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The following may appear to be fiction, but it is fact. Inhabitants of planet Earth are advised to consider the contents thoroughly before drawing hasty conclusions.

"Away Team" from Deep Space Surfaces Before Departure
By Jwnody

Shocking as it might seem, and despite the knowledge that this account may threaten the very core, the fabric of every belief system held sacred by the general population of this planet, it is our responsibility to get this information out. What follows is a sincere effort at describing this writer's personal experiences and understandings of the events as they transpired and of things yet to come.

We've been here on the "surface" for this current visit 22 years plus, Earth time (approximately 31½ minutes by our time). And although I know the completion of our task is imminent - the climax about to begin - the strategy of the opposition at times seems all but impenetrable (almost overwhelming). They have succeeded in programming the human population - prior to our arrival - to believe that the physical reality of our existence - of our being here - is some kind of fantasy, even to the point of ridicule. Yet, ironically, it is the only reality. Our world created this one. Older Members from our world created the planet itself and every living creature on it. And they carefully designed and positioned the Earth in such a way to ensure its life-giving, yet cyclical, qualities. As far as human life is concerned, it is the only creative garden currently active in this part of the heavens or nearby universe. And for that reason, it has been the repeated and continuous target of space-alien life-forms who wish to exploit the unique resources provided by this planet, including its inhabitants, for their own intended purposes.

Knowing what we were up against, we tried to make our arrival easier for the inhabitants to accept - we suspect that we were participants in deliberately crashing some expendable spacecraft - some with body specimens (genderless) - as physical evidence in preparation for our upcoming visitation. The opposition countered with a successful cover-up and disinformation campaign followed by their own copycat crashes (with some mammalian specimens) to deliberately confuse the humans, to keep them off-balance, frightened, and unsuspecting.

Metaphorically speaking, in 20th Century human vernacular, I am a member of the current "Away Team" deployed from deep space. As a young and extremely fortunate student, I have been working closely with the "Captain" and he in turn with the "Admiral" (Chief Administrator of this civilization since its inception) on this remarkably complex mission. Our home is in the most distant part of the heavens - in a place you may refer to as the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Our time is so completely different from the design implemented here on this creative planet, that to us, we have visited - physically had Representative(s) on the surface - about every other day. However, in Earth time this equates to roughly once every 2000 years, with a few exceptions. Thus, the major physical visitation prior to this one was approximately 2000 years ago.

Each time after our departure, the opposition - human-equivalent space aliens - have turned the contents of our visits into your religions in order to manipulate the population. They take our words and twist them to their own ends and then attribute them to us (last time, specifically to my Older Member). They are quite skilled at it, succeeding in deluding many. Perhaps you might think this unfair, that our world would permit them to corrupt the human population in this way. But, as we further our discussion, you will see that this too was part of the design - to permit a full spectrum of options to be presented - in order for each soul to be provided with unrestricted choices.

This planet was created much like a womb for souls in order to create new members, offspring, for our higher, more advanced Kingdom Level. In other words, human is not the top of the "evolutionary" ladder, although the term "evolutionary" is not exactly accurate, as you will come to understand. Human is just a stepping stone, or more accurately a gestation circumstance, for members of a more advanced, more refined, but still very physical, level of life. You might describe this Next Level's "reproductive" processes as metamorphic, as opposed to mammalian. In other words, in humans selected for their desire to move forward (determined by our standards, not by human standards), a "chip" or "deposit" of sorts is implanted in that individual, which provides the recipient with a whole new set of advanced "programs" that he can then tap into if he should choose to do so. That program, however, can't be "accessed" or tapped into, until in a "classroom" circumstance where that consciousness is renewed (in that individual) by a Teacher (Representative of that Level). At a subconscious level that "deposit" has that individual feel that they "don't fit" in the human world, or that what the human world has to offer is not satisfying. A part of this "deposit" includes the beginnings of a physical entity that humans refer to as a soul, which is, very literally, a gift of true life (offering the recipient a way out of the perennial cycle).

The "soul" is a physical container residing within the body that can house living mind (or Next Level information), without which no life can be present. If filled sufficiently with that mind - synonymous with higher-level information and knowledge - that new soul will never need to experience death, or loss of consciousness, potentially forever. It may be difficult to accept and/or comprehend, but only those humans who have been "chosen" as potential new members of that Next Kingdom have a "soul" (a part of our deposit "gift"). All other humans are "plants" that contain what we would call a spirit (the informational mind or "software" of a human plant).

Each new "soul" has the option to draw nourishment (knowledge and information, or what we call living mind) from present Representatives of that Kingdom (Evolutionary Level Above Human) who incarnate on the planet periodically (such as the Captain or the Admiral). Once the gestation is complete, the new creature sheds its outer shell or human body, which can happen in several ways, and takes on a new physical body appropriate to the advanced species. The individual is then accepted as a beginner in a new Kingdom Level which has abilities and capacities beyond the scope of human perception. In your history, you have called our home the Domain of God or the Kingdom of God - but the heavens have so many so-called "gods," that there is no accurate description in your religions of the activities, qualities, or placement of our world.

Because of the overripe corruption of the present civilization, this is the last scheduled visit before its recycling. It is the End of the Age. The human population, under space-alien "thought domination," has become irreversibly perverse and rotten. These alien groups attempt to keep the planet and the civilization prepped so that it is not a productive environment for our intended purposes. At this time, they have succeeded in disturbing its usefulness beyond repair. The population has become so thoroughly addicted to sensual pleasures, so dog-eat-dog, so based on greed and the aggressor swallowing up the weaker, that it is in retrograde advancement. The planet itself, however, has served its Creator very well, but it desperately needs a breather - a time to recover from the abuse the humans (under the influence of the aliens) have put it through - a time to lie fallow after a thorough spading under.

The Captain's return to Earth this time from the Evolutionary Level Above Human was for the purpose of assisting the Chief Administrator with the conclusion of this task. His assignment was to incarnate into a 40-year-old male vehicle (that had been picked and prepped for him) in a "rank" equivalent to "Captain," with crew to follow. However, since the opposition had become so strong in their hold on the planet, the "Admiral" (Chief Administrator/his Older Member) came with him for the first 12-13 years (of the current mission) as his partner, incarnating into a female vehicle, which was a "first" for this civilization (ushering in a period on this planet of greater equality between the genders).

It doesn't work any longer for members of our species to circulate at the human level in the bodies indigenous to our Kingdom, not only because it would frighten the humans, but the gap in circuitry and the ability to communicate would be all but impossible. So our method is to incarnate into - for our soul to take control of - an adult human vehicle (body) that has been "tagged" - set aside for us - since its beginning. (Next Level souls/minds, when incarnating into the human kingdom, can function only in a body/vehicle that has reached its maturity.) Don't forget that our Older Members created all life on this planet, so they have the right to use that life, that plant or container, as they see fit. The Chief Administrator and the Captain assisted each other in pulling or bringing their souls and minds into their respective vehicles (bodies). In other words, they had to attempt an interface between the more advanced circuitry of their highly evolved minds with the primitive and limited capacities of a human plant, specifically the neural network of the brain (computer), and do so without completely overloading its capacities and damaging its various vital functions. This tedious process took approximately 3 years Earth time - no easy task I am told. In other words, it took that long to get in enough basic awareness of who they were and what the assignment was to begin their task. (The design was such that the mind came in, in gradual stages so as not to be out of reach to the students they were attempting to assist.)

The next phase of their current mission was to locate or bring together the developing "souls" who had begun a gestation with them at prior visitations. Gestation can take more than one lifetime/incarnation - more than one trimester - to come to term. At the End of the Age, it was now time for some of us to complete our development, our metamorphosis, as viable new creatures (beginners) ready for elementary tasks in a new Kingdom.

At this time, all souls who have ever received any degree of Next Level nourishment from the beginning of this civilization until now, are back and will be tested once again. One last time all must be confronted with whether or not they want to make an "all out" effort at being "reconciled" to the Next Level, which means trying again. This requires letting go of what they have accepted in defeat - the information from the lower alien groups, that is, the programming that these alien groups have instilled in the minds of humans.

The space-alien races primarily do their influencing from behind the scenes. They target human individuals who seek prominence (who naively become willing "mediums") with a technique which might be described as radio-wave thought transmissions, bombarding these selected individuals with the specific intent of influencing them into unknowingly promoting the aliens' concepts and misinformation. At the same time, however, the aliens attempt to saturate the atmosphere in general with similar thought transmissions hoping to influence the behavior of the population as a whole. The have very nearly perfected the art of purveying misinformation, although they are frequently convinced themselves that their actions are truly beneficial to the development of the naive population, unaware at times of the fallacies in their own thinking. In colloquial language, they are the most effective conceptual "spin masters" operating on or off the surface of this globe. If seen in the physical, these human-equivalent space aliens can generally be identified as having either mammalian or reptilian reproductive systems. (They may be differentiated in this way from the physical characteristics of our species - Next Level bodies are genderless and very pleasant looking, oftentimes somewhat childlike or wisely gentle in their appearance. However, we are also aware of what appears to be a copycat tactic of other space-alien races who use genderless, robotic, or bionic robotic, creatures to do their own bidding, which certainly tends to confuse the issue.)

All these lower space-alien races are limited in life span with no capacity for creating new souls. Thus, the only way they can populate their species is to win the allegiance of the souls created by the Next Level. And herein lies the free-will factor. Each individual housing a soul has a neutral element in their identity. That individual is a composite made up of essentially two polarities of mind. There is the mind that resides within the soul pocket, which is the Next Level mind in both origin and quality. And then there is the human "plant" mind, the mind which resides within the vehicular container but outside the soul itself. The individual is the choicemaker deciding at every juncture what he permits to enter into his package. And as a result of his choices, he aligns himself accordingly with one side or the other. Our Kingdom - our species - does not need new members. Occasionally, however, it does offer the gift of membership as it is doing now. It is never imposed or aggressively pushed. Those with deposits must pursue that option with every ounce of effort they can muster in order to become acceptable. The tactics of the space aliens are just the opposite. Aggression and deception are their norm, along with the building-up of ego in their servants with praise (and prominence), for in their mind, the desired end justifies the means.

Not only do the space aliens need new souls to increase their ranks, they need replacement bodies as well. Their bodies are temporal, subject to both death and decay. They come to this planet to literally rape and plunder its creative resources - their continued existence depends on it. As we said before, a creative garden is specifically designed to have life-giving properties found nowhere else in the nearby heavens. So they come here to acquire the relatively young, virile human DNA which they use as part of a hybridization process, to produce the bodies that they need (to inhabit) to extend their own physical lives. Their homeworlds (the limited parts of the nearby heavens that they can circulate in) are out of range of these needed creative properties, thus causing genetic deterioration - atrophy and weakness in their species.

Consequently, to ensure their own survival, they resort to all extremes of genetic manipulation using humans for their raw material - as "laboratory animals" - which includes this hybridization, that is, the crossbreeding of human plants (bodies) with those of their own species. Space-alien races have learned to take the properties (data banks and conceptual processing abilities) residing in the genetic structure (body) they currently occupy, and incorporate them into the new hybrid body. Therefore, significant programming is put in place and ready to activate as they take over the biologically engineered, and individually customized "vehicle." The accounts of human abductees tend to verify this activity, as they reportedly describe the extracting of human sperm, eggs, and even fetuses for this purpose.

Every space alien was once a student of the Next Level (or had the potential of becoming a student), their germination being at various levels of development before choosing another direction. (That is, those who knew that this was true, but turned away from it - they had a deposit - a soul.) Some were so undeveloped at that juncture, that they are no longer, or may never have been, consciously cognizant of this association, unaware of their true parentage. Most of them are just products of where they have actually chosen to remain in their own awareness, which is a very compromised position. However, there is a unique characteristic in a deposit with an activated soul in it, regardless of which direction that recipient chooses to pursue. That is, that composite individual is able to circulate and survive in actual physical locations that no other spirits of humans are permitted to go. A deposit with a soul which has been "fertilized," as a result of some contact with Next Level mind, becomes something that can go outside of certain "gates" - that can survive in certain extensions of the "corral" - that are inaccessible to other humans.

Today's space aliens, very simply stated, are technologically advanced remnants of previous human civilizations. Some are the souls referred to historically as "Lucifer" and his followers - souls who were about to become new members of our Kingdom at an earlier time. However, their allegiance turned and they became renegades, creating their own competing powers. In so doing, they challenged the supremacy of the Older Member assigned to their transition and were subsequently exiled. Their influence in the heavens has since become diverse and prolific. They are permitted to exist essentially as parasites offering options of misinformation to the young souls - thus, they fulfill the task of presenting a part of the spectrum in the range of choices as was part of the original design. However, they, too, are due to be recycled. One interesting tactic initiated by the higher echelons of the space-alien "Luciferians" was to convince the inhabitants of Earth that any intelligent human knows that the story of "Lucifer" is just a manipulative legend. Good strategy - it worked, didn't it?

The success of their "recruitment" program - that is, the robbing of souls, and the continued ability to extract human genetic material - is the key to their survival. Everything the humans have bought as "reality" (from these aliens) is false - a part of their calculated plan of deception and continued enslavement. They have successfully convinced most humans that after death, if they (humans) have led a good life (measured by the morality of the Luciferians), they will awaken in some spiritual "Heaven" and live there in "peace and harmony" forever. Unfortunately, this is both a lie and a myth. They have addicted the population to such a strong degree of sensuality that the naive inhabitants were totally drugged when we came, unable, for the most part, to recognize what might have been their rightful inheritance. They deliberately addicted the humans to prolific procreation - the "joys" of making babies - to selfishly ensure a strong and varied human genetic pool for their many species to draw from, and the list goes on.

And now we approach the end of this particular experiment. It is the time for the Next Level's "third-trimester" souls to be born. Some of these souls were taken under the personal tutorship of both my Older Member and my Older Member's Older Member, for the first ten years of our metamorphic transition (during this incarnation), at which time the "Admiral" returned to His rightful station in the heavens. From that point forward, the responsibility of the newborns was transferred to our "Captain" (but continues to be directly monitored and assisted by the Chief Administrator of this project - the one we earlier referred to as the "Admiral"). After an additional ten years of training, we (the students/offspring) were sent out to gather up the rest of our crew. It appears that the entire crew (that will assist in the "closure") has been gathered now for nearly two years.

When we left the last time (two days ago by our time), we, as students, were all put on "ice" (metaphorically speaking), in the protection and keeping of the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Just prior to our current assignment, we were briefed aboard a spacecraft and then brought to Earth to incarnate into adult human vehicles that would provide us with the final lessons and changes that we needed to make. We recognized our Older Members by the knowledge that they brought. The deposit or chip within us has in it a homing device of sorts, but each of us recipients must choose to act on it by our own free will, that is, if we expect to progress.

The appropriate final step for those about to complete their metamorphosis is the shedding of the "shell" - the shedding of that portion of the old creature which is now close to its end. Whatever amount of new creature that is present, if it is acceptable and still working in a forward motion, will be taken into the Next Level. Theoretically, some of us will still be too "young" (undeveloped) and will require further training before we can qualify to receive an issue of a Next Level "uniform" - biological container (body). It's possible, however, that there are several stratas of Next Level uniforms that will be issued depending on the degree of development of the mind at the completion of this task. Young minds may be issued less advanced vehicles. The all-important issue is, at what point - at what age or maturity of mind - does a soul qualify for a Next Level vehicle that would be serviceable in that new Kingdom.

There are two ways that we can be relieved of our old shell at the completion of this task. One is aboard a spacecraft in a laboratory circumstance, as we head for home, and that of course, is the more desirable. But, in addition, the process of "the will" being taken through a Next Level metamorphosis requires that the individual (who's literally becoming a new creature) be open to accepting any form of "dropping" of "that shell." The ultimate completion of the test - completion of the metamorphosis - is to arrive at knowing that this primitive shell is nothing but an encumbrance to me. Therefore, it is part of the design for the Next Level to have the option to choose to engage, at the point of our departure, that the shell be dropped by other means if it serves their purposes to do so.

Every soul, that was a part of a deposit, at any time during this civilization, is back to make their choices once again. Some of these may be younger, perhaps second- or first-trimester, souls. Although they may not even have a chance to get to know us before our departure, we do recognize them, because they "recognize the enemy." They see through the lies and no longer want to be a part of this world. And so it is our task to give them a chance to leave this place by getting this information out. Often the symptoms of a deposit from our Domain can be seen in an individual's lack of motivation or rebellion against the world, or "system," and what it has to offer. In their futility, many of these individuals turn to the corrupt devices that are most anesthetizing. You will not find them with the so-called mainstream righteous, but more likely with your social dropouts or even as addicts or criminals - as your so- called "sinners." Another manifestation of worldly dissatisfaction can be seen in the current movement of radical separatists - patriot/militia types - who clearly recognize the corrupt condition of today's governments (particularly the dominant governments of the Western world). It is for those that we have come again - to give them a way out of this corrupt human kingdom, which was never designed to work or be satisfactory unto itself.

The formula is the same now as it always has been. To begin a metamorphosis in order to be born into the Next World, you must abandon everything of this world (just as the caterpillar about to become a butterfly must do). You must separate and begin to wean yourself of all mammalian ways - ties and addictions - replacing them with the ways and behavior of a more advanced and refined level of life. You cannot do it by yourself. You must seek, to the best of your ability, the guidance of a Representative who is a member of that kingdom, who has been through the metamorphic process at a previous time, and who has been sent with the specific task of midwifing newborns. Or, at very least, you attempt to connect with an active "student" of a present Representative. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as we approach the End of the Age. There is a tiny remnant left of a window for catching the eye of the "caretakers of this world." In order to get saved for further planting, the overriding requirement is to recognize that this is true (these are the facts). You must believe that we represent the Kingdom that created this planet and all of its inhabitants. And you must be willing to take a stand in defense of that belief, and sustain that stand until the end - your departure - regardless of the consequences.

The climax of this civilization has begun as the hour of its recycling looms near. A war in the literal heavens is underway as the alien races battle for the spoils of this planet. Their campaign is escalating. They are actively engaged in recruiting, experimenting, and mining elements both mineral and biological (genetic) - in their efforts toward survival. They know their time is short. The Physical Evolutionary Level Above Human is about to surface from their undercover, behind-the-scenes involvements, ready to make their counter. There is not, and never has been, any contest. The only question that remains unanswered is how long the Next Level will permit the alien forces to present their agenda - how long is long enough for all souls to pledge their allegiance for or against - to one side or the other. Every soul must be put to the final test. And as we warned you at the outset, consider your options thoroughly. Hasty judgments are ill-advised.

April 8, 1996

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