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Be Fruitful and Multiply

By Jmmody Many times we hear the Christians and Jews defending the Lord's instruction to "Be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis, from the Old Testament). We are puzzled by this. Is it not true that the Lord gave those instructions at the beginning of that segment of this civilization when it was in its early stage of development? Could it be that the reason the Lord gave this instruction was because the people at that time were very primitive in their behavior, and it was clear to the Lord the direction that these humans were choosing?

Even in the beginning, Adam's loneliness showed he was not satisfied with looking only to the Lord. Adam had been an androgynous virgin, but when the Lord realized he was lonely, He separated Adam into two individuals. The Lord then made it clear He was warning Adam and Eve about partaking of the forbidden fruit (Genesis 2:17), which led to their union. By this action, they made it clear that they wanted more than what a relationship with only the Lord could offer.

Is it possible that from the beginning the Lord had something more significant than multiplying in mind for Adam, something that would set him apart from other mammals and mammalian behavior? Is it not true that even then the Lord gave Adam the opportunity of seeing up front that he could make the Lord happy by resisting mammalian behavior and desiring to look only to Him? Although the Lord knew that Lucifer was going to come into the garden and use the forbidden fruit game to tempt Adam and Eve's resistance, didn't Adam have the opportunity to actually listen to the Lord as He gave those instructions, and not listen to other influences that came along (Luciferian)?

Could it be that what the Lord had in mind from the beginning was to see if Adam was strong enough to follow only His instructions and not be tempted by others? Is it possible that the Lord suspected that the creature He created called Adam was not strong enough to make the right decisions?

Would it not be correct to assume that when the Lord created Adam, He gave him free will and the choice to listen to only Him as well as the option to drift away from Him? If this is so, could the Lord then have seen to it that the human kingdom would serve as a catalyst for humans to get out of what they shouldn't have gotten into in the first place? Wouldn't this be especially true for those in whom the Lord takes an interest?

Is it possible, at this point in time, that the Lord is offering us the opportunity to regain our "virginity," to become what the Lord had originally intended for Adam? Adam may have fallen short of some of the Lord's expectations, but didn't the Lord also see to it that He gave humans step-by-step instructions on how to become new creatures that could reside in the Literal Heavens - and be a part of advanced activities that could never exist in this "temporary classroom" (Earth's civilization)? If one continues to read in a chronological progression the scriptures in the Bible, is there not evidence that would show this? When the Lord took an interest in someone, He would let them know that what He required of them was a puritanical life (for example, priests in the temple were not to have families). He let them know that they didn't have to drop to participating in mammalian behavior, if only they had put more effort into adhering to the more significant instructions the Lord gave.

What did the Lord give Jesus to pass on to those who were ready for their "next instructions"? Was it to be fruitful and multiply - raise a family? Or, was it the following instructions (and these quotes were taken from the same Bible that "Be fruitful and multiply" was taken):

Didn't Jesus mean by this that those who follow Him would have to suffer and bear the pangs of separating from the world and live as He did - looking to Him and learning from Him if they would expect to get into His Father's house?

Is Jesus not implying that there comes a time when all these human ways have to be dropped when a Son is present?

If these were the instructions spoken by Jesus approximately 2000 years ago, do you understand why we are so puzzled by the Christians and Jews who still quote instructions that were applicable to "diaper lessons"? Why do they still think they have instructions to not take their "diapers" off even when they are past the diaper age? The ones defending their position by using those quotes are not primitives. Is it in order to justify their preoccupation with reproduction (human/mammalian behavior)? Hasn't it been generations since the Lord gave this instruction, and hasn't He even given instructions that updated and replaced it?

In Jesus' teachings we can see a whole new set of instructions spelling out the formula for what it takes to get out of the human kingdom - to connect with somebody who comes from that Kingdom and who can show us how to get out of the human kingdom and become students of getting into the Next Kingdom Level.

Anytime the Kingdom of Heaven relates to a civilization to offer stages of that process of overcoming humanism and entering that Kingdom Level, the theme is renunciation of all human ways, growing to despise the world and human/mammalian behavior. This includes procreation.

If God is the Creator, did He really need and want Adam and Eve to populate this planet? Were Adam and Eve the only creation in His bag of creations, and therefore did He need them to create for Him? If Adam had looked only to his Creator for all his nourishment as the Lord originally intended, would Adam have felt the need for another companion? Could it be that because Adam and Eve chose to look to each other and away from their Creator for their needs that they both found that the Lord gave them what they desired instead of what the Lord would have chosen for them? We thought that the Lord was angry with Adam and Eve for engaging in fornication:

For us it seems that the evidence is undeniable that "Be fruitful and multiply" was an instruction that the Lord gave regretfully and only for a specific time in our civilization. Are the Christians and Jews who still practice and defend the instruction of "Be fruitful and multiply" doing so because it requires less of them and it gives them an excuse to participate in sensual gratification? Why are they still choosing to wear the "diapers" that they should have long outgrown?

April 16, 1996

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