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For those not familiar, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a free, widely accepted means of secure communication across the Internet. Its heart is the RSA encryption algorithm which is also the heart of Verisign (a commercial encryptor that is getting a lot of publicity of late). The purpose of this page is not to get you up and running on PGP or even foster conversations about secure communication. We have set up this page to:
  1. Provide our public key so those who are already familiar with PGP can securely communicate with us.
  2. Provide a list of available PGP resources for those who want to securely communicate with us but don't know where to start.
Beginners might want to examine Beginner's Guide to Pretty Good Privacy. Those wanting PGP might examine this list of where to get the Pretty Good Privacy program or get PGP directly from MIT. A relatively simple secure email to set up using PGP is David Harris' Pegasus with John Navas' encryptor interface for windows.

Public Key

The rep key is our public key. You can use it for private communications to us that you would rather others not read.

To extract our key from this document, either use the source of this page as input for PGP, or copy the contents of this page to the clipboard. Of course, if all else fails, you can always type it in. Note: some browsers insert blank lines between all lines in the page when you use "Save to disk", so you may have to do some editing if it doesn't work right away.

Type Bits/KeyID    Date       User ID

pub  1024/D1A9CDFD 1996/10/10


Version: 2.6.2i







FAQs and reference material

PGP is the most widely used secure communications around today. There are a great many misconceptions out there about how vulnerable Pretty Good Privacy is to being decrypted. A PGP FAQ is available to shed some light on the subject. It is not an introduction to PGP or cryptography. If you are not at least conversationally versed in either topic, readers are directed to The Infinity Concept issue 1, and the sci.crypt FAQ. Both documents are available via ftp from Help with PGP problems is available from the PGP Help Team.

Warning: Non-US citizens should note that obtaining programs that are capable of strong encryption from a US source may be a violation of ITAR restrictions, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000,000 and 10 years in prison. By obtaining programs from a US source, you are also endangering the maintainer of the site for making this material available to non-US citizens. Please obtain the program from a non-US source if possible.

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