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The Way Things Are

By Yrsody
We find ourselves at a point in this reality when things are seemingly as corrupt as they can get. The planet is a mess and deserves a rest. The Creators of this place are about to end this experiment, because it has outgrown its usefulness as a fair lesson ground.

Now, at the time of our departure, the Next Level has given us instruction to share this information, to present individuals with the facts of how new members are born into their house. The knowledge of this physical Kingdom's existence is a concept some humans can't comprehend. By their choices, they have grown so far from their origins that they have disconnected and therefore have no recognition of this truth. Others feel a strong connection, yet choose to turn away from the real God because of what it requires of them.

To be considered acceptable in the physical Kingdom Level Beyond Human, one needs to prove, while in a human body, that they have sufficiently outgrown the human kingdom. Your spirit/soul is the you which can survive to receive further nourishment at a future time.

The bodies in the Level Above Human are neither male nor female, they have no gender consciousness. So, if a soul has not worked at overcoming even thoughts of a sensual nature, it would not be suitable or happy as a nonsexual creature. There is great value in this separation of mind and body. We see how this mammalian activity is a basis of physical self-centering, causing the focus to turn from above. Shifting into lateral thinking, self-concerns become more important. How do I (the body) look? What does that other person think of me? How can I make them notice me? This continues to become more of an obstruction because of what has become little more than a side-effect of an addiction: reproduction. Having offspring takes a lot of attention - none is really left for the Chief. Soul growth is stunted.

Society presents the public with images of perfect relationships. Do these really exist? Family structure has not changed for thousands of years. Doesn't it seem like it's time to outgrow this tribal experience? Considering the extremely high failure rate, and the current overpopulation, it seems only logical.

Genetic human families are like roots - they hold you to the Earth. Undisputed "moral" obligations have you feel guilty. You've been taught that you belong to the human family and are responsible for the well-being of its members. These morals are detrimental to forward motion. Souls are only responsible for themselves and their relationship with their Creator, no one else. The Church, using guilt and fear to impose its beliefs on the masses, assuming a connection with God, has become its own dreaded anti-Christ. The Christians, following the teachings of Paul, who was not a disciple, walk righteously down a dead-end street. No one seems to wonder why their beloved Jesus was crucified (a punishment for political crimes).

The reason is because a Representative's mission is not to bring peace and love as today's country-club religion would have you believe. In order to be a follower, one has to leave all possessions, ties, and attachments of this world and physically go with Him. He offers them a personal relationship. He shows them by His example and instructs them on the behavior that is appropriate in the Next Level. When His time on Earth ends, if a disciple has not changed sufficiently to take up membership in His Father's Kingdom, but his effort and progress is acceptable to the Next Level, he would be "saved" to be "born again." All souls which have had a previous association are back again now, at the End of the Age. As was promised, a Next Level Teacher is once again present, in the flesh, to guide them.

Ti and Do's present task is to assist us in preparing ourselves to be born into their Older Member's world. With their help, we are determined to overcome all ties to the human environment to a degree of acceptability for entrance into the Kingdom Level Above Human. Working against Lucifer and the space aliens enables us to become stronger than they were when they were cast out long ago. They lost their connection, and therefore don't recognize our connection as valuable. They had to justify their own position by saying the Next Level was not good. They think they're saving us from misprogramming because they're so misprogrammed. Their influence is the catalyst that helps make our evolutionary leap possible.

The government of the western world has appointed itself world police. Using responsibility and guilt, they dictate what a "normal" person is required to do - they play God. They falsely believe they have the objectivity to judge what is right and wrong. They feel obligated to impose their ideas on others with threats of containment or death.

The lower forces support a one-world government. If everyone is forced to be the same, no choices are available, and no souls will ever advance beyond the confines of the Earth. Humans will continue to do the will of the space aliens and eventually destroy themselves. "They" also promote the new-age concept of becoming one with the cosmic consciousness. Meditation, mantras, and many other techniques are employed to reach this state of consciousness. Truth is, when the flesh dies, the genetic emanation (you) automatically enters the spirit world surrounding us. This is hell because these identities still have all the likes, dislikes, wants, and desires they did while in the flesh, only now they don't have the hardware to experience them. Have you ever done something and then felt ashamed or surprised by your actions, feeling they were unlike you? Chances are you unknowingly let a disembodied spirit use your body. This is how they experience sensations. Using your hardware, they can feel alive.

Channeling is a good example of a person inviting discarnate spirits to enter their body and speak through them. This is not recommended. Many spirits invade uninvited; there is no need to be so accommodating. Someone suffering from schizophrenia or multiple personalities is an example of spirits in conflict for dominance over a single container. Possession is also a similar occurrence. These are extreme situations. Most individuals house several compatible spirits that have worked out a sort of time-share agreement. They work together for the most part and make up the characteristics of the personality. Emotional outbreaks are often caused by the invasion of discarnates wanting physical sensation. You lose control and an influence uses your body. Anything from sensuality to depression can give discarnates the feelings they crave. A lot of people become addicted to feeling certain ways because of these invaders.

The genetic package you are wearing is also responsible for a lot of your characteristics/habits. A compilation of all your physical ancestry, the body itself literally has a mind of its own, but ultimately you are the choice mechanism. An important part of the Creator's plan is that all beings have free will at all times. By their choices they should be able to grow closer to, or farther from the source of truth. At this time, the seeming lack of choices available to the public makes their growth potential more difficult - requiring more effort. This infringes on the Next Level's intentions for this garden. Humans are kept in survival mode by their preoccupation with making a living, acquiring material possessions, and fornication. What is the goal? Will they ever be happy?

Playing society's games gets you nowhere in God's eyes. Seeing beyond these limits is usually one of the first steps in advancement toward the Next Kingdom.

April 7, 1996

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