so he can spend their hard earned money on wooing these politicians and paying huge sums for their speaking fees in his conferences ! ) Well Moon offered this son of a high level German official a choice of wives , but he had fallen in love with someone else and told Moon he wanted to be blessed to her . Moon told him , without knowing anything about her as far as I know , that he could get a prostitute cheaper on 14th St. in D.C. ( a known place for them) So he refused to marry him at that time and now here he was years later with the same woman trying again for Moon's blessing ! When moon saw him there he flew into a rage ( I told you he did this alot !) and he went over to the Unification Church President James Baughman who had been helping moon with the ceremony and right there in front of the brides and grooms he spit in his face . Baughman was crying and telling "father" (Moon) how sorry he was (even though it wasn't his fault!) Every instance in the Bible someone asked Jesus for something , he did it . But here's our new and improved Messiah , spitting in the face of his american church president ! -

This is the real Moon and what he calls his true love ! Back to fundraising ! It is hard work and very often unhealthy ! As you can learn from Steve Hassan's experience on his webpage ! His experience is not unique ! I remember selling flowers in the middle of winter . It was well below freezing and we are outside all day in the cold making money for Moon ! Some of the members didn't have boots for the snow and would be in sneakers all day standing on the cold ground ! They were too cheap to buy us propane camping heaters which may have kept us warm outside and instead ( I'm not making this up !) gave us coffee cans filled with some charcoal and would light this and put it in the tent ! Some of the sisters were getting sick and one of them had passed out just before we picked her up at the end of the day to go back to the center that night ! I read the charcoal bag and it said "warning , do not use in a closed area - gives off carbon monoxide !" Who know's if we had picked her up later if she would have died of carbon monoxide poisoning ! She survived , but even with the charcoal it was so cold that her feet had frostbite when we got back ! Did they buy heaters after that ? Are you kidding ? Not with Father's money ! They told us to put the charcoal in the tent for an hour and then put it outside for an hour alternately ! It wasn't till long after that , a simpathetic home member did what our fundraising captain wouldn't do even at the risk of someone's life !

These are NORMAL experiences for MOST members NOT the exception ! Back to Moon ! I remember once I was in his house in N.Y. and he had some guests who were church members in Africa there . After lunch with them he told them how sorry he was for their suffering in Africa , he knew that food was scarce and it was a hard life for them ! He told them that it was America's fault that they were starving because America has the resources and should give them food and technology for free ! ( He tells them this even though America already is one of the largest givers of foreign aid in the world ! ) So here he is trashing America as he always does privately to the American members !) So these missionaries go away , thinking , wow ! Father really cares for our situation and starvation ! What a guy ! I was still there after the African members left and other guests came in next ! I was told that these were some of Moon's relatives from North Korea and proceeded to watch as he passed out gifts of Rolex watches to them costing thousands of dollars each . Looking back I wonder how much food those missionaries of his could have bought if he had given them the watches instead ! But no , he can just blame America and not care if these people live or die and instead use his millions to buy acceptance from whomever it is politically expedient ! His first son thinks he's a rock musician so Moon bought and gave him a recording studio in manhattan costing hundreds of thousands of dollars ! His daughter in law likes ballet , so he buys a ballet company for her ! And what about all those charity groups he's founded ? Short on charity , long on P.R. ! It's all about money for Moon ! Money and publicity !

It's amazing how you lose your ability to think critically when you're in the middle of it ! Everyday I reflect on past experiences there and think " how could I have believed that ? or , why didn't I see through that ? Here's the reason - Mind Control ! Not like being hypnotized , maybe Life Control is a better term . You get this teaching , the people seem nice , you don't compare what they teach against the Bible except maybe to see that the verse is there , but you don't read the whole context to get the real meaning or get an opinion from someone who has studied the Bible all their life ! You are put in training after training ! Longer and longer sessions ! You buy the lies and this is where it gets real dangerous ! You believe you're in a war for Moon and you stop thinking critically and begin reacting ! Like an inborn defense mechanism , everyone who criticises Moon is now Satan , trying to get you to stop your mission ! The only one you can trust is Moon ! Some former members to this day think " it was just the leaders who are bad NOT the True Parents (Moon and his wife) not realizing that the rot runs up the whole tree ! Your taken out of college , spend your life fundraising , and when you get older with children and finally have to stop selling flowers for the church to support your own family , your out of the center with NO MONEY (Moon got that) and no education , no resume ( Uh , yes sir , I want to be a brain surgeon and my experience is that I've been selling flowers for the Messiah for the last 20 years !) you have no work history to show a potential employer so what do you do ? The church gives you a job in a church owned business and pays you less than the standard scale because your a member and they say you have to think of this as a mission for God and True Parents and not as the job for sub standard pay that it is ! What does all this mean ? The slavery goes on , as does the Moon money machine ! And these poor members feel stuck in their lives . After giving their youth and possesions and lives to Moon , even when you show them clearly with the Bible what is wrong with his teaching , even when you show , through simple logic , the flaws in Moon's doctrine , sometimes it doesn't matter to them . They've lost hope in everything !

Here's a question I E-Mailed Damian when I found his Moon propaganda page and he couldn't answer it ! According to Moon's doctrine , Adam and Eve caused the fall of mankind by eating the fruit ( meaning having sex according to moon's teaching !) before they had God's blessing to do so ! By this , sin was passed on to their children on down to us ! My question to Damian was " How can Moon get away with the same sin and call himself the True Parents ( Adam and Eve failed to be True Parents and Jesus wasn't even married so didn't qualify according to Moon !) You see , many Moonies know that Moon was married three or four times but pass this off as The new Eve ( Moon's wives) failing her responsibility , but Moon as the new Adam can't be blamed for their failure . O.K. , but the PROBLEM is that he also had children with one of the other wives before he made his "True Family" with his current wife Hak Ja Han ! Most Moonies don't know that he had children with two DIFFERENT wives ! How could that have been God's will ? Obviously , Moon wasn't one with God or he would have known that the former Misses Moon wasn't one with God before he impregnated her and thereby passing original sin on to his OTHER children who are kept outside the kingdom ! One of the leaders told us that Moon loved and took care of them even though they were NOT his True Children he claims are without original sin ! I asked Damian how Moon could have children with another wife and just remarry , keep those children under wraps , have children with another wife and then call these the True Children ! If he could do that , then why couldn't Adam and Eve , who made the same mistake , according to Moon's teaching , just do what he did and start all over with new children and call them the True Children ?

Damian wrote me back and recognized my name because my mother is still lost in that church and well known for her singing , and he totally avoided this point about Moon because he has no answer for it ! I wrote him back and said " thanks for responding , but you didn't answer my question about Moon's secret children with his former wife !" He wrote back and just said " You're right Craig , I didn't answer your question because your going to believe what you believe and why should I try to change your mind ? " Sorry , bad answer , he would have LOVED to answer that question if he could ! The truth is there is no satisfactory answer for it except that MOON IS A FRAUD ! With four wives and children from two marriages and his first born True Child is now divorced , has been arrested many times , is an alcoholic according to her , a cocaine user , a wife beater , and a multiple adulterer ! Other people in the world may suffer some of these problems , but then they don't claim to be a Messiah with the True Family that we're supposed to worship as an example of how we should all live ! Messiah ? Hardly ! Flop ? No ! Just a clever manipulator with sex on the brain serving his own delusions at the cost of our young people !

Here is a question I didn't ask Damian , maybe someone else can ? - A few years ago An African church member claimed he was Moon's deceased son Heung Jin Nim . This guy was accepted by Moon and he went around beating everyone up for their sins and even put someone in the hospital ! Damian has written on this saying he believes he was a fraud but that Moon had sent someone to investigate if it was his long lost Korean son come back as a black brother from Africa by giving him questions to answer that only his dead son would know .Apparently he answered them and the one Moon had sent to ask him these questions came back and reported it to Moon and so this guy was accepted as his dead son having passed the test ! Well here's another of those common sense questions no one can think of when they're in the Moonies but dawns on them when they get out ! : Moon says that he has travelled throughout the spirit world defeating Satan and talking to Jesus , God and John the Baptist at will until he won it over and now the spirit world bows down before him ! If he's such a spiritual traveler why would he send someone on an airplane to ask this African man if he was really his dead Korean son ? If he talks regularly to all these other dead people , couldn't he have gotten a meeting with his own son and asked him personally about if he was inside this other guys body or not ? No , he sends someone on an airplane and waia week to find out ! MOON IS A FRAUD ! Plain and simple ! As for people who say he wouldn't ask anyone to do a Jim Jones , don't be so sure ! He said years ago that if Dukakis had won the presidency against Bush he would have taken All of the church members out of America to another country ! Absolute Power ! Don't put anything past him he's a dangerous man ! Hide your children ! God bless all you who have seen the light ( Jesus' not Moons' ) and are spreading the word to help others keep from similar fates ! Craig

PS: Isn't it time to wake up? It's not too late yet!!! Greetings, Ingo

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