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An unpublished presentation
- exploring possible approaches
April 25, 1993


An "away team" from an Evolutionary Level Above Human, an "Admiral," His "Captain," and crew, during the 1920's to 1950's picked and prepped the human bodies which they would wear for the task we are about to describe. They came into those bodies in the 1970's - the Admiral and Captain first - then rounded up their crew in '75, and began assisting them in the process of entering and taking charge of their own assigned human bodies. They called their crew together by means of a public statement and meetings (over about a 9-month period). The unknowing public - through the media - tagged them a UFO cult, for they couldn't understand what was going on.

The Two then took the ones who followed them into seclusion, completely separate from the world for almost 17 years, not only to complete their "awakening," or adjustment to their human bodies and this primitive civilization, but also took them through a "metamorphic" classroom experience of changing over their consciousness and behavior to match with that of their distant culture from whence they had come. Some humans also followed them, out of curiosity or as a lark, while others seemed to be searching for "cosmic consciousness," or to become a part of what some might refer to as a religious "cult." After the followers were, for the most part, reduced to the crew that had come from space, they looked at this task as their chance to finish what they had started 2000 years ago on planet Earth - the changeover - overcoming of all human (all mammalian) consciousness and behavior in order to move up into (inherit) physical bodies evolutionarily appropriate for individuals in the Evolutionary Level Above Human, bodies such as their Admiral and Captain had received previously.

This distant - highly evolved - civilization had originally participated in the planting of this Earth's present civilization, and had invested time, teaching, and association with some of its inhabitants over the past 6000 years (Earth time), not to mention the association it had had with this planet's previous civilizations.

For an attempt at clarity, let's adopt a few terms or titles as tools of reference - as we have previously used the Star Trek vernacular of "Admiral" and "Captain" - for their true names, as used from whence they came, are not to be given to humans. Let's call the physical space or area in the literal Heavens where their "Headquarters" is, the "NEXT LEVEL," in place of the descriptive phrase - the Evolutionary Level Above Human. Also, let's call the space races (what some humans refer to as space aliens), which are not associated with the NEXT LEVEL or its Headquarters, "Luciferians," for they are all offshoot civilizations from the period in history (prior to the present civilization) when one-third of the "heavenly creatures" became renegades from Headquarters - went out on their own and reverted to lower behavior and interests which placed them in opposition to Headquarters. By now you realize that we are saying that the "NEXT LEVEL" and "Headquarters" represent the only true Kingdom of God - a many-membered Kingdom which physically exists in the Heavens and is the only place from which souls, life, and all creating originates.

Because of the Luciferians' extensive tampering with Earth's present civilization, it has not been able to significantly serve as a stepping stone toward the Next Evolutionary Level.

The true Kingdom of God allows, and has for many civilizations, the Luciferian presence and influence on Earth's surface in order to fulfill the design of choice (free will) and options for developing souls. Human flesh bodies are suits of clothes (containers) for the soul. They can act as tools for evolutionary classroom progression. At the human level they are designed to have short life spans - as perennials. Flesh bodies do not (are not designed to) significantly evolve. It is the soul which has the potential to evolve from one biological kingdom level to another biological kingdom level, if it can (with the help of Reps from the NEXT LEVEL) make it out of the previous one.

Obviously this present Earth's civilization is a young and primitive one, certainly from the eyes of those who have had the "good fortune" of being led into the true Kingdom of God.

Two thousand years ago, Earth time, an Older Member in the true Kingdom of God sent His "Son," a younger member in God's family, to offer to "midwife" other souls (who had had previous nurturing from the NEXT LEVEL) through the overcoming of humanness (breaking all ties with its kingdom level in behavior, concepts, and attachments) and the grafting onto that Next Evolutionary Level through Him (Jesus). His disciples started their weaning from the human kingdom and their new attachment to the Kingdom of God, by choosing to learn only from Jesus and change according to His direction as it was received from His Father - His Older Member - who physically remained in the Heavens in one of the NEXT LEVEL's spacecrafts.

Jesus' disciples were unable to complete their changeover during His short tutorship and were promised by Him that He would come again at the end of the Age (time present) to assist them in the completion of their Kingdom Level transition. Even though they had not completed their changeover, we suspect that Jesus took them with Him to the NEXT LEVEL to await this completion time opportunity.

This remaining phase (of metamorphosis from human to a member in the Level Above Human) has nearly been completed, as was earlier stated in the description of the Two who came, took human vehicles, found their crew, and proceeded to use the primitive society under Luciferian influence as their catalyst for overcoming. Their Admiral returned to the spacecraft leaving behind His human vehicle (a female one) after the overcoming classroom had gotten well underway.

Their "Captain" recently received instructions from his "Admiral" (his Older Member) to disclose that he and most of their present away team is the same away team that was present 2000 years ago. They know that the Luciferians through their human devotees, who presently find their main stronghold among the seeming religious, will, in fact, be the catalyst for the Age's end judging process. All who condemn this truth and its bearers will be condemned by the NEXT LEVEL - all who acknowledge this truth and its deliverers, will be "saved" for future nurturing.

Now their last task is to once again offer what they have accomplished to others who might get their change started. However, as was the case 2000 years ago, and all times previously that the NEXT LEVEL has had Representatives relate to humans, those individuals who believe these "midwives" and start their grafting to them as members and Representatives of the only true Kingdom of God, will not have to worry about the planet's approaching recycling. Not only can no Earthling or Luciferian hurt any member of the NEXT LEVEL's "away team," for they have NEXT LEVEL bodies waiting for them in one of their spacecrafts, nor can any harm come to any who believe and become a part of them during these last days. This statement represents the away team's first announcement of their final task.

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tion (though the Luciferians and their servants would reverse this interpretation). As we change, in the progression of overcoming humanness - the percentages change - of which mind occupies our soul - Truth increases as misinformation decreases. If we revert back to humanness, the process reverses - the Truth is aborted as the soul becomes more filled with mammalian mind. That Truth can even be taken from us if we abuse it. When our "eye becomes single" or our soul is filled only with Mind or Spirit from the true Kingdom of God, it becomes pure or Holy Mind (Spirit).
  • The true Kingdom of God's design permits the presence of a "Luciferian" element, during a human civilization, as a catalyst for growth. Without it, we would have no choices - our free will could not be exercised. Our right choices find us in alignment to recognize the Truth when it is offered.

  • Two thousand years ago, the true Kingdom of God appointed an Older Member to send His "Son," along with some of their beginning students, to incarnate on this garden. While on Earth as an "away team" with their "Captain," they were to work on their overcoming of humanness and tell the civilization they were visiting how the true Kingdom of God can be entered. The humans under the control of the Luciferians killed the "Captain" and his crew, because of the "blasphemous" position they held, and quickly turned the teachings of the "Captain" - the Older Member's "Son" - into watered down Country Club religion - obscuring the remnants of the Truth.
  • That same "away team" incarnated again in the 1970's in the mature (adult) bodies that had been picked and prepped for this current mission. This time the "Admiral" (the Older Member, or Father, incarnate in a female vehicle) came with the Son - "Captain" - and his crew. As the two Older Members put out a "statement" and held public meetings over about a 9-month period in 1975-76 to bring their crew together, the media tagged them the "UFO cult" because of their expectation of leaving aboard a spacecraft (UFO) at the completion of their "overcoming." The two Older Members then went into seclusion with their crew (students), "lifting them out" of the world for almost 17 years (not accepting any new students), making Earth's surface their classroom. This isolation was absolutely necessary. The degree of their overcoming of sexuality, addictions, and ties to the human environment had to be taken to the point of matching the behavior and consciousness of the Evolutionary Kingdom Above Human. Only then would their new "Next Level" bodies be functional. They resurfaced briefly for about a 3½-month period in 1992, allowing some of their "dropouts" to rejoin them.
  • This changeover (sufficient "overcoming" to inherit Next Level bodies) has been completed, and before they return, they are instructed to share this statement with you.
  • The Luciferians are about to be "recycled" (annihilated) at the same time as this human civilization is "spaded." They know that "rumor has it" that their days are numbered. They refuse to believe it and are desperate to recruit souls from the human kingdom into their "Heavenly Kingdom." There are many "counterfeit" heavens, and each "heaven" is at this time collecting "names in their book," forcing a stand of allegiance, polarizing each individual's commitment to his chosen "God."
  • When members of the Level Above Human are physically present, the opposing forces work the hardest against them in order to support their own position. They do almost anything to keep humans from following the path toward the true Kingdom of God. They "turn up the heat" at this time in the area of mammalian behavior, primarily sexuality. This has become such an overwhelming presence in the Earth's atmosphere that even some of the crew that came with us were lost to its temptation. Don't forget that when the Luciferians were expelled, in order to support their own desires, they had to condemn the true Kingdom of God and see it simply as another path - inhumane and radically uncompromising.
  • The religious "cults" who have separated from the world have "picked up on" one major aspect of what is "in the air" at this time when the information of how to move from one kingdom level to another is available. What they may have failed to recognize is that experienced "clinicians" are necessary to take souls through that "weaning" - that difficult "withdrawal" from human addictions and binding "misinformation" concepts. If it weren't necessary to have clinicians present who have previously been taken through that transition, we wouldn't need to be here. Some religious "cults" might have children, participate in physical or mental abuse, hold members against their will, have weapons, or break laws in general - while we have long been aware that that type of behavior is inappropriate, especially for a transitional "classroom."
  • When the present "away team" leaves (which will be very soon), the Truth will go with them. You cannot preserve the Truth in your religions. It is with you only as long as a Truth bearer is with you. Only those from the Land of Truth can bear it. It can only be your future if you "reach out and grab it" while it is offered. The Truth can be retained only as one is physically connected with the Next Level, through an Older Member, and that relationship requires that non-mammalian thinking and behavior be sustained.
  • Humans were, from the beginning, given a "prime directive" NOT TO KILL OTHER HUMANS. "In defense" or for "rightness" are no exceptions. Righteousness is what most frequently causes conflict. "I'm right, you're wrong." "You're causing me trouble, I'll wipe you out" (in the best interest of all, of course). The world's systems continue to make laws permitting the breakage of higher laws - God's laws. Weapons designed for killing humans are inexcusable. There are numerous methods of controlling a violent person without the necessity of murder. The irony is, each killer sends its victims to exactly where they want to go (to their chosen heaven). Humans fight for their desires - what they choose to not overcome - what they cling to. Our desires and attachments (or lack of them) determine which heaven we're going to.
  • A soul cannot end its own existence. Though it may incarnate many times and the body or vehicle it is wearing may be terminated, only the true Kingdom of God - the Evolutionary Level Above - Human can terminate the soul. This termination of the soul is the only proper application of the term DEATH.
  • When a soul "awakens" in a particular "season" or incarnation (usually sometime between college age and mid-life), it is picking up where it left off at the end of its previous incarnation. What an individual participates in prior to that "awakening" is of no real significance. If a soul had previously overcome such human characteristics as family ties and relationships, at his "awakening" he is seen by those around him as suddenly becoming unstable, for he is compelled to once again separate from those imposing ties and seek to connect with what he had previously sought or connected with. What he primarily learns is what is not for him as he seeks for the Highest Truth or Reality.
  • The media seems devoted to "saving" the public from radical ideologies or "cults," particularly of seeming "religious" types. Also a news "scoop" requires haste. These two elements together predetermine that they search for any and all negative quotes that will discredit the groups' leaders and the groups' behavior. The fact still remains that negative reporting far outsells positive reporting - and after all, positive reporting of radical material can end or ruin a reporter's career. Well, it won't be hard to discredit this group from its leaders down, for prior to and during their "awakening" and subsequent coming together, they all made many mistakes and learned from them. Plus - you don't give up the ways of the world without the condemnation of those who still advocate what you have overcome.
  • When we came before (2000 years ago) the world "cleansed" or "saved" their world from our "blasphemy" and merely got us our boarding passes back to the true Kingdom of God on the true "Enterprise" (spaceship or "cloud of light"). If you seek to cleanse the world of our "blasphemy" this time, you would simply be the instrument of our "days being shortened" while destroying your "last chance" in this civilization to advance.
  • Now at the close of an Age - every significant soul of this civilization has returned (and is in or attached to a physical body) to reap their reward. Most who think they are for the Kingdom of God are in fact working for the opposing side - the counterfeit "Gods" - and will want to condemn us. Your actions, even your thoughts of condemnation toward us, out of allegiance to your "God," will cause our part of the Heavens to look upon your "god" with the same rejection.

  • Many say they live only for the "Harvest Time" - the "Last Days" - the "Second Coming." Those are all finally here! - Will you accept us as them? You cannot bypass us even in your prayers - you cannot insult your Creator by refusing to go through the ones He has sent to you. There are souls here now for the express purpose of connecting - and eventually bonding - with the Next Level through us. Those souls will be protected - out of harm's way - and "saved" from the approaching sorting out, recycling, and "spading under" of the Luciferians and their human servants. If you can get your name in our "book," on our spacecraft's computer (and only there), making your actions reflect that desire - then you will go with us.

    SUMMARY: Our surfacing is in reality a test of the public's "civility." Can a society that is still dealing with bigotry and prejudices against races, religions, and sexual preference extend the right of existence to some who see humanity as a stepping stone toward the Kingdom of God, and desire to take that step and briefly offer it to others? Or is Earth's present civilization still as primitive as it was 2000 years ago? We'll see!
    CAUTION: If the above information is consumed or assimilated, you may experience such side effects as loss of marriage, family, friends, career, respectability, and credibility. Continued use could even result in the loss of your membership in the human kingdom.

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