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WARNING: For Those Prone to Hasty Judgments

By Glnody
To those who have not yet done much serious study of this type of information and might be inclined to criticize our position and that of our Teachers, our Older Members, Ti (pronounced "Tee") and Do (pronounced "Doe"), consider this: Upon what information do you base your opinions? How many hours have you sat with them getting to know them for yourself? All too often humans form quick opinions out of ignorance because of having had neither the opportunity nor the time to examine the facts for themselves. We wanted to issue a word of caution since it is our sincere belief that the Kingdom of God (the Level Above Human) will judge you according to how you judge this information.

I have sat many hours with them. I have found no fault in them, only a depth I have only begun to comprehend as I continue to learn from and observe them. Despite the younger age of the vehicle (body) I am wearing, I cannot even begin to keep up with Do's enthusiasm, his abundance of energy, his positive attitude, his amazing ability to accomplish tasks quickly, and so many other positive attributes that go way beyond those of any other person I have ever come across. What is more, I have also had the extreme honor of being in the physical presence of Do's Older Member, Ti. I was able to observe how they worked together as a Next Level partnership, which cannot compare to anything I have ever observed in the human world as people work together. And I have been blessed to enjoy their wonderful sense of humor. But most of all, I have felt the incredible caring and patience they have always shown me when I so many times fell short in my efforts to become more like them. They always had far more faith in me than I had in myself, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

To those who say my Older Members were on an ego trip, I say you have never witnessed the many times they displayed their discomfort with being in the position they were in, desiring only to be simple servants of the Kingdom of Heaven, but happy to serve in whatever task they were given. I have witnessed Do grow and change after Ti left the human female vehicle He used for this task and returned to the Next Level. Do's only pleasure is in pleasing Ti and ridding himself of any ego that would prevent him from becoming more like Ti. I have witnessed this many times and know it to be true, but I cannot prove it to anyone. The Next Level designed it so that proof of who Their Representatives are comes only to those who take the step of dropping all of their human ties and seek only to be a part of the Kingdom of God, through the ones they send. The lower forces have made their primary effort the "drugging" of the inhabitants of this garden/planet with misinformation so that they would act and think in ways contrary to Next Level ways. You must give up the very things the masses accept as natural to the human condition before you can sober up enough to realize how drunk on lies and self-destructive behavior this civilization has become.

If you believe our Older Members were ever interested in financial gain, where are the bank accounts in either of their names? Where are the automobiles or properties they hold? If you are convinced they show one face to their students but live and act quite differently in their privacy, where is one shred of evidence that this is the case? I know that as high as the standards are that Ti and Do have always required of their students, they maintain even higher standards for themselves around the clock. Do utilizes his every private moment away from us as a precious opportunity to raise those standards and thereby become even more pleasing to his Older Member (Ti). We all choose to live as we do because we like Next Level ways - they are the only thing that means anything to us. Human ways are an abomination to us because we have outgrown them and they are not appropriate in the genderless world to which we aspire.

Do you presume to judge our Teachers based upon "their past"? First of all, Ti and Do had no "past" here until their vehicles first met in the early '70's. Since they were not incarnate until the early '70's, the past histories for those vehicles have no relevance. The same holds true for any of their students. We did not enter any of these vehicles we are using until we met up with our Teachers. I hope you will study our information enough so that it can offer you the opportunity to realize some of these points.

As far as anything Ti and Do have been criticized for since or during their awakening, the facts of those incidents have never been hidden from us, their students. They have even been addressed in some of the materials in this book. However, the facts of those incidents have been hidden from the public and distorted to bolster the opinions of Ti and Do's critics and to sell more newspapers. The media also likes to present the viewpoints of drop-outs from non-mainstream groups such as ours as being absolutely accurate without considering the possibility that they might be biased in their opinions, defending their position of "quitting" or being "asked to leave." Once an individual leaves the group, they have to find fault with the group in order to justify their decision of ceasing the discipline. I know that the actions of my Older Members have always been honorable and with no ill-intent, motivated only by their desire to serve the Kingdom of Heaven.

To us, one of the worst traits people of this day and age have acquired is to think they can judge others and base those judgments upon some past event. Almost daily, someone is being branded by the media for some incident that occurred years ago that is not characteristic of that individual's current life. This practice presumes that that person has not changed. Can anyone honestly say that they never did anything they now regret and would not do again? Why not give others credit for doing the same? Learning from our mistakes is the primary road to growth and improvement, and the suffering that is experienced in the process can build strength and character. If our Creator is forgiving and does not hold individuals to their past mistakes, would it make sense that humans would be above doing the same?

Some could think that all of us in the class share the same form of psychosis with our Teachers. Even if that were so, I would gladly live this life of "delusion" over the insanity of living your "reality" full of ugliness, despair, and fruitlessness. Yet I know that what Ti and Do have taught us is the only reality. If we are so crazy, why have the vast majority of those who have known us personally regarded us as being some of the most capable, reliable, happy, and productive people they have ever known? Why is it that so many of those who dropped out of the class desired so desperately to return? It could only be because the discipline and ways Ti and Do have taught us work. Quite a few class members have held very professional and responsible positions in the human world to help support our classroom's needs. Our employers and co-workers soon recognized there was something very "special" about us (their words) and felt we were their most valued employees. Thanks to our having been taught Next Level ways, we always strove to do our best, welcomed criticism as an opportunity to improve ourselves, did not respond defensively but were quick to take responsibility for and correct any of our mistakes, and did not respond in anger to others. We liked to stay busy and productive and did not stoop to participate in office gossip or waste time by chattering with others. People were unconsciously drawn to us because of the presence of Ti and Do's mind within us, though we chose not to share what we knew with them as we knew that in most cases such high-level information would only short-circuit their human brains and be unproductive to them.

If you really knew the Bible, you would recognize Ti and Do for who they are. The requirements for entry into the Next Level taught by Ti and Do are exactly the same as those taught by every other Representative whose task was to bring the formula for exit from the human kingdom. But those very requirements threaten the current human status quo. It is the unconscious recognition that our Older Members speak the truth, the facts, that threatens so many and causes them to respond with immediate hatred toward our Teachers. The price of entry is much dearer than the masses are willing to pay. They are instead quick to accept the counterfeit versions given to them, such as "He did it all for you," that are designed to bind them to the human kingdom and thereby ensure the death of their souls. Everyone seems to overlook that the foremost requirement given since the dawn of this civilization is to love the Ones who created and nurtured us with all our hearts, all our souls, and all our minds. At this time, when a Rep is here, the question is how can you give some of your love to a spouse or child and say all of your love is for God? To be preoccupied with family values and procreation is to take mistresses and cheat on Him. The fact that no one with even the smallest amount of God's mind in them would feel comfortable engaging in a mammalian act of sensuality while in His physical presence proves that in the core of their being they know it is a shameful and degrading act rather than an expression of their love for Him or His love for us.

There is so much I want to say and express about how I feel about my Older Members, Ti and Do. The human words seem so inadequate compared to what is in my heart. I thank the Next Level every day that I was allowed to be a part of this classroom experience and to know and observe Ti and Do - to be instructed by them, corrected by them, and feel the Next Level's compassion and support expressed through them. I have never known anyone who could even come close to being as wise, keen, kind, dignified, fair, patient, humble, or genuine as they have always been. I remain daily in awe of them. If you cannot also see these qualities in them, it is only because the Evolutionary Level Above Human has not seen fit to give you the ears to hear and the eyes to see Two of Their own. The proof of Who They are will be that we, and all those who align themselves with the true Kingdom of Heaven, in whatever manner they translate their recognition of that Kingdom, will be "saved" for continued advancement or nourishment, while all those who condemn Ti and Do or this information will themselves be condemned by the Next Level. It is our understanding that all those who judge this information negatively and thereby align themselves with the opposition will be "recycled" when the Next Level terminates this temporal, impermanent (if not holographic) existence, which we expect will happen soon after our departure. Whether or not you depart with us may not mean much to you - but it should. To overcome the human condition and be born into the Evolutionary Level Above Human, under the midwifing care of Their Representatives, is what you were created for. It is the only reason for your existence.

As we step aboard a Next Level mothership marveling at the wonders around us, my hope is that all the members of the Heavenly Kingdom, from the Oldest to the youngest, will join us in a standing ovation for two very special Older Members, Ti and Do.

March 10, 1996

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