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Incarnating and Discarnating

By Jnnody
When a man asked Jesus, "What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life"? Jesus said, "You know the commandments," and named several. The man said he had observed them from youth. Jesus then told him he lacked one thing: "Sell what you have, give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven, and come take up the cross and follow me." The man didn't feel that he could do that. The point is that Jesus, as a Representative of the Kingdom of God, did not say, "After you die, you will go to Heaven, if you believe on Me." Jesus knew that wasn't true because He brought the formula for getting into the Kingdom of Heaven, which He told this man. Jesus also knew of the presence of discarnate spirits, for He cast out many. So, if a human does not go to Heaven after death, and there are discarnate spirits that circulate on the planet, then what is the missing piece to the puzzle? Perhaps this discussion will help fill in the gap.

We feel that planet Earth is a garden. The Kingdom of God designed and created it, and planted it with a variety of life forms, including human, and tends it as the Gardeners. The only harvest that is of any significance to that Kingdom is the harvest of souls. Human bodies are just containers designed for those souls. Those containers also serve as the lesson ground for those souls. We also feel that the human condition was intended only as a transitional training ground - a proving ground for potential new members of the Kingdom of Heaven. The creatures (the bodies and their spirits) on the planet were created with all the free-will options of: a) going awry, separating from God, amounting to nothing, and being recycled; b) overcoming the human condition and leaving it by becoming members in God's Kingdom; or c) becoming part of the opposition and fulfilling that part of the design.

The "Kingdom of God," the "Evolutionary Level Above Human," the "Next Level," and the "Kingdom of Heaven" are all synonymous terms for the same advanced level of existence above the human kingdom. This Next Level - the Kingdom of God - is a many-membered Kingdom, a physical level of existence in deepest space (outside of man's concept of time) beyond this human level - advanced physically, technologically, behaviorally, ethically, genetically, and in the wisdom and knowledge of service in the Creator's world. When we refer to the "opposition," we speak of groups of space aliens (historically referred to as Satan and his angels, whom we call "Luciferians" - slightly advanced, human-equivalent races). They reside in the near heavens, and use and abuse Earth and its inhabitants for their own ends (biological and mineral resources, genetic manipulation, and winning souls to their side). One major difference between the Next Level members and the Luciferians is that members of the Evolutionary Level Above Human are genderless.

Entry into the Kingdom of God or the Next Level does not automatically occur at death of the body (vehicle), regardless of the seeming "goodness" of that individual's life. The Next Level increases their membership (in the Kingdom of Heaven) through a metamorphic process, by periodically offering to humans who "catch their eye," an opportunity to become containers - be the "wombs" - for new creatures of the Next Level (potential new members in their world). A soul must enter that Kingdom consciously, only after a classroom period of learning the ways and behavior of the Level Above Human, and dropping human ways and behavior, while in the physical presence and tutorship of a Representative(s) sent from that Kingdom. The point is that souls who can make that transition have to consciously know the truth (the facts) about where they are going, what they had to leave behind, and who they are following (that Representative) through the transition into that Kingdom. This is the only "future" (life) that is available to humans, for periodically, the garden is "spaded under" in preparation for another "cycle" of a human civilization. At that time all those who have not been "set aside" by the Kingdom of God will be part of the recycling or "spading under."

What is LIFE and what is DEATH? Who gives life and who takes it? The inhabitants of this garden, including humans, are considered "plants" in the eyes of the Kingdom of God. The human body (which we often refer to as the "plant") is a perennial offshoot of a living strain, a "container," and is really of no consequence to the Next Level as far as life or death is concerned. The Representative who came 2000 years ago said, "And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; but rather be afraid of Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell."

We define life and death as it relates to the body, the spirit, the soul, and the mind in somewhat different terms than are commonly used. One premise is that every human creature ("plant") has a body, and that body has its own spirit/mind.

The Body

The body (the flesh and bones) is the temporary "suit of clothes," a container, a "vehicle" for the "spirit." If we make the analogy to a computer, then the body is the hard drive or hardware, and the spirit is the software - the informational mind. Another good analogy is to see the body/vehicle as a car and the spirit as the driver. The car's design and capabilities are specific to the kind of car it is. But it still takes the "mind" behind the wheel to make the car function as it was designed. Most humans identify with the physical vehicle (body), while members of Our Father's Kingdom identify with or as the soul. What you see in the mirror (the body) - is not "you." The spirit is the real "you" and continues to live in the spirit world after the body dies, with your memories, programming, habits, and addictions.

There is a very real, physical, genetic, ancestral strain that is like a vine, with each vehicle (body) like the leaves. When a body "dies," the family "vine" is not seriously affected, any more than a botanical plant is that affected when one of its leaves falls. Like the perennial cycle of the plant, which in its season grows, blossoms, goes to seed, then withers and dies, the human cycle is much the same. Being perennial, the rootstock is not affected by the "death" of an individual plant, or more accurately, a part of the plant, at the end of its season.

Each human vehicle has in its genes what amounts to the sum of the genetic information that has accumulated and been passed down from its ancestors since the beginning of that strain - all their positive and negative characteristics, weaknesses, potential diseases, strengths, addictions, talents, ways of thinking, as well as physical traits of appearance, coloring, etc. The genes are like computer chips that store information. This genetic programming amounts to the body's programming - giving it "a mind of its own." It has its own desires - kind of like a living computer that doesn't ever quite shut down, even when it's in a sleep state. It has desires that manifest in ways of wanting certain foods, certain experiences, or certain habits or pleasures that it has been subjected to by its own inherited genetic programming, the environment around it or time-share spirits (which will be discussed next). Inherited genetic characteristics or programming unfold in a time-capsule progression as the body matures from infant to old age. What any individual does, affects their genetic strain, and is physically passed on if they have offspring or if they influence another's actions or thinking. Repetitive behavior is stamped or recorded on the genes and that preference is passed down to offspring. The saving grace is that also through repetition the genes can be "reprogrammed" and addictive behavior and negative characteristics can be turned around - that is, can be licked and thereby not passed down, or is passed on as "controlled."

One additional point: A child does not "belong" to the parent(s), any more than the apple belongs to the tree. A parent cannot say, "You are my child - you have to take care of me when I get old," any more than the tree can say to the farmer, "That is my apple," when the farmer comes along to pick it.

The Spirit

It could be said that a spirit is born each time a vehicle (body) is born, and progresses in its development, knowledge, programming, and identity along with the vehicle (body). In other words, the spirit grows in exact parallel to the vehicle's growth, and as the vehicle's consciousness is affected by genetic characteristics and its environment, the spirit takes on that information, that "software." The spirit normally leaves the vehicle at its termination and continues to live in the spirit world. The only exception to this is when a soul leaves the human environment and goes to the real world of the Next Level, with a Representative of that Level. If a young child- body dies, a young child-spirit is born into the "discarnate world" - a spirit is nothing more, nothing less than the intelligent programming sum content of the mind (both conscious and subconscious) of the biological container (body) before its demise. So, where the individual's consciousness is - where his trust and beliefs are - at the termination of his body, that is where his consciousness will be when he enters the spirit world.

As spirits from the discarnate world move into a vehicle, they are "incarnating," - an "invading" spirit moves in of its own accord, either to time-share or in an attempt to take over and claim the vehicle as its own. When these spirits move out of a body they are "discarnating." The spirit finds itself without or outside of a body as a result of death or incapacitation of the body (such as a coma), or when, as a "time-share" discarnate, it moves out of a body. Discarnates do not incarnate or move into a host body at the birth of the body. They only come in when what they are interested in can be accomplished by the functional capabilities of the plant. Therefore, reincarnation at birth, in the sense that many religions believe, is a completely inaccurate concept. A spirit is born with the body - any reincarnation or incarnation would be done by "invading" spirits who would attempt to use the body for their own satisfaction or purposes.

Without a vehicle, the spirit is not able to experience sensation - a vehicle (with its sense of taste, touch, feeling, pleasure, smell, etc.) is required. Because the spirit is left with the same consciousness it had while in a vehicle, then the addictions it had are also still active. In order to satisfy those desires, the spirit finds it must enter a vehicle and talk the body into, or con the body into, carrying out its wishes. Since it appears that each time a vehicle is born, a new spirit is born, and when the vehicle is terminated, a new spirit enters the discarnate, this means that for every vehicle (body) that has been born since the beginning of this civilization, that same number of spirits are presently in the discarnate or spirit world. At this point in the civilization, most humans tolerate, if not depend on, several unseen occupants, in a "time-share" arrangement, in addition to their own rightful spirit - the mind emanation of the body. Many of these discarnates are deceased family members who remain close to the family strain. Some spirits become bitter after losing their vehicle, because the spirit world is not up to their expectations. Others, who expect to "go to Heaven" see the spirit world as "heaven," and other spirits as angels. These spirits will sometimes act in a guardian-angel role.

For the most part, these time-share discarnates could be seen as helpful - some assisting with career, others with romance, or sports, or homemaking, and so on. "Inspiration" (in-spirit-ation) is nothing more than ideas given by discarnates. The more prominent a person is, the greater the number of discarnates and the stronger their presence is. In that sense, the "plant" or the host body becomes more of a "medium" for discarnates with ambitious agendas. What, in general, is accepted as the "personality" of an individual is made up of the combined characteristics of the participating discarnates along with the host's own spirit/software. Most, if not all, humans host multiple time-share discarnates, but it is when these discarnates are inharmonious or dissimilar that they are more easily recognized and seen as problematic. When this occurs, the individuals are often spoken of as having "multiple personalities" or "schizophrenia," in human clinical circles. "Past-life readings" might reveal the story-telling of time-share discarnates, but in reality, the concept of "past lives" is not at all reliable. If past-life readings were accurate, how do you explain the thousands of people who have claimed to be "King Tut," Cleopatra, Jesus, John the Baptist, etc.? One of the dangers we see with past-life readings is that the questions posed by the past-life reader open the door to old discarnates who you might have previously risen above or run away. Opening those doors pulls those discarnates back, and the possibility exists that you might have to deal with those serious problems or hurdles again.

If the vehicle/spirit is permissive and it adopts the behavior of the "time-share" spirit as something it wants to continue with and chooses to repeat, that behavior becomes a part of its own programming or "software package." In other words, the behavior and desires of the time-share spirit are added to the program/consciousness of the spirit that belongs to the vehicle. The invading human-level spirit cannot learn lessons from its influence on, or use of a vehicle, though the vehicle/spirit can learn and change. An "invading" spirit(s), because of its strength, can dominate the behavior of the vehicle. However, any vehicle/spirit that is strong enough can choose to resist the "influence" of any potential time-share spirit.

An interesting observation is that as an individual's body grows older and becomes less exciting to the invading or time-share spirits, those spirits leave and move into other younger vehicles, taking with them the influence of their interests and talents. The personality of the aging individual then appears to wane and lose incentive. In a similar way, if someone has been imprisoned (for a violent act, for example), the pleasures most spirits would enjoy would not be available in prison, but the animal, more base situation of the prison would invite other spirits to cohabit in that vehicle. The irony is that for death-row inmates, for example, you can kill the body of the person who committed the crime, but you're doing nothing but shoving those violent, time-share spirits that influenced that human to commit the crime, into a condition of taking over another plant (body). In other words, you haven't solved the problem at all - the spirit has made a fool of you. You may have only hastened the spirit's activities by freeing it from its imprisoned body, enabling it to go outside the prison and find a free, willing body in order to murder again. Killing the bodies only frees the spirits.

How many life forms move into the discarnate? It is very possible that every living creature on the planet has a spirit. A spirit is as physical as the wind or as breath - when it is still you don't notice it, but when it begins to move you notice it. For example, the spirits of the herds of buffalo or dinosaurs that roamed the land continue to roam, with the consciousness of the mass (weight) of the vehicle they wore. They can come together, en masse, and stampede as a strong wind. The winds that roar through at times could likely be those spirits acting according to their "programming" to migrate. On the other hand, the spirits of insects can still be pesky to humans, and lower life form spirits (plant and insect) may have varying degrees of negative, destructive influence on humans, as parasitic spirits causing diseases.

The Mind

We define mind as "collective information." Many humans define mind as the brain, which is confusing and inaccurate. All "mind," or information, comes from two sources (though it certainly would not be recognized as such): a) the Next Level - the Kingdom of God, or b) the opposition - the Lower Forces - Lucifer, Satan, or the Luciferians and their naive servants. Hence, the concept of truth vs. falsehood, genuine vs. counterfeit. That "collective information," or mind, is what fills the "container" and eventually determines whose side you are on or which "world" or evolutionary level you are a part of - one leads to a real Heaven, the other leads nowhere or to eventual annihilation. Only Next Level mind has life-giving nourishment (potentially everlasting). All information other than that which comes from the Kingdom of God has no life or life-giving qualities (has no opportunity for an actual future). You can build on Next Level "mind" in like manner to building on computer software.

When speaking of the Trinity - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - the "Holy Spirit," or "Holy Ghost," refers to the mind, the information, the Truth or facts from the Next Level (which includes instructions and procedures appropriate to the Kingdom of Heaven). The word "Holy" designates the Next Level quality of information that is in that mind. Another term indicating the source as being from the Level Above Human is "Divine." These are appropriate usages by humans when referring to the Next Level. However, when today's so-called Christians say they are "filled with the Holy Ghost," it is almost blasphemous, from our point of view - it usually means nothing more than a visit from disembodied Earth-bound spirits (showmen, at that).

The Soul

What is Life? Life is something that is sustainable, has a future, can go on. If you have life that is sustainable, you therefore potentially have eternal life. But, if you have information that leads to your end - if from your perspective you can see the end, then you have "bought" a "death software package." All software packages other than that of the Kingdom of God - the Next Level - leads to your end. There is no "sustainable future" to be found in this world, it is found only in the Next Level. The human vehicle/spirit is a plant - a very temporal plant. Just because the human plant has movement, noise, and activity does not mean it has sustainable life; any more than a robot, just because it has energy - whether solar or electric - and temporary activity, has life. Life is an ingredient that is missing in a garden, except when an individual of the Next Level brings it in, plants it, and nourishes it. And that ingredient always has potential sustainability - even unlimited.

The Kingdom of God, being a genderless Kingdom, "reproduces" or adds to its Kingdom membership through the use of a metamorphic process. The metamorphic "birth" into the Level Above Human occurs as follows: In any given civilization on a fertile planet such as Earth (and Earth has had many periodic/cyclical civilizations), the Level Above Human plants new life forms (including humans) for that civilization in a neutral condition so that they have a limited option to choose the direction of their growth. (Though at times the Next Level permits some space-alien groups to do some planting as well.) The Level Above Human directly (hands on) relates significantly to the civilization at its beginning stage, and subsequently (with few exceptions) at approximately 2000-year intervals (approximately 48 hours from a Next Level perspective) until that civilization's final "Age" or "harvest."

Each time the Next Level relates directly to any portion of that civilization, "deposits" containing "souls" (the "seed" or "chip" with a program of metamorphic possibilities) are placed in many human plants. This deposit is potentially the "gift of life" into the physical and real Evolutionary Level Above Human. These deposits are given or deposited only when members of the Next Level are assigned to directly relate to (be incarnate in) the civilization. Only these Representatives can "nurture" those soul deposits with Next Level thinking, behavior, and all the information required to effectively "fluff off" all human/mammalian ways. If a "seed" (deposit) has not been planted in the vehicle/spirit, then the vehicle/spirit is simply a temporary container. A human being is significant for the first time, from the Kingdom of God's point of view, when a new creature of the Next Level begins - when germination has begun - the "deposit" being the seed and the information (mind) from the Next Level being what germinates the seed.

As we mentioned earlier, the human vehicle/spirit, for the most part, is connected to the family vine of its ancestors (that vine is its root system) and draws a significant amount of its sustenance from that vine. When a human vehicle/spirit is given a soul deposit, an actual new creature has its beginning. In order to survive, this new creature must draw its sustenance (nourishment) from the Next Level - meaning it must break its ties to the vehicular family vine and literally "graft" to the family vine of the Next Level. That new creature has to desire to learn and willfully has to "draw" or "feed" (be nourished with information) from the Next Level in order to sustain its life.

This "soul program" has the potential to become an "encasement" for Next Level mind or information that can develop into a physical body more "subtle" or less dense (from a human physics perspective) than the human body. The more Next Level mind the soul brings in, while it simultaneously aborts from the vehicle all mind that is not of the Next Level, the stronger, the larger, the less subtle that body, or membrane encasement, becomes. When it starts to grow, it becomes physical (though not easily discernible by human analysis) - a new inner body. If the individual continues in his growth, becoming viable and a match for a vehicle (body) of that Next Kingdom, then when the human flesh body is "dropped," that soul or "inner body" will have a chance to move into a Next Level body (vehicle or suit of clothes) that has been prepared specifically for it. It might be possible that when the soul is "ripe" or "viable" with sufficient Next Level mind, it has become what could be called a Next Level body without its outer shell or suit of clothes. (A spirit that has not been given a "soul deposit" or the potential for this encasement is of a different quality altogether and has not begun to grow a Next Level body.) If a soul finds favor with the Kingdom of Heaven, it is put "on ice" to be replanted in a garden like Earth at a specific future time in the civilization's development. At that time, a vehicle would be given a deposit and set aside for that soul's use. That chip or deposit would be different for the "returnee" - a different program and different capacity - than was given as a "first time" deposit. (See also point number 10 in the '95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate, Section 1, Page 4.)

That "soul program" makes advancement beyond the human kingdom possible, and includes a "separate-from-the-world" program. It also allows the soul to go places, survive in certain extensions of the "corral" (nearby space) that spirits without souls are not allowed to go. So, the space aliens seek out souls with deposits, particularly those who have been in this classroom. If a soul turns the other way when it comes in contact with Next Level information or the Representative, then the germination of the Next Level body does not occur, and the soul, for all intents and purposes, is of no worth to the Next Level, and is "dead." It has made its choice not to be of service (usually because of the reluctance or slowness to relinquish human characteristics and ties), and the Next Level has no use or place for it. But to the space aliens, it's a good product - it is a "wise" product because it is not interested in the Next Level's information and is advanced beyond the naive human world. This means that every space alien had once received a deposit and was once a student or potential student of the Next Level, but chose to go against them, or away from them at the least.

So, the only proper application of the term "death" is the termination of the soul, and only the Kingdom of God can kill the soul. Therefore, the human body does not experience "death" - it can be terminated or "dropped." Dying gets you nowhere (in terms of a Heaven). The Next Level even controls the time a vehicle spends on the planet, and when that end time comes, something in the vehicle breaks down which is labeled "heart disease," "cancer," etc. It is out of ignorance that humans would say someone "died" instead of "they dropped their vehicle." The concepts of the spirit world and dropping the body are not well accepted in the Christian U.S., though many so- called "less-civilized" cultures know it as fact.

Recently, Dr. Kevorkian stood trial for helping terminally ill individuals "drop their vehicles." At the trial it was never brought up that the individual - the spirit - cannot be killed by other humans (or even space aliens). Those terminally ill individuals, whom Kevorkian helped, had faith that they would continue on, with relief from the pain and breakdown of the vehicle they were wearing. It certainly is their right to do so. It seems obvious that no one really believes that they are the spirit/soul, or euthanasia wouldn't be an issue. We stand for a liberal euthanasia program - if someone wants to drop their vehicle, they should have a right to do so. Why is it honorable to die for your country, serving whatever regime is in power, but not for other or higher reasons? And why should governments have the power to sentence humans to "death" as if their authority is equal to or above God's? Or, why is it right to "kill" a "plant" in the womb? There is "plant" life in the male and in the female, and when they come together it is still "plant" life. There was "life" before the womb - it does not just begin at conception or birth.

Jesus was not a religious man. He was a man from the only real potential future - in another world, an evolutionarily advanced level of existence - the Next Level. He incarnated into a human vehicle (down an evolutionary notch - the equivalent of a human soul incarnating into a dog's vehicle). He had overcome the human level at a distantly previous time. "Jesus" did not incarnate into the body of a newborn babe. The vehicle was simply tagged for His use at a later time when it had grown and developed enough for His advanced mind to be able to use it. He left his vehicle in the Level Above Human and incarnated into the vehicle that was named "Jesus" around the time of his baptism by John the Baptist (depicted as when the spirit fell upon him as a dove from Heaven). Likewise, Ti and Do incarnated into vehicles that had been picked and prepped for them, when those vehicles were in their 40's. These vehicles had been set aside for them since their birth.

The Bible says, "There is nothing new under the sun." The most advanced achievements of humans to date in space exploration, genetics, computer science (artificial intelligence), medicine, music, arts, entertainment, weaponry, etc. are grade-school level in comparison to what the Next Level has to offer, and there is evidence that this level of advancement had been reached by other previous civilizations on the planet. The Next Level created this garden and everything on it. Humans can do nothing more than "reverse engineer" what "God has wrought." And humans will be allowed to advance only so far. This advancement has occurred, in particular since Ti and Do came into this atmosphere. When we go, that Next Level presence will leave also.

Christians hope for a "personal relationship" with Jesus, but that can be accomplished only when there is a physical presence of those Representatives from the Kingdom of Heaven on the planet. The members of this class have a personal relationship with the present incarnate Representatives, Ti and Do. Unfortunately, outside of this class, all one has is the illusion of that relationship. Our anger is with the space aliens and with the humans who have been their best puppets - including Paul and today's religious leaders. These space aliens have insulted and belittled the Next Level, their Creators, from day one when the serpent (Luciferians) convinced Adam and Eve that by eating the fruit from the forbidden "tree of life" they "would not die...but would be as gods knowing good and evil." Understand that these space aliens are in jail, they have been confined to this garden and its nearby space "neighborhood" because of past "crimes" against the Kingdom of God. Some of the space aliens are not cognizant of their misdeeds; they believe they are doing the right thing and are being helpful to humans. Others know exactly what they are doing. They will be recycled along with the rest of the life forms on the planet, though possibly on a different time table. They know their death is approaching, so they are doing all they can to work against the Next Level. The Bible says, " a wicked and adulterous generation looks for miraculous things, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah." We have seen that sign, because we have done it, we have been through that "hourglass" in the transition from human to the Kingdom of God. If you had done what I have done then you would know what I know. I have been with Ti and Do, I have been their child, I have served the Next Level through them and with them. I am witness to who they are. I am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this classroom, and their student, a potential new member of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

May 6, 1996

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