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Ti and Do as "Smelling Salts"

By Jwnody
It was like being awakened abruptly from a deep sleep. The voice of our Shepherds rang clear in the depths of our soul as we heard their familiar song once again. Some of us heard their call in 1975/1976, and others as recently as 1994. And as we, individually, chose again to receive them and accept the Truth that they bore, Ti and Do took us out of the world and into seclusion, nurturing us with a patience and caring far exceeding anything ever experienced at the human level. Although awkward and clumsy in our early awakening, we always retained a deep sense of knowing that we were not of this world. In other words, the part of us that recognized their voice was not anything we evolved to out of the human kingdom, but rather it was the mind/deposit, that seed of Life, given to us by the Next Level - the world from which they were sent.

And so it followed that nothing came to us during our individual development solely by our own will. Whether in concept or more advanced behavior, it was given to us by them, as it pleased them to do so - that is, as it also pleased the ones above them. Our Teachers never wanted any glory or praise for themselves, but said time and again, that they were nothing except that which was given to them by their Fathers. They are vessels, instruments, of their Older Members and so on up the chain of mind to the one we would refer to as the Most High God - or the Chief of Chiefs.

And out of our belief, trust, and love of them - for our choosing to step out of the world and follow them - many of us became hated by our families and all levels of humankind. And so it went. Those who were not for us were against us, because in reality, they worship another "God."

As students, our only hope is that our efforts have been pleasing enough to our Teachers and to their Older Members, to find us acceptable as "newborns" in their Kingdom. It is difficult to explain how it all works. Although we state in our materials that we came from their world, then how does it figure that we will enter as newborns (newborns meaning beginners - not to be confused with the body we will wear which will be fully grown). It is that we were but a seed in the beginning, a small kernel of the mind that came from their world, much like a first trimester fetus. During our nurturing in the womb of the human kingdom, we were offered opportunities to grow and develop. The design being that if we took advantage of these "gifts" through application of lessons, hard work, and suffering, we would find ourselves viable as beginners at the completion of this task - simultaneously with the End of the Age.

As students, each of us regularly examined if our effort was strong enough to adapt our circuitry to be an adequate match with that of the Next Level, or were we too permissive to the temptations of the human kingdom. Morality or piety has nothing to do with it, rather, the issue is clinical. In order for there to be a successful interface between the developing mind/soul and the advanced, more refined mechanism of a Next Level body, certain minimum standards of control and the outgrowing of primitive behavior must be achieved. However, if for some reason, our effort was not sufficient, but we remain loyal in our commitment, we know we will be saved (put on ice) for a future time.

Although the hour and minute are not known, the final sequence has been given. As we eagerly anticipate the "go ahead," the code to unlocking the "stargate" remains clear in our minds. Most who read this will find it incomprehensible, which is also part of the design. Only those with a "chip" deposited in the "hardware" of their soul by the Next Level have the circuitry to compute the logic. But it is really very simple, much like the butterfly which, in order to emerge from the chrysalis, must totally separate - disconnect - from the caterpillar world that he left behind. The ultimate gift of potentially everlasting life in a new world - taking us out of the cycle of Death - is being offered to us by our Teachers.

And I have seen with my own eyes, over the course of a number of lifetimes, how their Fathers must love them, my Teachers, Ti and Do. I have seen the power of their word, as it was given to them, become Truth time and again. I have witnessed in wondrous awe, the presence of the mind of their Older Members as it emanates through them, through my Fathers, Ti and Do. And I know that they can see right through me. I feel only a calmness, a humility, and deep joy in knowing I am a child of their Kingdom.

Thank you so much, Ti and Do.
March 1, 1996

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