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Appendix B:
Bible Quotes Primarily from Previous Representatives to Earth from the Evolutionary Level Above Human

We hope you won't misunderstand our use of these Bible quotes. Though most people think of these records as religious, they are for the most part, in spite of their many inaccuracies, the primary historical record we have of periods when the Next Level was relating to man. A great percentage of the materials have been corrupted by mistranslations and councils of so-called scholars. It seems miraculous that the formula for transition from the human kingdom to the Level Above Human has been preserved in Jesus' requirements for discipleship. We are including a number of these examples. We chose to use The Amplified Bible (translation), with a few exceptions, for its clarity.

The following are explanatory excerpts taken from the "Preface" and the "Introduction" to The Amplified Bible: the purpose of The Amplified Bible
is to reveal...any other clarifying meanings that may be concealed by the traditional translation method. The use of amplification merely helps the reader comprehend what the Hebrew and Greek listener instinctively understood (as a matter of course).

Parentheses ( ) signify additional phases of meaning included in the original word, phrase, or clause of the original language.

Brackets [ ] contain justified clarified words or comments not actually expressed in the immediate original text.

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