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Statement by a Crewmember

By Tddody
The following is a statement prepared by a crewmember about to exit the human kingdom and enter the Next Physical Level of Existence. My only objective here is to reflect my feelings and state of mind at the time of my exit from the mainstream world. I am making this statement of my own free will, and it is factual, to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

Brief History - I first came in contact with Ti and Do (my Teachers) in the mid-70's at a meeting in California. At that meeting, things occurred that in no way could be called coincidence. As Do spoke, questions would come to mind, and as I would think the question, Do would say something like, "Some may wonder about..." and state the question I was thinking. When this occurred, I felt as if I were in a tunnel with Do at one end and me at the other. Although I sat in the back of a packed auditorium, it was is if no one else were there, but He (Do) and His Older Member (Ti) and myself.

Although I didn't immediately enter the classroom, a couple of months had passed when I remembered Do saying something like, "If you're seeking the Truth, this message is what you're going to find," and something like, "Go into the closet of your mind and ask to the Highest Source you can." The day I actually did this, I came in contact with this information again. At that first meeting with Ti and Do, I somehow knew they were who they said they were - Representatives (Reps) from the Kingdom of Heaven.

I admit to having had feelings of fear, but I knew I had to respond. Everything they said made perfect sense. They didn't solicit new members and told of the requirements about what it took to get to the Next Level - total commitment and total energy. And those who couldn't stick to the discipline were encouraged to leave. I was in the class for 3 years, working at freeing myself of all the human ties and addictions that would bind me to this planet, when I was sent out of the classroom. I didn't know why I was being sent out, and for a time wondered if I'd been abandoned. I never forgot Ti and Do for the 15 years (or more) I was out of the class. The entire time, I am aware now, the Next Level monitored and guided me through a series of tests and growth experiences I feel that I would have never gained had I been in the classroom.

The entire time out there (in the world) I learned about human love, and how shallow it really is, how it turns to hate and mistrust and deceit in a moment, and that all endeavors out there at best are self-serving, self-indulgent, shallow victories and usually come at the expense of someone else's toil or pain. Many of the leaders of this country (as well as other countries) are liars, hypocrites, and deceitful scam artists that seem to have no more comprehension of Truth than a box of rocks. The government is so corrupt and has run renegade and is not very different from Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, or Hitler.

The more laws that are legislated that take away your freedom (in the name of "keeping the peace") and the more times our leaders send troops to another country to "enforce" peace, the more one wonders where these seeming self-appointed gods get their authority.

While in the world, I had tasted success and found it to be very rude, mean, aggressive, and quite abrasive and distasteful - "qualities" I have no wish to enhance or develop. I have seen the world through a thousand pairs of eyes and despised it each and every time - without exception!

The only true happiness I'd ever really know was when I was with my Teachers - Ti and Do. In October of 1994, I was guided by the grace of the Next Level into a "chance meeting" with my former classmates, and I expressed my sincere and earnest desire to re-enter the class. I wanted to finish the task I started 18 years ago, the task of totally overcoming the world and freeing myself of addictions and sensuality and all the human traps of this world. My classmates are the only other ones on this planet that understand me and what I've been through, as I understand them and know what they've gone through.

Although overcoming the world is an individual task (it simply can't be done with your family or wife and kids or friends), each and every one of us has one and only one desire, and that is to be like and to serve our Older Members, Ti and Do, and to complete our task here so we can return to the Next Level. The goodness I feel here with my classmates exceeds everything the world has to offer. Everyone here wants to be better than they were the day before. With the state of the world and the direction it's going, it seems foolish to want to stay here and wallow in its muck.

This statement is not an understanding of our teachings, it is merely an effort to set the record straight. I am healthier, happier, and in a better frame of mind than I have ever been in. I'm eager to take up my life in a body belonging to the Next Level. If there are those who see my dedication to this mission to the point of possibly losing my body as crazy or insane, then so be it. Their minds have already been made up and far be it from me to change that. Where I'm going, I won't be influenced by others and I won't influence others either. I will give what I've been given, where it is sought, but I won't push it on anyone. The Next Level is not forceful. They help you when and only when you ask for their help. They will let you go and grow at your own pace and speed, but wouldn't force you to do anything. They will offer you help, but you need to be keen enough to take it and act upon it. When you are offered this gift by them (the opportunity to change into a new creature and exit this world and become as they are), it is your choice what you do with it. This opportunity is rare and is the cherished object of my desire. Ti and Do have been the examples of goodness, fairness, strength, discipline, and dedication that I wish to emulate.

In the world, I'd been harassed, beat up, lied to, cheated, threatened, robbed, and abused in almost every way thinkable. In this class, the only harsh words I can recall came out of the mouth of this vehicle, and I'm ashamed of my lack of restraint for uttering them. I've been shown areas where I need work, but NEVER when I wasn't seeking to learn Next Level ways.

I could go on and on about my Teachers, but there aren't enough positive adjectives in my vocabulary to convey my heartfelt love for them.

I don't know if this is accurate, but after leaving the class, I was told a story in the latter part of 1977. The story told of how, many years ago, indentured servants would work on the plantations for a period of seven years and that after this period of time they were given their freedom. Many of the owners of the plantations would give these indentured servants a gold ring along with their freedom. Not knowing anything other than the plantation, and although they were given the choice to leave and go wherever they chose, many would pierce their ear and wear the gold ring in their ear and stay and work on the plantation out of dedication and love for the plantation owner. Many felt that if they left the plantation they would lose their life or would go into a cold world and not be able to survive. They felt a love for the plantation and the owner because without them they were nothing.

Shortly after hearing this story, I chose to pierce my left ear and wear an earring. And although at that time males wearing an earring was becoming fashionable, I did this so I would always remember, and never forget, the love and dedication I have and will always have for the two "People" that "saved" my life - my Teachers - Ti and Do. I know that without them, I am nothing.

April 14, 1996

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