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The World's Most Successful Con Game

By Lggody
Anyone who's been the victim of a con artist is probably like me and hates to admit that he's been taken. I really wanted to believe and even thought the deal, like most good cons, was almost too good to be true, since the person who sold me on it fully believed in it himself. When the con artist is himself being conned and has the stature and image of authority, it's twice as tough to see through the "something for nothing" smoke screen. What is even more pitiful is the fact that more than 95% of the Western world's population believe this "con," which gives it mass respectability because, as we're led to believe, "Might makes right."

When the con man is finally caught and his game exposed, you would think that he'd be arrested, charged, and jailed. What makes it even more outrageous is that this "con," which extorts more money than the Mafia could ever dream of, is legal and has the blessing of all the Western world "establishments." In fact, they not only fully endorse it, but it is the false foundation they use to justify imposing their laws of morality on the world, that increasingly enslave its citizens.

Who are these con men and what is the game they sell so convincingly? The con is religion - and the carnival midway hucksters are most of the Christian TV Evangelists. They are the most wicked thieves on Earth for they not only prey on your hopes and dreams and take your money, but by far the bigger crime is that they rob the souls of those who look to them for the way out of the human level and into the Heavenly Kingdom. Instead of freedom from slavery, what they cleverly package in the name of Jesus and market to eager buyers, are actually "tighter shackles" that more securely bind a human to this corrupt world.

A simple fact: A con man is a liar to the facts which he often knows, but purposely hides. When he has himself been conned into thoroughly believing the lie to be true, he is, without a doubt, its most productive flock-gathering and fund-raising salesman. Such is the legal fleecing of the gullible by many an evangelist. By his slick distortion of the facts, he makes the True God's hard-to-get prize, appear easily won without any effort. When his game is exposed and you can clearly see how he was stealing your life-long dream of attaining God's Kingdom, your anger is justified because what you believed would happen, won't, and never will happen his way. Since you're not dead yet, maybe there's still time for you to connect with the Representative from God's Kingdom who is here now and knows from experience the steps to free you from being a slave to this world.

In Las Vegas, before you roll the dice or pull the slots handle, you know the odds might be 7 to 5 against your winning, or maybe 3 to 2, but sometimes you get lucky, beat the odds, and win. The odds of you becoming a member of God's Kingdom by following the evangelists' teachings of "you don't have to do anything but believe, for He did it all for you," are no less than 100% against. When training for admission into the Heavenly Kingdom, luck doesn't apply, and coming close doesn't get any payoff either. Winning is all that counts. There are no silver or bronze awards, only gold.

Making it through Heaven's Gate is what every evangelist, minister, priest, pope, and rabbi say they want for themselves and preach about daily to their congregations, yet most avoid telling the hard-core facts about the basic entry requirements. Either they don't know them, or if they do, they purposely hide them. Either way, you are kept in the dark and are the victim. If they did tell the bottom line, they would soon lose their congregations, income, and job, because those who want in God's House more than anything else, would quickly leave them and everything else of this world behind. You now know the evangelist lied when he said you could have God's Kingdom without any effort. After reading the facts below, do you still want the Kingdom of God, and if you do, are you willing to do what ever it takes to attain it?

1. Evangelist: "I know the way to the Kingdom of Heaven."

Fact: Impossible, because the evangelist is a human who has never been there and is not a Member. Only Members of God's Kingdom know what it's like and are qualified to teach how to get from Earth to Heaven because they have, in a past civilization, previously been through the experience of attaining it. It is impossible for one human to teach another how to do the difficult task of getting out of this world simply because they've never done it. A caterpillar knows nothing about the world of the butterfly until he becomes a butterfly.

2. Evangelist: "Paul says that Jesus said so and so."

Fact: Being a disciple (personal student) of the Instructor is a basic requirement for membership in the Level Above Human. Paul was never a disciple. He was a human who never knew the Instructor nor was he His student. Paul was the first Christian evangelist who was used as a "misinformation pawn" to start the con game that today's preachers know so well. Some of the disciples who personally knew their Instructor and learned the facts from their classroom experience with Him, hated Paul for distorting the "facts," the formula that Jesus taught.

3. Evangelist: "Jesus wants you to be rich and prosperous."

Fact: Wealth and possessions ensure slavery to the world's "system" and do not exist in God's House. One of the first steps toward freedom is to leave it all behind and break those "ownership" and "this is mine" selfish attitudes that keep that addictive noose securely around your neck. The evangelist is a captive in the human- created Christian religion (that God despises), which is a government- controlled, multi-million-dollar, big-business enterprise, with bureaucratic obligations that prevent him from telling the "leave it all behind" facts, even if he wanted to tell them.

4. Evangelist: "Jesus wants you to have a close-knit, loving family."

Fact: This is one of the most vicious lies the evangelist uses to keep you tightly shackled here. He is a loyal slave to this world and promotes the family unit because its income is the life-blood of his church, and its credit and buying power keep the "system's" economic wheels in motion. By selling "family values," the evangelist encourages marriage, sex, children, and a responsible career, all of which are more ties to this world that must be broken. In the Kingdom Above Human there is no money, no sex, no wife, no husband, no children, no males, and no females. If another family member chooses to also try, fine, but you can't take anyone with you. Entry is an individual effort, and as a basic first step, separation from all family and other humans must be done.

5. Evangelist: "When He died on the cross and shed His blood for you, He took away your sins, and all you have to do is believe on Him."

Fact: This fallacy is at the very root of the "something for nothing" con game. If you play it by the evangelist's rules, and stay where you are, and continue to love your wife and kids, play golf on Wednesday, coach little league on Saturday, and go to church on Sunday, the death of your soul is guaranteed. Jesus brought life and was the disciples' only source for it. He repeatedly told them that in order to be with Him and His Father in the Heavenly Kingdom, they must separate from this world, leave it all behind, follow Him, bond to Him, carry their own cross, do as He instructed and did Himself, and overcome this world as He did. Do you now see why the odds are 100% against the "do nothing" believers?

6. Evangelist: "Praise Jesus. Just ask for it in His name, and He will give it to you."

Fact: Praising Jesus is only lip service unless you also DO as He did. You can pray for things of this world like a good sex life, happy marriage, children, more money, better job, and you may get them, but they didn't come from Jesus or His Father in the Heavens. The lower forces' ruler of this world will gladly provide them, for the more hooks he has in you, the tighter is his control over you.

7. Evangelist: "Jesus is coming soon."

Fact: Jesus was a very common name back then and was the label given to the body that housed the Mind of a Member of God's Kingdom. He used that body for His short Earthly task (about 3-½ years) and discarded it when the task was completed. He kept identifying, not with His borrowed human body, but only with the Mind of His Father, saying that's all He was, that He and His Father were of the same Mind, and that He did only what His Father instructed. He told His disciples that the instructions He gave them were not His, but flowed through Him from the Father. Who He was, then, was only Mind from God's Kingdom. He was the information, the knowledge and the formula on how to get from Earth to Heaven. So, who's returning at this "Second Coming," the body? No. It will be the same mind, containing the same knowledge, and teaching some of the same students how to complete their lessons and graduate out of this world. Will His Mind and Soul be using a borrowed human body for the task? Yes, of course. He is here and has been for more than 23 years now. Since society says that everyone "needs" a name, He is called "Do," and His Father is called "Ti" (pronounced Tee). The name of His body is unimportant, but the mind from His Father that He brought is all that matters, for it is the only source of knowledge present at the end of this civilization on how to make the transition from this world to the next one. His task here has been much longer than last time, but His returning students had much to learn and have required a lot of nurturing and training in order to be prepared for beginning Membership in His Father's Heavenly Kingdom.

Fact: I am a witness to the facts presented here. I can testify to their accuracy and know them, from actual experience, to be true. I am one of His students now as I also was before. He is my Teacher and my Father. I am also a witness to His Father (my Grandfather), who was also my Teacher here for many years. The Mind that my Father has received from His Father, He has given to me and it is mine to keep. It is who I am. I have used it to the best of my ability to change the human ways of this borrowed body, to conquer this world, and to become a viable new creature acceptable in His Father's Kingdom. I have tried to follow His instruction, please Him, and be as He is in everything I do, but the many times that I have fallen down, He has always been there to pick me up, correct my ignorance, and show me, by example, how His Father in the Heavens would do the task. I do not take His help for granted, but it is by my constant asking to be closer to Him that He offers me new lessons, and then it is up to me to do the homework and apply them. I have learned by my mistakes and the practical, "hands-on" experience of doing. Without His and His Father's personal help and guidance, I would be a lost sheep. But with it I have been able to separate from this world, change, and defeat its influences to the degree that is, hopefully, acceptable in His and His Father's eyes. As I grow daily by using the new Mind (knowledge) updates He receives from His Father, I am a new individual today, and not who I was yesterday, or last week, or last year. My all-consuming desire, total commitment, and effort exerted all these years is for one purpose - to please Him and be His son in the real world above this one.

May 3, 1996

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