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Guidelines sent to those who were seriously
considering joining the class
- those who had responded to articles, ads, and
October 23, 1993

NOTE: This particular type of classroom experience is no longer offered.





Practical Application




Before you can be a full-fledged class member, you must first arrive at a place in your understanding, attitude, and control that demonstrates to your classmates and Teachers that you are on solid ground - you are stable. It is the classroom that makes that determination, which will be based, in part, on the following:

In the classroom, we all maintain certain basic, minimum standards of control of our vehicles' behavior and responses. There are basic requirements of Next Level conduct that we expect of ourselves and that we would expect of any newcomers as well. The trial period offers us a chance to observe your degree of control and restraint and helps us learn the areas you might need to work on. There are certain types of conduct that are unacceptable in our classroom - such as deceit, lying, sensuality, or permitting verbal outbursts or physical abuse (such as harsh words, sarcasm, hurtful teasing, loss of temper, anger). Also, we strive daily to improve our standards in all areas of restraint - like controlling excessive talking, noise level, or the inappropriate offering of suggestions - and we work consistently at not permitting human characteristics such as negativity, selfishness, vanity, or defensiveness to express their presence.

Though these requirements are seriously stated, this is not to suggest that the class doesn't enjoy a lot of fun, good humor, and appropriate pleasures.

If you find that this class is not what you want (whether you are unable to really sever ties to the world, or the standards in the class seem too demanding, whatever the reason), you are free to leave at any time. Likewise, if it seems to us that you are reluctant to change your behavior (clinging to worldly traits), we might suggest that the classroom is not appropriate for you. In either case, we will help you (in the ways that we can) make your transition back into the world.

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