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By Anlody
A controversial object approaches the inner regions of our solar system. Those with the means of seeing Hale-Bopp as it approaches argue over its size and its orbit. They argue whether or not it has a companion. Those who have seen the companion claim that it moves unlike any known natural phenomenon.

We, the students of the Level Above Human, think there's a good possibility that Hale-Bopp is what we've been waiting for. We marvel at and are grateful for the patience of our Older Member and the Next Level for putting up with us for so long. And we wonder if there's any way to cram in these weak human brains more of what we've been slow to learn to make ourselves more presentable and acceptable for those who might be on their way to pick us up.

Those charting Hale-Bopp's course, either in government-sanctioned temples of science, or the backyard astronomers digging for evidence of yet another government conspiracy in the lack of information on Hale-Bopp being presented to the public, will most likely roll their eyes at my linking this comet to our awaited exit from the Earth. They knew someone would try to connect this comet to religion.

And in our case they would be wrong.

Our message is not now, nor has it ever been, religious or spiritual. Hale-Bopp is not a phantom. No matter what it is, it will affect this planet. Some say the strange weather the planet is experiencing (coldest winters, wide spread floods, etc.), the increase in volcanic eruptions and other furies of nature, and the depletion of the ozone are already effects of Hale-Bopp's proximity to Earth. We've been saying the planet was due to be recycled at the end of the age. That is not religious beliefs. It is the planet's slate being wiped clean. It is also our offering exit to those who wake up enough to see that they need to exit in order to survive. Survival requires that you allow nothing of this human existence to tie you here. No wealth, no position, no prestige, no family, no physical pleasure, and no religion spouting to hang on to any of the above will enable you to survive. They are only entrapments. They are means by which the lower forces have lulled the humans of this planet into being comfortable in their hell. They promote the lies for their own gain, or they themselves are not in touch with reality. People who find satisfaction in having everything of the material traps that this planet has to offer stop looking for anything else. They stop having a need for God or Heaven. They may go to church every Sunday, but when the real Kingdom of Heaven and its Representatives come calling, they don't recognize them or listen. Their faith and attention has been bought for trinkets and worldly things.

Consider a scenario where Hale-Bopp comes close enough to devastate this planet. Let's say this companion to Hale-Bopp did indeed turn out to be a spaceship of the Next Level. The advanced occupants of this spaceship know the purpose of Hale-Bopp is to recycle the planet. They've sent it here to give the planet a rest from the corrupt humans infesting it. Suppose they send shuttles ahead to rescue any soul worth saving. We're not sure. Perhaps Members of the Next Level would never communicate with humans face-to-face. The Old Testament of Judeo-Christian writing says that humans died if they looked directly upon Members of the Next Level. But if it were possible, and Members of the Level Above Humans personally invited individuals of this planet to exit with them before the comet passed, what would your reaction be? Would you pass or fail the test of Lot's wife? The old legends say that when leaving Sodom and Gomorrah as it was being destroyed, Lot's wife looked back and as a result was turned to a pillar of salt. Is there anything that would make you look back?

Would your career have you hesitate? Would your wealth or position in the community cause you to pause? When faced with this decision, most humans could quickly adopt a different set of values -- personal survival over materiel gain. But what do the majority of humans today say is the most important thing in their lives? Their family. Would your thoughts of a spouse or children hold you back? Am I saying the all-important human family is in the same category as trinkets and worldly things? Yes, IF it becomes a stumbling block between you and your connection or getting closer to the Level Above Human.

The human family is counterfeit -- as is anything else that humans have come to value on this planet. The proof of it being counterfeit is in how easily a human family can fall apart or be lost. The only REAL "family" relationship that can be maintained is that between an Older Member and a younger member. As long as the younger member keeps his eyes on his Older Member, and wants with all his heart, mind and soul to please his Older Member, that relationship is forever. It was never intended for human beings to reproduce in the same manner as animals. That path resulted from a poor, willful choice. Therefore, the human family has become the Luciferians' most compelling entrapment.

There are humans who condemn other humans for participating in what they see as promiscuous sex outside of a family unit. But they don't see that the sex engaged in to "raise a family" or within the bounds of marriage is no different. In fact, it may be more of a trap because the human father, the human mother, and those others tied to a human family, will have that much more pulling at them to stay on the planet when it's time to get off. Exit is not a human family affair. Potentially each member could go individually, but the family cannot go together as a unit.

The turmoil that this planet has always been in was designed to stimulate souls to wake up and see the human kingdom as temporary -- just a stepping stone to something more. It was never meant to be a peaceful place, and nothing will change that -- not any human living on it or any renegade space alien, whether they look like birds, fish, insects, or tall blond Barbie dolls, will make peace or Heaven on Earth. The increase in turmoil in the last two decades directly correlates with the closing of this Age. The disruption will continue to increase as the comet approaches. Earth and its human level are the hell and purgatory of legend. It wasn't meant as a place in which to get comfortable or to stay. It was set up as a place to separate the renegades of Heaven -- the Luciferians -- from those who have risen above the human level, and a place to test souls striving to get to the Level Above Human. Every corrupting distraction imaginable exists here. A soul going through here and not having its eye turned by the distractions gains a lot of strength.

Even the human body can easily be lost. Would losing your human body keep your soul tied to this planet? All human bodies have spirits beyond their flesh, but not all have souls. The soul is the only thing that offers movement beyond human shadows. It's the only thing of this hell that has no human origin. Nothing on this level, human or Luciferian, can destroy a soul. That power rests solely in the Next Level.

Souls are the gifts of the Next Level. The Next Level has some means of scanning a human plant, a human body, to determine if it is fertile ground for a soul. Once the soul is planted, they also have a way of knowing if it has taken any nourishment, that is, has accepted information from the Representative they sent to nourish the souls that were planted -- that is, if it has become an individual, something a little more than just human. How much contact with or acceptance of the Representative or the information brought by the Representative warrants being saved for future planting, I do not know. Judgments of that kind are reserved for those pushing the buttons of the spacecraft. But signs that a soul has accepted nourishment from the Level Above Human would manifest as general discontent. Individuals with souls will feel out of place here because those souls are not from here. If these souls wake up, they see they can no longer play the human game, if indeed they ever could. They know that what they see around them is not the way things are supposed to be. They have no difficulty seeing human existence for the hell that it is.

If Members of the Level Above Human asked individuals directly if they wish to exit before Hale-Bopp passes, they most likely wouldn't ask any human that question. Humans cannot go. It wouldn't even occur to humans to want to go. Believe it or not, the Next Level has no need for humans. Human bodies can serve as tools for helping developing souls of the Next Level become stronger. The soul can become strong enough to be awarded a body from the Next Level if it keeps pushing in that direction. But the universe turns quite well without one human in it. It works because every Member of the Next Level focuses on pleasing, and being more like his Older Member, and that Older Member would in turn look to his Older Member, up the chain all the way to the Chief of Chiefs. This is the Tree of Life spoken of in legends past. There is no life without having some connection to the Next Level. There is not even potential for life without being in the keeping of the Next Level.

Whether or not the Next Level arrives with Hale-Bopp, it will arrive. Wall Street walkers speak in terms of investing in things not easily lost. Then a soul making an investment toward the Next Level, toward its Older Member, would be making the only worthwhile investment that exists. Everything else here is subject to crashing once the program of this hologram gets rebooted. To us, an invitation to exit Earth is an invitation to go home.

February 15, 1997

End of Appendix A

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