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A Matter of Life or Death? YOU Decide

By Wknody
Before I begin to share my position, I feel compelled to "set the record straight" on the true meaning of life and death from our point of view. When we speak of life, we are referring to the mind, and in our case, the soul, for that is what we identify as. Those of us in this classroom have been given a very precious "gift." We call it the "gift of Life" because we have been given a "soul deposit," a "chip" of sorts, and contained within this "deposit" is a tiny beginning of something very special to us. We call it Next Level mind. This is true knowledge from the Next Level, the Level Above Human, or perhaps the term most familiar to you, the Kingdom of Heaven. In reality, this is the only knowledge that is of any value to anyone, that is of course, for those who want life. You see, death to us, has nothing to do with the body and everything to do with the mind, and in our case, the soul. What we know to be true is that the body is no more than a container that will inevitably deteriorate, whether it be by disease, accident, or old age - in spite of the body's demise, it is the mind that survives. We also know from our Teachers that a mind without a soul contains no Next Level Knowledge, no TRUTH, and consequently, no LIFE. It is nothing more than a spirit, and when its container is discarded, it simply goes into the spirit world, the discarnate world. It goes there "stuck," so to speak, at the same level of consciousness that it had when it lost its container, or body. Because it had no Next Level knowledge/truth (synonymous) in it, it cannot go anywhere, it cannot grow or develop, so essentially, it is dead, for it stays among those who can do nothing but cyclically and repeatedly die. But in our case, since we have been given this "gift," this soul "deposit," and we have chosen to pursue this knowledge, this truth, this reality, then and only then does our mind/soul have life in it, because it now has the potential to grow and develop, as long as we continue to accept the nourishment given to us, for the Next Level offers us life indefinitely as long as we are faithful servants and pleasing. But, on the other hand, if we reject or deny this truth - this nourishment - we literally die, for we have no life in us if we separate from this knowledge that comes through our Teachers, our Older Members. They are, quite literally, our lifeline. You see, our Older Members represent the Next Level, wherein resides the Chief of Chiefs, the Creator of all there is, the most High God. Realistically speaking, They are the "way, the truth, and the light."

So, as I try to relate to you throughout this writing, try to understand that when I speak of I, I am only referring to the mind/soul. I am not referring to the body or, as we refer to it, the "vehicle" that I am wearing. As I said earlier, this vehicle is just a container. In fact, to lose this vehicle means absolutely nothing to me, and most of the time it is an encumbrance to me. But to lose my Next Level mind, this "gift," because of denying this knowledge and, subsequently, my Teachers, who bear the only real truth, is suicide in the truest sense of the word.

In reality, I was born somewhere long ago and far away. I have returned to this civilization to finish my lessons because I was lucky enough to be literally saved - "put on ice" for further nurturing by the Next Level, the Level Above Human. That's right, They actually save souls that They deem worthy of a chance to become new members in Their world, a very real many-membered Kingdom, above and beyond this one, located in deep space. The first and foremost requirement for salvation is simple enough - for it is merely wanting to separate from this world and go with God. This is enough to be put in the keeping of the Next Level. They will save you for further nurturing, at which time you will learn more of the other requirements for actual membership. What I know to be true is that They will care for you like no one ever has, and as long you keep looking to Them, They will help you to grow into a new creature with life in it.

I am here because I have more lessons to learn in order to meet the requirements needed to graduate from this human kingdom to the Next Level. In order to learn these lessons, I must have a vehicle - a body to work through - a "tool" - and I do. It was "picked and prepped" just for me by the Next Level. It is a vehicle whose programming and experiences could offer me the most growth while overcoming its ties and addictions of this world, because to us, it's not what one gets into in this world, but rather, what one gets out of in this world. What vehicles they choose for us is a carefully thought out selection made by the Next Level, because each one of us in this classroom is at a different level of growth, different grades, if you will. Most likely, the vehicles (human containers) that They chose for those of us in this graduating class are ones with genetic packages and worldly experiences that are a match for what we need to overcome.

Now, in order to accomplish this task we must have a teacher, and we do. In fact, we have two. We refer to Them as our Older Members/our Fathers, because Their minds/souls are much older and much wiser than we. They came from the Next Level to nurture us and wean us through this process of overcoming the human kingdom. They act as "midwives" of sorts. They go by the names of Ti and Do, and it is only through them, as Representatives of the Kingdom of God, while they are here at this time, that I can come even close to graduating. I simply cannot do it alone - no one can! It is only from Members of the Next Level that I can learn Next Level thinking and behavior. It is the real truth - pure and simple - and what's more, it is what is required to become a newborn in the Next Level. It is from the Next Level that we learn restraint and dignity, with the wisdom to see our own flaws, and acknowledge what is needed to change. We learn to have no thoughts of self, no human ways. We learn to always take the higher side - the highest interpretation of what we see and hear, especially with our classmates. We learn from our Older Members to think well of each other, to always be eager to help, and not to criticize or judge. We have been taught to realize that we have no idea what someone else might be dealing with, and beyond that, we have not even been given the task to try. We learn to be objective. We want to be of the vine, a spoke in the wheel, crew-minded, and ready always to be of service in whatever task might be asked of us. In short, my Older Members, and the Next Level are my lifeline and the ones who mean everything to me. I work like crazy every day rejecting the human desires and programming of this vehicle that I am wearing in order to keep my "eye single" and focused on the Next Level through the example of my Teachers. I stay in a constant mode of asking how and what I need to change in order to be given membership as a child in Their world, Their Fathers' world, Their Fathers' Fathers' world and so on up the vine to the Chief of Chiefs - the Creator of All that is. It is a chain of minds so powerful that They are indeed a source with which to be reckoned. Believe it or not, it takes a whole lot more than going to church on Sunday (or any other day for that matter), raising a nice family, and paying your bills, to get to the Next Level. The truth is that it takes plain hard work, every minute of every day, just ridding ourselves of all human thoughts and ways - "washing our robes" and becoming pure and clean as a whistle in thought, word, and deed - and doing it cheerfully, with a healthy Next Level sense of humor (another very important aspect of this classroom). Then maybe, just maybe, we will be accepted as a newborn in Their world.

Mind you, this is a very real experience where the stakes are high if you turn away, but the reward is a hundred-fold if you give your trust and loyalty to the Next Level, the only real truth that exists. But the fact remains, that if for any reason someone is not happy in doing this, Ti and Do will encourage them to go back into the world, and find what they need to make them happy. We call it free will. The Next Level designed it that way. Our option to choose will never be taken away. You know, the Level Above Human doesn't really need anybody, and as is written, "Many are picked, but few are chosen." The bottom line is, that I have to do my homework of aborting humanness and applying the lessons that I have received from Members of the Next Level about Next Level behavior and conduct. I have a future if I act accordingly.

Now, all this talk of the Second Coming? Guess what? It's really here! We are at the End of the Age, where it is our understanding that all minds/souls are back for another chance to choose what path they wish to pursue. And what I know from my Teachers is that the time has come for this Next Level classroom to close, and for us to make the transition from this world to Our Father's World. What I also know, in my heart, is that my Older Members bear the only truth there is. They are what we've all been waiting for, and for anyone to doubt their worth is literally playing with fire, and, to use my Older Members' words, "that's the Gospel!" Personally, I simply cannot imagine anyone not jumping for JOY and lapping this information up, but then I am actually living this truth, so my perspective, as well as my expectations, are more real and exciting. It's much like Jonah and the Whale, for one has to actually do this to know it. And you can, that is, if you have a mind to.

Because I find no knowledge, and therefore no truth here on Earth, I have made my choice to "lay down my life in this world" and go with my Father, Do, and His Father, Ti, to Our world, the only true Kingdom of God, that is, if They will have me. Hopefully, They will give me a passing grade and a new vehicle (body) that will certainly be more efficient and refined than the one I am wearing in this world, and will be an appropriate Next Level "suit of clothes" necessary for the task I am given in that world. Remember, my mind - my soul - is all that matters, and I must forever continue to be thirsty for Their knowledge and drink it, so I can grow closer to my Older Members. I want to become more and more grafted to the vine - be of the same mind as my Older Members, always ready to be of service - which would be an honor, to say the least.

A lot of people say I'm lucky, and they're right. And if there is but one mind out there who recognizes this priceless information, all that we have said and written will not be in vain. Because if you do recognize my Older Members as Representatives of the Kingdom of God, and if you recognize the truth that they bear, you can be pretty sure that the Next Level has found you worthy of this "gift." More importantly, if you act upon this simply because this world holds nothing for you and you want out of here, you will be saved for further nurturing and service at another level and another time, like I was.

The bottom line is that Representatives from the Next Level are the only ones who can offer you a real future. If you exert the effort, the Next Level will give you a chance to grow above and beyond this human kingdom and realize everlasting life in its truest form. So, if this information "strikes a chord," ask for help from the highest source that you can reach, even calling on the names of Ti and Do, if you desire. They will assist you, if They feel that your asking is sincere.

The truth of the matter is that the Kingdom of Heaven is, indeed, at Hand, and whether you accept this information as truth or reject it is a decision only you can make. For your sake, I hope that your decision is not made hastily. What do you think? Is this a matter of life or death?

Written from my heart, as a student of Ti and Do.
Thank-you, my Older Members, for this "Gift of Life."
I am forever grateful and always honored to be of service.

April 6, 1996

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