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Older Member -- Younger Member -- Their Relationship

By Slvody
When I consider what I would like to tell the world about my personal experience, what I have been doing, and what I am about to do, I find I want to describe what means the most to me - my relationship with my Older Member, Do, and his Older Member, Ti.

Over the years that I have been in - and out - of our classroom, I have learned and experienced that those "in the world" have almost no interest in trying to understand my relationship to those who came to help me and others to overcome "the world." Through being duped into negative choices, the humans in the world have grown so far away from seeking to do what their Creator wants for them that the result is an arrogance that condemns, without pausing to consider, any who devote their lives to seeking what is beyond the human kingdom. If an individual won't accept that "It doesn't get better than this," or doesn't find drinking a beer by a stream "the ultimate," and fall into line with what the rest of society values and enjoys, he is dismissed as a "kook." If a group of such individuals join together, they are condemned as a "cult" and thought to deserve whatever they get in the way of persecution by media and government. Why wouldn't such individuals eventually reach the logical conclusion that if they seek to serve a Higher Source, this world is not the place to be? Even so, I want to attempt to tell what my Older Members mean to me for the pleasure of expressing it.

When I first saw Ti and Do, they sat quietly for a long time on the stage of a college auditorium, waiting for the overflow audience to become quiet and attentive. When they told their message, the influences with my vehicle became apprehensive, and the tiny bit of Next Level mind that was "me" became excited and recognized these individuals were bringing the knowledge I was seeking. The dignity with which they explained that they are from the Evolutionary Level Above Human and what they were sent to this planet to do, showed me that what these two individuals were explaining and offering was much different and more significant than what the numerous other gurus were spouting. They weren't offering a seminar teaching how to love yourself and get along in the world better, but how to get out of this world (literally) and into the Next Evolutionary Kingdom Level where the total focus is to serve the Chief of Chiefs. I recognized what I was looking for in these two individuals, and what they said was both a surprise and a reminder of what I already knew. They emphasized at that meeting and many other times that what is important is not who they are, but the information they bring. Nevertheless, I have become increasingly thankful for the fact of who they are and that they willingly gave up Next Level vehicles (bodies) to come take on human vehicles and show us the way to enter the ranks of the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

Although there was much about the human world my vehicle disliked, it was not cynical, but liked and enjoyed many things about the world, especially those of nature. It was at a crossroads and had been contemplating the various options it could take - feeling it could do anything it decided it wanted to do, but not knowing what that was. Leaving that meeting, I was surprised my companions were not as excited as I was, but now I know they could not have seen and heard what I saw and heard because they had not been given the gift of recognition (a deposit) which I have had the good fortune to be given. However, one other with whom I shared my tape of the meeting wanted to pursue this opportunity, and within a week we had chosen to make the step to walk out the door of those lives to follow Bo and Peep (the names that Ti and Do were using when I first met them). The excitement of being given this chance to become a Member of the Next Level led me forward, and I only knew I must follow. I had recognized my purpose on this planet, and I made my choice to follow through and pursue this opportunity.

When I made the decision to leave behind the family and friends of the vehicle I am wearing, one of the main factors was knowing that if I did not pursue the possibility that these two were who they said they were, Representatives incarnated here from the Next Level, I would never know. Since my strongest desire was to grow toward what is good and learn how the world really works, I knew I must follow these two and take this unusual opportunity - to learn the facts.

This choice paid off, for being with these Representatives and observing and absorbing what they are teaching me has been the proof. The changes I have experienced and the growth I have gone through have verified who they are. I have found that each day I will have the opportunity to learn from them if I exert the effort to ask. Ti and Do have taught me through their example the appropriate behavior for an individual in the Next Level, and to the extent that I have exerted the effort to make my vehicle adopt that behavior, I have changed to be more like them. I have learned that when I keep in mind who my Teachers are and where they came from, as well as how fortunate I am to be a student of Members of the Evolutionary Level Above Human, I learn the most.

Ti and Do have maintained that the best way to teach is through example, and their actions and words have helped me learn the ways of the Evolutionary Level Above Human. They have shown me that Members of the Next Level have no self-concern; their concern is for pleasing their Older Members, being good crew members, and fulfilling the assignment of the task at hand to the best of their ability. Members of the Next Level look to the minds of their Older Members, to their partners, and to their crew members, for they recognize that they cannot trust their own minds. They realize that they could be wrong, so they are careful to qualify what they say and hesitate to make quick judgments. Their approach is straightforward and honest, without deception. They are respectful of others, without allowing familiarity. They are thoughtfully restrained in all their actions and words, without impulsiveness. They are refined in all they do, without haughtiness. They are positive and optimistic, turning each situation to an advantage. They are cheerful and pleasant, without being saccharine. They rely on the Next Level to take care of their needs, without being passive. They are open and quick to admit a mistake, without being embarrassed or concerned for appearances. They maintain a pleasant countenance and a good posture. They are quick, but not jagged. They are careful in how they handle things, without being harsh or careless. They are quick to do any task, having outgrown procrastination. They are consistently clean, neat, sensitive, and gentle, never lowering their standards. They are moderate in their use of things, using judgment as to appropriate amounts of what to use in everything - from electricity to toothpaste. They do not vacillate from one extreme to another, high to low, but are even and moderate in their actions. They are energetic and eager, without being aggressive or demanding. They are keen, cautious, and alert, always thinking ahead of the details and their implications. They examine any situation to the best to their ability before asking a question. They are smooth, but occasionally (in their judgment) stumble. When they stumble, they get up quickly, learn the lesson, and move on, without wallowing in guilt. They expect the highest performance from their students, always believing that they can do the assigned task, for the mind and energy is always available to individual students for the asking. My Older Members are constantly asking for growth and change to become more like their Older Members.

I know that my Teachers always have my growth and best interests in mind, and I recognize that they know me better than I know myself. Members of the Next Level do not need praise, for good performance is the standard in their kingdom, so my Older Members are sparing with it. They have encouraged us, but not baited us, to look forward to living and serving in the Next Level, saying they "know we will like it." Each time I have heard this, I have felt much more than the words themselves, and know that the Next Level will be a wonderful way of life. The sense of humor of my Older Members, which never lowers itself to sarcasm or putting others down, keeps our classroom pleasant and fun in the midst of the difficulty of the task of overcoming the world.

Ti and Do are real in every way. Were you to meet them, you probably would not recognize the restrained discipline they exercise in every act and word. For most of their time on this garden planet, these Representatives have blended in for the sake of performing their task unhindered. It is also a strong characteristic of Members of the Next Level to desire to serve as a "cog in the wheel" of the crew performing a task - not standing out or seeking recognition or praise. They work as a crew, relying on the help of a partner to stay on track and adhere to the instructions or design of a project. They are not concerned with physical appearance, but consciously keep their vehicles (bodies) well-cleaned, neatly trimmed, and modestly clothed. They have long ago outgrown all forms of mammalian behavior and gender- consciousness - including sensuality of any kind and attachment to a human family. Their attachment is to the family of the soul, living every minute with the fact that they are the mind from the Next Level and not the vehicle (body) they are wearing.

All these ways are far different from those inherited by humans and encouraged by their society. Each human plant has an established program (genetic code) firmly imbedded by teachings from space aliens and supported by the vast armies of invisible influences serving their own desires. To break away from the grip of this planet and graft to the vine of a higher Kingdom Level is the task that provides the fire that tempers souls and makes them strong, useful members in the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

When we began our lessons, our Teachers warned us it would be the hardest thing any human could ever do, but they would be there to help us - and this has proven true. When most humans think of overcoming the world, they think of dropping addictions to drugs, coffee, cigarettes, profanity - sometimes even sexuality and gross materialism. What is really involved, however, goes much further and requires getting control of a human vehicle and forcing it to discard all its old ways of thinking and behaving - including any identification with its gender and its family ties, its habits, what it admired about itself, what it valued, what it liked and disliked - and teaching it to adopt and appreciate the ways of thinking and the behavior of the Next Evolutionary Level Above Human. The new creature that is formed must desire to think and act only in ways compatible with his new family. It is like the dog, who wants only to be part of his human masters' family, learning the ways of the household he wants to join. He must stop valuing running with a pack of wild dogs and fighting over bones and learn the restraint required to sit at the feet of his master. Gaining such control is not easy for an animal or a human, as it is a fight against the genetic structure of the vehicle to reprogram it for the sake of something more desirable, a place in a higher Kingdom's family.

My Older Members never impose their will on others, but always honor an individual's freedom to choose his own way - whether it is good or bad, rough or refined, constructive or destructive. This means that the door to leave our classroom is always open - it is our will that keeps us connected to our Older Members, a bond of our own request, not one imposed by the Next Level. After nearly six years in the classroom, I allowed influences to weaken my resolve, have me focus on my vehicle's self-concern and drag me away from trusting my Older Members, so that one day I walked away from the classroom - back into the world. Even as I walked out, I knew it was the wrong step for me, but I was pulled back into the world by negativity and desires of the vehicle. In the world, I was once again involved with other humans and participated in human activities. I knew influences had tricked me into giving up my chance to be a servant in the Next Level and duped me into returning to being a "slave" to this world. During a long ten years in the world, many times I found myself aghast that I had given up the opportunity to go to the Evolutionary Level Above Human for the tawdriness, loneliness, inconsiderateness, and lies of the world. No matter what I did or how involved with the world I got, I always "ran a low-grade depression" and felt separate from those around me. In my mind I pleaded for the opportunity to be allowed back into the class; I hoped for the privilege of being in a remedial classroom that might help me recover my relationship with Ti and Do.

The Next Level waits a long time before giving another opportunity - one must prove in actions and thought that he really wants it. Even so, one of the qualities of members of the Next Level is their willingness to clean the slate and offer a chance to start over. Their patience is not infinite, but fortunately for us, if one can convince them of the sincere desire to change and learn from errors - and the time is right - a new opportunity may be given. My time away from my Older Members and my classmates, though difficult and painful, gave me a stronger appreciation of the difference between the human world and the Evolutionary Level Above Human, a greater thirst for closeness to my Older Members, and a stronger resolve to move quickly to change old human ways. My separation taught me the value of the Next Level characteristic of being open and honest, not hiding difficulties or being secretive, but trusting in the help from Ti and Do and my classmates.

Another characteristic of the workings of the Next Level is the coincidental meeting of individuals when the time is right to suit a Next Level purpose. This is particularly true when both individuals are seeking to serve the Next Level, and when this happens, the feeling of happiness is great. Just such an occurrence reconnected me with the class in 1992, when a class member called the business where my vehicle was working and recognized its voice. Who he was might not have been exposed to me (since members of the class have been careful to protect the security of the classroom), but it was timely for me to rejoin the class as "The Last Call" (in 1992) was being given.

Returning to the class has been a wonderful gift for which I have been very thankful. I was a lost sheep brought home where I can be myself and do what I really want to do. This is not to say it has been easy - for I had much ground to recover and catch up. I am learning to emulate the cheerful, pleasant vibrations of my Older Members. I am benefiting from their directness and honesty and learning to adopt those qualities. I am learning to be happy and to conquer the influences that still try to use this vehicle. I am learning to be open and share what I am experiencing and learning with my Older Members and my classmates.

I know there is nothing for me in the world; my only life is with my Older Members. I know that the only reason that I have life is because the Next Level and my Older Members gave me the deposit that began my soul and that my responsibility is to protect and exert the effort to help it grow. I am this soul, not the body I am using. The opportunity to learn and grow and gain more Next Level mind is mine as long as I continue to look to my Older Members - to cling to, rely on, and cleave to them. The choice to exercise my free will to go either way is always mine, yet I know the only life for me is to be with them - here or in the Next Level. Without that I am nothing.

Hopefully, I have learned to control this vehicle enough to have grown to be a match for a Next Level vehicle (body) and soon will be given the opportunity to receive a Next Level vehicle. Whether that is here on Earth, on a Next Level spacecraft, or in some distant "quartermaster" or wardrobe does not matter.

It would be wonderful and amazing if some few humans could understand what is happening with us, but as I said in the beginning, we expect condemnation from the ignorant arrogance of the world. It is your test and opportunity to see and recognize the facts. If you want more than what this Earth offers, you likely have been given a "chip" of recognition. Know it is a treasure and protect it. Don't be duped by the world's pleasures, addictions, "securities," misinformation, and games, for they cannot hold a candle to the opportunity to take a place in the Kingdom of your Creator and willingly serve His desires. Everything else is a dead end.

April 11, 1996

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