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Section 5:
"USA TODAY" Ad/Statement
and Related Documents


This section opens with two documents previously unreleased to the public, and written in the "Star Trek" vernacular briefly mentioned in the preface. In our attempts to relate to the public, we were always experimenting with contemporary ways to express our information that could potentially override traditional religious, as well as "New Age," preconceptions and stereotyping. But of significantly greater importance to our overall task, this section also contains one of our most powerful statements - "UFO Cult" Resurfaces with Final Offer.

Our most aggressive venture yet, as far as the public was concerned, began on May 27, 1993, when we published, at our own expense, this 1/3-page statement of our thinking and beliefs in USA TODAY, in both their national and international editions. Between June and September of that same year, we published a slightly modified version of the statement in over 20 weekly and monthly alternative newspapers and magazines in the U.S., Australia, and Canada. As we stated earlier, our understandings are constantly being updated as our circuitry adapts to higher perspectives. As a prime example of this, on page 4 of Section 6 we have included the final version of the same statement, entitiled Last Chance to Advance Beyond Human (which is what the original USA TODAY statement evolved to). This later version was distributed at the meetings we held across the country in 1993 - 1994.

Also included in this section is one of the few documents in this book not actually written by our Teachers - Total Overcomers Classroom Admission Requirements. As is stated in the paper, it was sent to those who, as a result of reading our statement and/or receiving follow-up materials, were seriously considering joining the class.

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