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A Testament

By Srrody
What do you say to someone who saved your life? How do you acknowledge them or thank them? What do you say about their enemies - your former mentors/seeming nurturers? This is my attempt.

Today's civilization is strikingly like abused children growing up ignorant of their abuse, accepting of the lies and conditioning fed them, knowing nothing else. Some come from worse "immediate-families" (governments/locales/societies) than others, but the "extended-family" is still the same - all cling to the same basic mammalian values and ways. All are abused. Imagine how hard it must be for each abused child to recognize help from someone outside the "family," much less grab hold of it. The child has been programmed (brainwashed) to automatically reject that help and cling to what is familiar - however abusive and destructive it has become, somehow justifying it as good or right. How do you get through to them?

After centuries of abuse, the human genetic package no longer resembles the original design. Legends of space travelers or tales of a religious nature are about the only remnants left in its programming of past associations of beings from another "family." The very idea that those "myths" or prophecies could have any practical basis in this world might be fun to think about, but if you really faced reality, you'd come to your senses. A heavenly kingdom of God? UFO crashes in the desert? Yeah, right! Right?

For many 20th Century bodies, myth suddenly became reality in the Fall of '75. After 2 to 3 years of slowly losing its motivation to succeed in the world, wanting something more and finding no satisfaction even in offbeat circles, the vehicle (body) that had been prepped for my use heard "mere" words over a radio - words that would change its existence forever. It would be months before it would meet the source of those words - two beings, called Ti and Do. Though it was mindful of ancient warnings of caution and the educated admonitions of its peers, there was a familiarity with what was being said that went straight to my very being. I was amazed that others didn't react the same way. It would be years before I would finally understand and accept the reality of: "No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him." [John 6:44]. But even that is no guarantee of success. It takes hard work; it takes bonding with the ones of that family sent here for you - in this case, Ti and Do. Thousands may have recognized the opportunity, but ultimately only a few dozen endured the practical application of weaning from the human family (kingdom), fended off the attacks/allures of alien outcasts and other external influences, and ultimately received adoption by the true Caretakers of the garden - members of a non-mammalian family. This transition goes beyond just dropping all human vices (coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.), mammalian behavior (sexuality, socializing, etc.), even to how one thinks - learning to relinquish self-trust and working instead as an active part of the whole. All through the transition, Ti and Do worked harder than we did, made sacrifices, put up with indignities, suffered mental anguish, solely out of their compassion and understanding of what we children were up against. No mother's travail could have been worse. They didn't have to do that, but they chose to because of who they are. It is easy to see how humans mythicized Ti and Do's previous contacts with this civilization - they are beyond anything humans could imagine. There is no way any of us would have gotten through it without them. I know.

It has been difficult for humans through the Ages to discern who's who of the advanced beings who circulate in the heavens - to them all were gods. Over time, myth and legend blurred even further the questions of what/who is God, what is man's purpose, how is it that he even exists? Religions have tried to soothe the conflict such issues brought to the common man and reconcile the gap between man and God. Governments under that same influence have tried to govern, becoming a religion in and of themselves as they legislate morality "in the interest of the common good." They tried to cope with stimuli beyond their control - stimuli generated by different outcast aliens (ancient "gods") in pursuit of their own diverse agendas - stimuli that abused humans, buffeting them around like "feathers in the breeze" with no real understanding of their purpose for being. For this same reason, Jesus called the religious leaders of His time "Sons of Satan" [John 8:44] - not because they were evil, but because they were unwitting pawns of those same outcast aliens, and they were also influencing others in the same way. They lacked discernment. They had too much pride and self-concern - characteristics that run strong among the various alien groups they unknowingly look to. Similarly, each time a government official insists some culture adopt his brand of government, justifying its own atrocities and corruption, or each time an evangelist lays hands on a pile of letters sent by the faithful to be blessed, in expectation of wealth or success, that abuse spreads. Thus, the abused child often becomes the abuser, perpetuating and deepening the cycle - a cycle that can only be broken by those beyond the human family.

I've spent over 20 Earth years in a human body in the presence of two Older Members of the family rightfully called God. I've had the opportunity to see what makes them happy or sad, how they deal with seemingly impossible situations, how they maintain self-dignity and continue to humble and question themselves when it would be easy to pass blame to another. I can tell you first hand, Ti and Do brought us to this training ground not for any honor, nor even just for our sake, but also out of compassion for you. They would stay here until the flesh vehicles they are wearing literally fell apart if they thought it would help (and indeed Ti did). And even though the time allotted for the completion of our task here has run out, until the garden is recycled, you still have time to "file for adoption." If you study and try to apply what they have taught, even if you don't leave when we do, even if you lose your flesh body while you are trying to grow closer to the Level Above Human, you will not be abandoned. I know that this paper leaves a lot unsaid; I hope that you can find such things as "'95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate" to clarify the overall picture. Cling to, adhere to, and trust in them - they are your only way out of here. Good luck.

April 10, 1996

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