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Transcript of Videotape Series Session 12 of 12

Beyond Human -- The Last Call - Session 12 (110 Min)

Welcome to Beyond Human. This is our twelfth Session. As far as I can tell, this is our last session, but that might change. My feeling is that it will be the last session of this series. We want to get right on with the series. We have things to talk about that kind of round out our whole summary, our bottom line. I want to welcome the students who will be helping me with this session today. I'm going to ask that they feed me questions, as we have prepared our little outline, hopefully in accordance with my Older Member's instruction. So let's get right to it. What is the first question on our list?

Student: Did we want to say more about the generic versus the religious terminology?

Do: Yes, we discussed it on one of our previous sessions. I think the important thing here is that we realize what we now call "religious terminology" - as far as those terms that we associate with the Bible, with the background of the Old and New Testaments, the terminology used at one time, or at its origin, or as it was given to humanity as the Next Level was present with those individuals, it was not religious terminology - it was generic terminology. It's because of the passage of time and because of the lack of closeness of the Next Level that the vocabulary and the terminology, the vernacular, so to speak, has become religious terminology and tainted, less than true, less than accurate.

I have to bring up again that the first time Ti, my Older Member, used the phrase "Next Level," our computers (brains) said, "Well, you know, people aren't going to understand something like a reference to Next Level. What does that mean"? And yet, if instead of saying the "Next Level," we say the "heavenly kingdom," we get into religious terminology. We get into a degree of spirituality that is less than real, less than true. So, in an attempt to get to true, objective terminology, we use the "Next Evolutionary Level" or the "Evolutionary Level Above Human." Remember, human evolutionary level, Evolutionary Level Above Human. This whole series is about beyond human, synonymous with Evolutionary Level Above Human. There is no clearer terminology that we're aware of than Evolutionary Level Above Human.

I'm reminding you that the use of the term "evolutionary" has nothing to do with Darwin and his theories or his principles. It has to do with life, as it is discussed in science text books and biology or zoology as "kingdom" levels and "evolutionary" levels - animal kingdom, animal evolutionary level; human evolutionary level, Evolutionary Level Above Human. Whether we like it or have trouble with it or not, depending upon our listener or our viewer who may have difficulty with some concept of reincarnation - and let me remind you not to apply some of the concepts of reincarnation you have heard of - but there is a type of reincarnation that we have told you is certainly for real. Did not Jesus take a human vehicle (body)? If He had pre-existence, had He never had a vehicle before He took that human vehicle? Of course, He had had a vehicle before He took that human vehicle. Was He not a member with a Next Level vehicle in our Father's Kingdom before He took that human vehicle? He reincarnated, even though His task was worse than that, because He had to incarnate down a kingdom level, or down an evolutionary level, in order to take the vehicle that we call Jesus. So, the reason we discuss the generic as against the religious terminology is to try to help bridge the gap.

Recently, someone who is going to join the classroom said, "But I really have trouble with the Bible. I have trouble with religious concepts, with religious terminology, because in my childhood, in my background...the history, I was so turned off by it." And so with that individual we can talk in generic terms, we can talk "Evolutionary Level Above Human." We can talk everything else that we talk and it doesn't seem to give much problem. But when we say things like "Father" or "Kingdom of Heaven," or we say "Kingdom of God," because of being run away from those terms, because of bad experiences, they became a problem for that individual. Now, that individual has to overcome that problem. But in the same sense, we have to appreciate that fact, and we can even understand why someone would be turned off by that kind of terminology.

And here is the other extreme; that is, someone who is so into religious terminology that that's what connects. And they have to overcome that, they have to rise above the religious terminology and be willing to see the truth in the generic terminology without any hang-up either way - just seeking a clear understanding of how God's program of growth and development, both for the vehicles and for the souls, was designed. That's the reason we have to address the issue for you again, because it doesn't matter what your prior orientation was, as far as understanding of terms, or your background. These are just some of the hurdles we have to make. So we try to kind of walk both sides of the fence for those who came from the religious background. We try to help them connect by using those terms, and yet when we do, we try to also supplement them with more generic terms for those who had bad experiences and were turned off by religions. I think enough said on that topic.

What's the next one on our list of questions?

Student: Do we want to discuss the different routes to the classroom or maybe the two extremes that you mentioned?

Do: Yes, we do and I'm glad you asked that question. What he means by the different routes to the classroom, we're using "classroom" here synonymously with when individuals or souls are in an overcoming process, when they are on their way out of the human kingdom on their way to the Kingdom of God, or the Evolutionary Level Above Human. The reason we're discussing the extreme routes here is to give you some understanding of what happens to a soul during its awareness of the closeness of the Next Level. It's quite obvious that the Next Level has to be very close at this time and has been since the early 70's. It has certainly been extremely close to this planet, and to varying degrees to different areas, depending upon who we're talking about, individuals and what presences. But since it has been close, people respond in a different way. There's an analogy here that might be helpful. Most of us have seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There is a scene in there (and sometimes I wish that we had a great big picture of the shot) that was on a helicopter where there were all these individuals that for some, or for differing, reasons had to go to Devil's Tower. They were led to Devil's Tower. They didn't know why, they didn't know what, but that's where they had to go. They were compelled to go. Now, some went intellectually - some of the scientists went intellectually. They were hearing beep-beeps and they had kind of a communication with the physical reality of certain ones outside of this Earth's Age of the human kingdom as we know it. So, from an intellectual, or a technical, or a pragmatic approach, they went to Devil's Tower because of their curiosity and their interest in what they might find there. Others didn't even know why they had to go there, but they had to go there.

The same parallel exists as souls prepare themselves for overcoming, for this transition from the human kingdom to the Level Above Human. Some might hear these tapes, and the information they hear makes sense to them. And they might say, "I've been waiting for this and I know that it's right." Others might hear merely five seconds of it and that's all it takes, and they say, "This is what I've been waiting for!" Some might hear the whole thing and it takes them a long time and they're not quite so sure. Different degrees of preparedness, meaning different degrees of preparedness from previous experiences.

But before we get into that, let's talk a moment about another extreme. There might be someone who has left everything behind, such as a street person, and for some reason or other he cannot be motivated to reconstruct his place in society. Even though he tried, it just hasn't worked. He couldn't muster up enough motivation, and he fell into guilt because his life was falling apart and he didn't know what to do about it. He didn't want to become a street person, he finds himself there. We feel that our classroom for overcoming, our classroom for this transition, is a haven-shelter, a haven-home for street people. But those street people who might come by that route, as we called it, into this classroom would live exactly by the same rules, the same training program, the same everything in preparedness for the Next Level. They have to do the complete overcoming task, is what we're getting at. So, it doesn't really matter, because some of those from the streets might be more like some of those on that helicopter in Close Encounters who didn't know why they were there. It was almost subconsciously, or what some people would call at a subconscious psychic level, of tuning into the fact that they had to do it. And it could be at the subconscious level that some individuals, some souls, find themselves at our doorstep not knowing why, and then after they step in and learn why, it all fits. Others might know all the why's, and then when they learn the particulars about it, they end up with exactly the same difficulty, exactly the same problems or lessons or areas of overcoming, the same degree of overcoming necessary as those who came from a standpoint of knowledge or information. So here are two extreme routes: one who might come in having nothing, and ones who come here and have to give up everything. What's the difference? They both lost everything, they both left everything in order to enter the transition of preparedness to move into that Kingdom Level.

When we first had this information in 1975, and gave it for a short time for those who responded, then we referred to it as the caterpillar-becoming-butterfly transition. We used that illustration and the metamorphic illustration, even though we knew it had little pitfalls, because it made us too aware or too focused on the physical aspect of that metamorphosis instead of the soul. Not that they aren't both equally a part of it. But the point is the change. It's just like that caterpillar has to drop caterpillar ways when it enters that chrysalis - the chrysalis being the overcomers' classroom. I can't get in that chrysalis and get on with my change until I have dropped everything outside that chrysalis. I can step in that chrysalis and still have thoughts of caterpillar activity, but I have to abort them, abort them, abort them, until there is no caterpillar activity. And so the same would be true from whichever route you approach the classroom, or the chrysalis, or the transitional overcomers' route from the human evolutionary level into the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the House of the Most High God. Whichever is your terminology, they are both accurate, they are both real. Did we leave anything out of that one?

Student: No, I think that covered it very well.

Do: Ok, you're next. Let's go to the next question.

Student: I know you touched a little bit about the street people, but what about the addicts, the sexaholics, and the alcoholics, etcetera?

Do: I'm glad you brought that up because it's the same issue. You know, if at a subconscious level I am somehow unsatisfied with what the world has to offer, I can't really play all of the human so-called ideal ways. I can't just be a good husband, a good father, bring home a good wage, have a good insurance policy, pay for my grave, pay for the trust that would take care of everyone behind me, and "I did it all right, I even took care of the ending, it was all covered" - if I can't get into that and I know that there's something more than that because that's where I am, I'm ready for something more. Maybe some souls aren't ready for something more, and therefore that is satisfactory. But for those souls who know there is something more and they don't know what it is, and they don't know why they are in this time lock or this waiting period thinking, "What is it that I'm supposed to find that I'm not finding? I'm hunting here, I'm hunting there...." Who can't understand while you're in that agony and that anxiety why you wouldn't find yourself a sexaholic, an alcoholic, into drugs, into losing respect for career, losing respect for some of those aspects that society says you must do? I'm not justifying participating in activity that is against the law or would disturb others or would interfere with others, or would make trouble for others or with the legal system in which we live. But I certainly can see that, I'll be honest with you, if I did not have this knowledge in my conscious mind and my pursuit under way and my awareness of what I am pursuing, and my even subconscious awareness of the value of what I am pursuing, it would be hard for me not to be an addict of some sort, maybe not to any hard degree or any degree that would find me ready for a hospital. But why not? I mean, you need pacifiers of some sort if you can't connect with what it is that you're looking for, what it is that's missing in your life, and that's certainly understandable. Did that clarify that for you?

Student: Yes.

Do: Ok, anything more on that one?

Student: No, I think that covered it.

Do: Ok, let's go to the next one.

Student: Ok, do we want to talk about the symptoms of those who are more ready for this, and possibly how, if they have more symptoms, it is an indication that they had done a lot of overcoming at a previous time?

Do: Yes, and that just picks up right where we left off on the last one, because we were talking about symptoms and degrees of symptoms of readiness or ripeness for picking - I'm talking about for the Next Level to pick a soul, so that when it picks that soul, then it is ready to make that transition. Well, in 1975, or around that time, when the information first came out, some of these who are in this classroom (and by the way, sitting in this studio with us at this moment), some of them had their backpack - that's all they had. They'd already left everything, they didn't know why, but they had a backpack and they didn't feel like they were just a hippie who was out on a trek of worthlessness. They just didn't know why they found themselves physically within a few miles of the area where Ti and I first surfaced with the information that was given to us to give. So those who found themselves with that degree of readiness with no question in their mind - they had not gotten into family, they did not have children, they did not have properties they had to get rid of, they didn't have this, they didn't have that. I'm not criticizing those who maybe had those things and rose to the occasion, when they recognized this information, that they had to also pursue it, but we're discussing the degree of readiness.

Now, again I'll have to be honest with you here. I feel that some indications of the degree of that readiness might be because those same souls received so many overcoming lessons in the previous time that a Representative was here. We have to just face that, talk about it openly, even though that does a little tilt to some of our computers. When the Next Level sent Jesus as a Representative, don't forget his only purpose in being here was to what? Spread the news of the Kingdom of Heaven. "The Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst." In other words, 'the door is open - you listen to me, you do what I say, you can get in. If you don't do it to the degree that you can get in and stay there, then you'll have to be born again.' Now that doesn't mean necessarily that everyone in this classroom was there or had to be born again. But I can't help but believe my Older Member, as my Older Member explains to me that those souls were present at that time with Him - knew Him - did as He taught to the best of their ability, accomplished a great deal of their overcoming, and therefore, when they came in at this time, they knew not to get into this, not to get into that, and their baggage was light, their yoke was easy, their burden was light. They were more prepared to move right on and get with their overcoming.

Here again, I've got to say this is not to put someone down who finds that their yoke is not light and their burden is not easy (or vice versa, whichever way it's supposed to be), because anyone who finds this and connects with this and knows that this is the Truth, if they really know that it is the Truth, and the more they know it is the Truth, the closer they probably were, if not actually, were with Him 2000 years ago. The more they knew Him, the more they knew His Father through His mouth. Because Jesus did not want them to know Him. He wanted them to know His Father. He wanted to be a vessel of His Father's mind, and so forth up the line to God Almighty, or the Chief of Chiefs, the Creator of Creators.

So, back to the question at the point where the symptoms of readiness can frequently be seen by the ease with which we can drop things, or how much we are already in a position to jump right into the classroom and get on with the overcoming. Even those who came in with a backpack and had already prepared themselves by not getting into those things, that didn't mean they had an easy row to plow. There is, as far as I know of, or as far as Ti and I know of, there is no row to plow that is an easy row in overcoming. There is no one who has so much overcoming done that they can sail through this. They are still actually and currently dealing with the forces that would prohibit them from accomplishing this overcoming, and that's a daily thing - it's a moment-by-moment thing - which I deal with, which they deal with. When you are in this environment and those minds in opposition to our Fathers' Kingdom surround us, then we deal with those influences on a regular basis. We have to win round by round in that fight and in that struggle until we know we can keep them at bay. So readiness does not necessarily mean ease is ahead. It's almost as if sometimes the more ready you are, the harder the influences pounce on you. It's like the influences see that you're about to get to the point where you're secure, and therefore they have to add extra influences to prohibit you from accomplishing the closeness that you want with the Next Level as it relates, connects, with your Older Member or your Teacher. Did that cover our question there?

Student: Yes, it did.

Do: Ok, are we ready to go to the next one? What's the next one on our list?

Student: Is timing a factor in readiness for overcoming?

Do: Ok, timing. Timing is a factor from a couple of important points. Let's go back 2000 years. Jesus knew when He delivered His message to His disciples that they had to respond then. He was there, He was a Representative, don't forget, of the Next Level. He was a Representative of His Father's Kingdom. He took on a human vehicle and became a "begotten" son (instead of a "made" son, because of having a Next Level vehicle). He was in a human form and was a Representative sent to bring them information of how to get from human level to Level Above Human, so timing was important. He was present. Therefore, if you want to make that transition, you have to do it during the time a lab instructor is there to take you through it. Therefore, as He taught them and said to them, "Do this, do this, you follow me, you believe in me, you do exactly as I say, and you'll get there. You will not know death." Wow, but I can't get there and not know death unless I continue to believe and continue to do.

So, timing is very important from the aspect of responding when a Representative has been sent with the offering of transition from human kingdom into the Level Above Human. Timing is also important from other aspects. The time that it takes me to break the ties that bind, to get out of my humanness and get on with my program. That timing is very important. Another aspect of timing that's important is, I can't just say, "Well, it seems that the Next Level sends Representatives periodically, and it looks as if I don't get X amount of overcoming done this time, then there will be a time down the line." I'm afraid we have no assurance of that. We have no data on that. We have no knowledge of that. I mean, if you want to gamble to that degree, that's like saying, "If I'm going to win a million dollars at the Vegas table, then I'll win it next month, not while the Vegas table is advertising that a million dollars can be won." Because when the information is there, it's being offered, it's being advertised to an extent. That's what these tapes are doing. They're letting you know the information is available. The door is open. So, I have to respond while the door is open if I expect to move through the door, even get a toe in the door - or even start in that direction - or maybe even get through the door and get it slammed, if I get enough overcoming done. I certainly can't take the frame of mind that this is something that I can do at a later time, or that I can count on a Rep being here at another time. So, timing is important when a Representative is present. The timing is important on "When I recognize this Truth, I need to get rid of the shackles that bind me, get rid of those things that are inhibiting me from getting into the classroom and getting on with this program if it is for me." And that's not for us to say, that's for you to say. But if that is what you are saying, then we must remind you that timing is significant and that you need to act quickly. Did that cover that topic?

Student: Well, when there's no member of the Next Level present on the garden, is it more appropriate for them to be humanitarians?

Do: That's an interesting question. I would say that when there is no Representative present that it is a justifiable position for being the best human you know how to be. Now, if a soul is present during the time that a Representative is not present, a soul who knew a Representative at a previous time, that soul still might make increased efforts at overcoming and thereby relate less and less to human responsibility and more and more in an attempt to become a servant. And the humans would say, "What's that person doing? He's copping out, he's becoming a hermit, he's dropping his responsibility to society." So, if that soul knew that much knowledge and it is present at that time, he might take that route. It is not our place to judge him or condemn him, because we do not know what position he might find himself in or what his previous experience was. But if he was not that close, then probably the best thing that he can do is become charitable-minded, humanitarian, do the best that he can to make a significant contribution to society, whether it's in medicine, or science, or whatever it might be to try to better things, to clean up the environment, things that would take better care of the garden and try to stimulate people more toward better conduct than certainly negative or destructive conduct that makes the world a more difficult place for other people. Did that answer that question?

Student: Yes.

Do: Where are we on our next question?

Student: We certainly touched on this, but is the message that we have the same message that Jesus brought?

Do: Well, we have to directly address that question. Yes, I think we probably said that before, but we need to say it again. It's the same message exactly. Don't forget, what we asked just a moment ago was "What was Jesus' purpose while He was here?" He sent His disciples out and He told them, 'The Kingdom of God is at hand, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is at hand through me. You do this through me, you believe in me, you do as I say, you can get there.' Now, this wasn't because Jesus was saying, 'I'm a big boy, I'm a big shot, I'm Mr. God!' He was saying, 'I have been commissioned to act as midwife to you. I'm no big shot in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. I'm no big shot in the Heavenly Kingdom. It is my task to be here, to minister to you. And if I can minister to you, then you can make it there.' But He still had to be the object of their focus. He was the vessel for the information on how to make the transition from the human kingdom into the Level Above Human. Therefore, we have to listen to the vessel when the vessel is present. We can't ignore the vessel, just take the information and run and say, "I can do it on my own." It doesn't work.

There's another thing that enters here. That information, as it comes, changes daily. This vessel is not giving you information that it got from its Older Member when its Older Member was in a human vehicle. This vessel is giving you information that it receives day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, from its Older Member. That information is not like some super-duper, holy-holy, sanctimonious information. It is practical application of how I overcome my binds, my shackles, my addictions, my improper behavior, my improper conduct that was ok in the human kingdom because it was transition from animal kingdom, but which is not ok if I expect to ever get in my Father's House without running him out the back door. It's simply a practical lab-instructor- type relationship with the students in trying to help their souls clean up their act, get rid of their humanism, adopt the ways. Actually, they're not just getting rid of humanism, they're not just breaking the binds to the human kingdom, they are adopting ways of the Next Level. They are taking on ties with the Next Level. They are taking on habits of the Next Level. They have a different structure, they have a different format than human ties would or human habits. They are trying to graft to the Next Level. They're trying to graft so that when they get into that Kingdom, they fit. It can work. Even though they're tiny little children in that Kingdom Level, it's ok. They might wet their diaper, they might make little boo-boos, but it's permissible, they can handle it, it's tolerable. It's not going to be so difficult that those whom they work with can't handle it. It's like getting into a team, it's like getting into a crew, whether it's a crew aboard a spacecraft, or a crew on a project to prepare a garden for its next civilization. But how can the crew function if members of that crew still have to, "Well I've got to have so and so to consume because I don't like what's offered here," or "I've got to have some time by myself, I've got to go sit and meditate a little bit"? If it requires all that attention, then that individual can't really be a crew member, can't be a spoke in the wheel, can't be just an active tool of the captain of that task or the instructor for that task. Where were we?

Student: I think we covered that. Our message is the same as the message Jesus brought.

Do: Ok, what's next on our list?

Student: Do you want to discuss the name of Jesus, Yeshua?

Do: Ok, this is an interesting little thing to talk about. The name of Jesus. Don't forget that when Jesus was present He said, "Do this in my name." Now, that had a couple of different meanings. One was: "You can blame me for it. Whatever it is they're going to do - whatever problem they're going to give you, go ahead and blame me for it." In other words, He knew that His task was going to end with the masses requiring His life and stringing Him up in one way or another. And He said, "You know, that's part of the M.O. of my task, so I'll take the blame. You know you can say, 'He told me to do it.' So do it in my name." Another thing is, if you look to Him and if you're calling His name all the time in your head, and in your thoughts asking for help, then He can respond, His Father can respond. His Father wanted you to call the name of His son. His Father put His son in the position so you could call His name and that you could get closer and closer. The more Jesus meant to those who were His disciples and His followers, the closer they got, also the more lessons they got, the more correction they got, the more help they got. But it was a point of contact, it was a point of communication, it was a point of focus to call His name.

The name also, according to some of the linguists and some of the historians, had some double meaning. Some used the term "Yeshua," meaning present savior. Well, Jesus, as a Representative of the Kingdom of Heaven or the Next Level, present with information of how to get from the human kingdom into the Kingdom Above Human, was He not present? And was He not their savior? Therefore, their "present savior"? And therefore, that name had significance for Him, Yeshua or present savior.

Unfortunately, that puts this vehicle on the spot right now, too. I happen to be, or this vessel happens to contain, and this soul happens to contain and be the conduit for that information that can get you from the human kingdom into the Kingdom Above Human. And I'm afraid that Jesus is not my name. Jesus was the name of that vehicle 2000 years ago, and we need to understand it that way. Let me help you understand something a little more. Jesus said, 'Don't forget that if someone says to you in the Age to come (He meant the end of the Age) that He is here or He is there, or you can find Him on this mountain (or wherever it was), don't believe it.' Jesus knew that He would not come appearing as Jesus or in the same body that He was in then. Don't misunderstand me and say that that's what I'm saying I am. And you'll understand that in a moment. He said, 'Don't believe it.' For someone to say that that's who they are doesn't make sense; it isn't right for a couple of reasons. One is that Jesus, or the soul that was in the vehicle that was named Jesus, that soul certainly had grown to the point of not wanting identity any longer. He wanted to draw attention to His Kingdom, to His Father, even though His Father had said, "The part of the formula that I give you is that they must look to you, they must call your name." But here, understand something else. What was the name of that soul? Was it the name of that soul...was that Jesus? No, that soul had a name before it entered the vehicle that was named Jesus. You don't know that name. I don't know that name. I'm not supposed to know that name. I think I certainly knew it before I came into this lifetime, just as my Older Member certainly knew it, but it is not to be brought in. It is secret. Don't forget, when Jesus left them and was telling them how to pray after His departure, it was to the group, to the ones who were close to Him. It was Our Father (our Father), who art in Heaven ("which" was "who," art in the Next Level now having left this place), Hallowed be thy Name (kept holy, thy Name kept holy). Humans are not to know the names of individuals in the Next Level or in the Kingdom of Heaven, or Kingdom of God. You know these Biblical scholars who dig and dig and dig, and they finally get smart and they come up with "Ya-hah-way" or "Yahweh" or this or that, all these different names, "Jehovah" the this and "Jehovah" the that. They're forgetting the first rules regarding the names of those individuals from the Next Level who related to the humans (which they did in the early days of migration from Egypt and into Israel). All that time they were physically there in Next Level vehicles, they had titles, and those titles then became names, and their names were not to be known or pronounceable. If humans lucked out somehow or other by their Biblical scholarship, so to speak, and came across and discovered what the name might have been of that member of the Next Level that was present at that time, then I'm sure that the Next Level would change the name of that soul, because humans are not to call the names. They can call the titles, they can call the stations, they can make reference in their prayers to those whom they have known while they were present on Earth. Certainly, it is appropriate for humans to do the best that they can as they seek to relate to that Kingdom. 'The best that they can' is to pray to God, to pray to Jesus - what else can they do? That's the best that they can do, and it serves the purpose. You know it's not really what name you use at the front of your prayer that counts. It's what your prayer is that counts. If you are saying "God" or if you're saying "Jesus," or whatever it is that you're saying, if you're saying, "I want what You want for me. I want to join You. I want to overcome this world. I want to become as You. I want to become as Your son. I want to leave everything that separates me from You." They could simply say one thing, "Lead me closer to You and help me to rise to the occasion." Because in the process of asking that, you can be lead closer to Him. Things will be put in your path that will begin to challenge that statement that you just made. Because if you ask, "Lead me closer to You," and then the one who responds begins to give you an opportunity to drop some shackle or some tie or some bind to the human kingdom, how are you going to respond? Would you say, "Oh, God, how could this have happened to me? God, please restore this." And He says, "Oh, I thought you wanted to get closer to Me." And you say, "Oh, God, please restore." So, He says, "Ok, I'll send somebody who can restore. I'm not in the business of restoring humanism, but I'll send somebody who will if that's what you really want." So, when we say, "I want to get closer to You," we've got to take what comes in response to that.

Where were we?

Student: Would you say that our disciplines are the same disciplines that Jesus taught?

Do: I hope so. Yes, I believe that I can say it with confidence, because I know my Father. I know how my Father's example works. I know that when my Father tells me that I can overcome something and tells me how to overcome it and then continues to bring me a new clue, a new band-aid, a new remedy, try something else, try something else - I know that if I continue to do what is given to me that it works. Therefore, our discipleship is the same. When Jesus said to his disciples, or to those who would be his disciples, "Unless you hate your father, your mother, your sister, your brother..." Read that to us, ok? Read us that scripture.

Student: "If any man comes to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."

Do: Ok, the popular thing to do in the Christian world is to say, "Oh, He didn't really mean that. What He really meant was if you love those things more than me...." And I'd say that that is an appropriate application when a Representative is not present. But when the transition information and discipline are available, which it was in Jesus' time, He had the right to say to them, "Come and follow me. Leave those things and come and follow me. Give up everything that you have of this world, get rid of it, give it to the poor, come and follow me. Leave everything, and as you leave them, they will become your enemies. Even your family will become your enemies." He knew it hurt...there is no way around it. It happens. It's the natural way of transition from kingdom level to kingdom level. The door is the same, the knob twists the same way. It's got the same hazards, it's just as difficult today as it was then. It's just as easy today as it was then. It's the same door, it's the same transition. It is changing our behavior, it is dropping everything that binds us to the human kingdom - dropping everything of possessions.

You know, within this classroom, we don't have possessions. This classroom is, don't forget, a transition. This is a chrysalis. This is where we go through the change from the human into that Level, so any time that we have a possession it's because we ask a class member who really doesn't want any possessions if we can use his name. We say, "The law says that somebody's name has to go on the title of this or on the title of that," whether it would be an automobile or what it might be. Someone who does not want to have any seems that we get instruction that it's ok to put their name on that possession. Since the day that my Father touched my life and my awakening began, I've had no possessions. My Older Member had no possessions. Not one thing in our names, nothing that could be considered ours. We don't want anything of ours. That's the last thing we want - anything of ours. They aren't handing out any titles to possessions in the Kingdom of Heaven right now that we're aware of. Certainly not in our transition classroom. There are no titles there, there is no ownership. Actually, there shouldn't be any here in the human kingdom. This kingdom and every element on it, everything that goes into making an automobile or a house or a company or anything else, belongs to the Chief of Chiefs and His Kingdom, the God of Gods. It does not belong to humans. Humans play a little game of copy-cat by saying, "I want to own this, I want to stake this off, it's mine." It isn't his, he's just playing a game. Now if he has the attitude that it isn't "mine," he's at least a little closer. If he has the attitude of saying, "This is just entrusted to me as the keeper of it, and I'll do the best I can." And if the day comes when a Representative is there with the transition available, the day is come if you're someone who might be capable of connecting with this and know your Father.

If you know Jesus, you know this is Truth. You may have an idea that you know Jesus, but the "Jesus" that you have filled your head with, and all the little sayings that you quote, all the little scriptures that you quote are the safe ones. And you usually quote Paul, who didn't even know Him, never even sat with Him, never talked to Him. You know if you'd stick to the red letters [in a red-letter Bible], you'd be better off. But even among the red letters, if you'd go to the ones that are pertinent, like the all-important ones, the bottom-line ones. Now this is not to say to you that this is what you must do. This is only what those must do that are ready for this, that know it is for them. But if you would go, know that it's always the same, the transition is always the same. If I expect to want to get into my Father's House, into that Kingdom Level, out of the human kingdom, I can't do it after I die by trying to get good in the last six months before I kick the bucket. I can't overcome anything then. My vehicle has grown so old and so tired and so sick, the influences aren't even around to be interested in me to even have the things I need to get rid of. So it's difficult. Let's go on, what's the next question on our list?

Student: How is the behavior within our classroom or shelter attempting to be like the behavior in God's House.

Do: Well, I think we've talked about that, but we'll touch on it a moment more. Don't forget, I'm a lab instructor, so to speak. Therefore, our classroom, or our chrysalis, is a lab. And in that lab we try to simulate what it would be in our Father's House. Now, I don't really believe there is any Gothic architecture in our Father's House. I don't believe there are bells and robes and rituals and incense and all those things. It's practical. It's a laboratory, it's experiments, it is behavior that is pleasing in His sight. It is being servants of His in whatever task He has that we might be able to perform, depending on our degree of readiness or overcoming, or not interfering with what He has in mind. So we do try in our classroom to have a simulation or an analogy, a mockup of His House, His Kingdom. We try to live that, as we are here. And the closer we get, the environment becomes something for those who are in the classroom that when they have to go on different tasks outside the classroom, when they get back in, it's like, "Wow, I can breathe again!" Because within the confines of wherever our segment of classroom is, within the confines of the environment that is our simulated laboratory of His House, where the behavior has become what it has, it is our haven, it is our Heaven, our simulated Heaven. In that sense, we are beginning to experience some of the feeling that is present in the Next Level. And believe me, it is not righteous - you know, spiritual, syrupy, saccharine. It's practical, it's hard work, it's correction. It's learning day by day more things that I need to correct that I haven't yet faced, and how I can apply more application toward overcoming those things than I applied before new clues were given to me, so that I can stamp them out even more. And that's the formula for an overcoming classroom. That's the formula; therefore, we feel instruction is given to us on how to create, within our possibility, a simulation of our Father's House or laboratory, however you want to look at it.

The tech crew just said that it's a couple of minutes before the end of the hour and I'm going to ignore it and we're just going to go on until this session is complete within reason, depending upon how far we go with this session. Let's go to our next question.

Student: Do we want to discuss how some might think because you're our teacher that you're on a spiritual ego trip or think you're God?

Do: Yes, I think we've discussed that a little bit, but we can certainly touch on it a little bit more. I don't know what you think that Jesus had to gain, from a human point of view, by saying that He was sent from the Kingdom of Heaven and was the Son of His Father and had information that flowed through Him on how to get from here to there. If you thought that of Him, if you were present then and thought that of Him, you didn't know Him. You didn't know what He was all about. I mean, what did He have to gain? He had to gain total ridicule. He had to gain the masses hating Him. He had to gain a cross. He had to gain nails. He had to gain a tomb. He had to gain every humiliation that could be expected. He even warned His students and His disciples that that was ahead for them. They had to "take up their cross and come follow Him." They had to know that that same humiliation would follow them. He knew that the possibility of the masses ever recognizing this would deplete the human kingdom. And the human kingdom, don't forget, is a stepping stone from animal kingdom to Our Father's Kingdom, even though it's a little hard to understand. But it's tough. It puts yourself in the position where, if you happen to be the Rep, the critics then say, "Oh, but you're just saying that you are God." Well, in a sense, you're saying that. We're saying that we're from the Kingdom of God and it has many members. Yes, we're from the Kingdom of God. Yes, we're from the Next Level. It has many members. But the truth also, as we mentioned a moment ago, is that from where I sit, I'm a young'un because I don't relate to any who evolutionarily came from a later time than this soul. My relationship, as far as my concern for my growth and what is ahead for me - my relationship with the Kingdom of God, my relationship with the Next Level - goes from where I am, up. Therefore, I'm low man on the totem pole. Even though my task is to relate to those souls that are coming through. But that task of relating to them is not such a unique task that it took a high falootin' officer in the Next Level in order to perform it. Who knows, there could be many members of that Kingdom Level in my Father's House who might be able to perform this. But the task was given not only to this soul but the vehicle that is surrounding this soul.

Listen, as we described to you before, I and this class had the unique, unbelievable privilege of even having my Father accompany me in the early stages of this classroom - awaken me and help me through the rough spots because of what the world had become at this time. Now, maybe it's because I needed that help. Maybe Jesus didn't need that help 2000 years ago. Maybe the world wasn't that complicated at that time. I don't know the reasons. I don't care. It doesn't matter. I suspect that Jesus had even a physical relationship with His Father during the time that He was there that didn't reach the history books, that didn't reach the scriptures. But I was still so lucky and so privileged to have my Father come and awaken me, set this thing up, get it going. You know, I don't know that you can relate to this at all, you probably can't. It just means so much to me. But I can remember in the first few weeks that I met Ti, that Ti said, "Why do I feel that this is something that I'm to give to you, and then I'm to go back"? And I didn't know what she was talking about. But I know now, and I'm even thankful that it was designed that way. Because I am the beneficiary, even of that difficulty. We're all beneficiaries of difficulties. If our desire is to get closer, what's the formula? A difficulty comes our way - a hurdle - a means of getting rid of misinformation or getting rid of things that are still human ways of thinking, and we can overcome that and move forward. I forgot where we were; where were we?

Student: Well, I don't know. Do you feel like we covered the fallacy of thinking that Jesus is God or He is the begotten Son in what you just said?

Do: Well, you know for those preachers, evangelists, and religious leaders who say that Jesus is God, it's ridiculous. I hate to say that, but it's ridiculous. A member of the Kingdom of God? Absolutely! That soul was a member of the Kingdom of God. But to use the term "God" in references as another term for the Top Man, the Creator of Creators, the very One who is the King at the top of that Kingdom Level is not accurate. Now, whether or not the Evolutionary Level Above Human has any evolutionary levels above it, or if only the Evolutionary Level Above Human is pyramided, or peaks, in a sense, in the Creator, the Chief of Chiefs, the God of Gods, God Almighty, doesn't really matter, but to say that Jesus was God shows ignorance. Jesus was the Son of His Father. He fulfilled that task. In the sense that it was His Father's mind flowing through Him, and if we want to refer to His Father as God, then it was God expressing Himself through Him, as it came down through the pipelines through Jesus' Father, Jesus' Father's Father, and so forth from the One who initiated that information or passed it down. Because that is the structure of the family tree in the Next Level, or the Kingdom of God. What was the other part of that one?

Student: That Jesus was the only begotten Son.

Do: The only begotten Son. That's interesting because "begotten Son" meant that that particular Father probably had other students or Sons and that Jesus was present in a human vehicle, a vehicle that came from woman's womb, therefore a begotten vehicle, and therefore a begotten Son, begotten not made. "Made" meaning created or developed within the Kingdom of Heaven, instead of from the womb of woman. So, in that sense, the only begotten Son. That's right, the only Son who was present in a begotten flesh. It's not going to get you into the Kingdom of Heaven to know that information, it's just a little tidbit that's kind of interesting. Ok, what's next?

Student: Did you want to mention the response that we've had since we started a few weeks ago?

Do: Yes, you know this has been surprising to us. We're always surprised. We think that when we get new information that it's going to mean this, it's going to imply that, and these things are going to follow. And it's always different from what we expect. What is particularly interesting is that as the information came out and tapes were made and a satellite series was begun and posters went out about that information, we thought that the response that we would get would be from people who the information was new to. But the overwhelming immediate response that we got was from ones who had dropped out of the classroom previously. And immediately when the information reached them by whatever source, they were drawn to it. When it reached them, they said, "I've got to get back into that classroom. I've got to finish my overcoming if I am permitted to get back into that classroom. I know I have wasted time. I know I have lost ground." We're amazed because our population has increased almost 50 percent by returnees from those who had dropped out of the classroom previously. It's interesting because from the point of view of those organizations that would give help to deprogram cult members, you would have thought that those who dropped out of our classroom would have come to want something else. These who have been out there, they've been out extended periods of time - years! You would have thought that they wouldn't want any part of this any longer. This isn't to say that some who dropped out do not want any part of this any longer. And we can understand that point of view, in defense of where their heart is, what they desire. But I'm afraid that it also says something for us that we should recognize. This is not to praise us. This is to recognize the reality that has been given us to give to you, to find that those members of our class who dropped out, they couldn't deny this Truth. And you know a funny thing about it is that many of them thought they could complete their overcoming outside the classroom, and yet as they turned and looked in the mirror and saw what they were doing, they recognized that they weren't getting anywhere with that overcoming. Instead, they were sliding back and sliding back, and they realized that the fact is still true that it takes a "midwife" who has gone through it before, who has made that transition from the human stepping stone into the Level Above Human before, in order to take you through it. Because, don't forget, the instructions come daily. Everything changes in practical application to your own overcoming. So the response we had was mainly those who were returnees, and we welcomed them. They were embarrassed, they were ashamed for their lost time, and we're just thrilled that they want to complete what they started. And they know that it was true then, they never really lost sight of it. And they're excited that it is offered to them again, or that they can complete what they started.

As I said, most of our response has been those, and our population has increased almost 50 percent in a very short time, in a matter of a few weeks. We have received some who are working toward getting in the classroom; in other words, quickly making their preparations to join in a segment of the classroom wherever that segment is. And they are also a surprise to us because, instead of being someone who is hearing this information for the first time in a disconnected way, they are all ones who have heard the connection either because another family member was in the classroom, or because they had some association or relationship with someone who was in the classroom or who was a dropout of the classroom. And they received enough of whatever it was - beginning little smelling salts or something - that now that the door opened, they said, "I've got to attempt that, if that classroom will accept me; I want to attempt that." So, without exception, those who are coming into our classroom at this time are those who are returnees, and a few - several - who have either family members, or who have had relationships of one sort or another with those who are in the classroom, or who were out of the classroom for a period of time. Did that cover that topic?

Student: Yes.

Do: Where are we now, what's next?

Student: Do you want to mention more about how many, and where the returnees and new class members are coming from and the variety of their ages and backgrounds?

Do: Well, we'll say just a word on that, thank you. It's interesting to note the diversity of those who were out and are choosing to come back. We have one person who had been out of the classroom for some time and has to get back in, and while out, married this individual and they're both in their seventies. And that person has to get back in the classroom and the person the individual married has to get in the classroom. A funny thing is that their marriage had already become one that was, not because of their age, not a physical relationship in the way that you would normally think, or that humans think of a marriage circumstance. But that's interesting to realize that here comes a husband/wife, they're in their seventies, and we've got another husband and wife in Northern California, we've got them coming from Missouri, Texas...where am I missing?

Student: Venezuela?

Do: Venezuela! And here is a soul that has been looking for this classroom that got separated from this classroom in the mid- 70's and has faithfully been looking for this classroom since then. We have met with him, helped him understand more clearly all over again what it was going to require of him and what he was getting into, since it was so tough. And he says, "I have no choice." So, he's quickly wrapping up everything in Venezuela and he's on his way. Did I miss any others that you're aware of?

Student: Colorado?

Do: Colorado. So we got Missouri, Colorado, California, Texas, Venezuela. At present that's where people are coming in from, and it's interesting that more than one are coming from those different places. The only one that one is coming from is Venezuela. It's more than one from those other places mentioned. Let's go on to the next question. Where are we?

Student: Do we want to discuss the problem with delivering our information to the public?

Do: Ok, the problem is that we're aware of the hazards. In other words, here we are offering this information. Anybody can turn on their satellite TV and see this, anybody can see a poster, and we're aware that the masses can see it who aren't ready for this and therefore, in principle or theory, we're opening the information to the public at large. It also means that, more than likely, significantly greater numbers will not be wanting to do this than those who would want to do this. Also, those who do not want to do this and who do not even recognize us as an opportunity to do this will find fault with us and will create the same kind of circumstance that happened 2000 years ago. Now, we're not saying that there's going to be a crucifixion. We don't know how it's going to end. We don't know as much as Jesus knew toward the end of His mission. We do know that hostility builds, particularly when the doors are open. You know, as long as we had a period of time where the classroom was somewhat in isolation and protected and they were working on their own overcoming, before we got information to, or instruction, to bring the information public again, the forces against us didn't work that significantly against us. We were protected. But now that we are just putting this information right out where all of those who are brainwashed with the misinformation from the negative forces have a chance to hear it, too, this is going to be an opportunity for them to get their bows and arrows out and really be after us to whatever degree that they choose. That's their option. Ok, so that's our problem with dealing with the public. What's next?

Student: Why is it that most puritanical lifestyles are so vehemently criticized by the religious and the seemingly righteous?

Do: Is it because they might know that it's the truth subconsciously? I don't know - it's a good question. It's interesting, too, that in some countries it's such an honor for individuals to join a religious order, to leave everything, break all their ties, even their relationship entirely with their family and devote themselves to their religion. It becomes acceptable. But the closeness of the Next Level has been in this nation, primarily in this nation, since 1975. Therefore, this nation is also the most vehement against anything that even hints at separating from the world. Therefore, that's the reason there's such enormous criticism against cults and things that appear to be out of the ordinary. Stop and think about it. Don't forget that when Jesus was doing what He was doing that He and His disciples were a cult from the human point of view, or from those who did not believe that what He said was true. That's always the position they take. "It's a cult, we gotta' save them from it." And if you take the point of view of the leader in the cult, the one who still says that he is the leader - is the Pope still not in a position of being the leader of a cult? Is the president of the Mormon Church not still in the position of being the leader of a cult in that sense? But, you know, a funny thing happens to "cults" and their leaders as long as they're buying property and doing human behavior and they're a generation or two old. Then they become an acceptable member of society. It's when they are breaking out of society, overcoming the world to whatever degree, that they are immediately seen as offensive. Offensive to whom? To those who cannot recognize this as the truth - by their choice, by what they have become. Whether they are taking that point of view because they are young and might grow into that knowledge at some time, or because it's just simply a result of their options over a period of time, that's not for us to say. We're not the judge of that. What's next on our list of questions?

Student: How is the Next Level the greatest equal-rights advocate?

Do: That's a good question. You know, this is a good point because the Creator of Creators created everyone with a little computer, a choice mechanism, that was designed with two sides: a potential for negativity, a potential for positive; a potential for misinformation, a potential for the truth. And a soul at an objective point, at its point of creation, was 50-50. It was empty, but it had the potential for 50-50, in the range from which it could take its choices. Like even that soul that was in the Garden of Eden, the Lord made it clear that He was his Lord, He was his God, and He said, "You do what I say, and then you'll go the right way." But He also knew that the likelihood of Adam going astray was very possible. I know that it hurt His feelings when He had to step out of that garden knowing that for the period of time that He was away from Adam and Eve that the man of misinformation (Lucifer) would step in and say, "Oh, you don't have to worry about what He said, you don't have to worry about disobeying Him. Go ahead and eat this and do what I tell you. It's for your benefit. He's not anything to be afraid of." That was their choice. They were created with a complete, even, fair option of accepting goodness. Making the choice of listening to Him, or listening to misinformation. Now, our Father's Kingdom is never the aggressor. He doesn't say, "This is what you must do." The other side over here, they tell you what you've got to do. They impose it upon you. That's the way it is in the human kingdom. Why is it designed that way? Our Father designed it, even designed that aspect of it, even made all that potential for negativity there so that if you get to His Kingdom in the process, you will have overcome all that negativity, you will be strong, you will have proven your loyalty to, and adoption of, His Household - grafting to His vine.

So, equal time within our classroom, and I think we told you this in a previous series, we had a class member who at one time said, "Please, under no circumstances let me ever turn from this. Save me if I ever try to turn from this." Ti and I listened to that class member, and at one time that class member said, "I don't want to be here." And so we honored what she had asked and we held her for a short period of time. We tried to restrict her from leaving the classroom. We saw it wasn't working. I mean, in a very short time we saw it wasn't working. She wasn't what we would consider coming back to her senses, so we said, "Goodness, go! We'll help you go. Here is a plane ticket. Go where you want to go, and we'll help you get started with whatever it is that you've got to do." You know the irony of that? We did that one time and one time only; we learned our lesson from it. That same individual is arriving in a segment of our classroom next week, saying, "I've got to be there, I've got to finish what I started. I apologize for having ever listened to the world, for being so stubborn as to not take correction and to not change." No one has a right, it is not Next Level way to hold someone from their choices. It is the Next Level way to let them go, become as evil as they want to be. Now, a Next Level member might step in and warn them, and warn them, and warn them, but they let them go right on and do what they choose to do. The Next Level is the Creator of equal rights. No one advocates equal rights to the extent that the Next Level does. And our classroom tries to emanate that, tries to be the same way with it, hoping that if this is for you, we can help you. We hope we can be the vessels to deliver it to you clearly enough that you can see what it is that has been given to us, that we're so eager to share with you. If it is not for you, we say, "Fine, go your way, do what you want to do. We might warn you of some of the pitfalls, but they're your choices, go and do it." What's next on our list?

Student: Do we want to discuss the problem of money in relationship to the newcomers?

Do: No, but we will. This is an awkward topic. I have to make reference to when Jesus said, "Go and give everything you have to the poor and come follow me." And I can remember Ti saying to me and to the classroom in early stages that, "I don't know if Jesus ever said it, but we knew that He probably wished that they would take a look at the classroom and say 'Are they not poor? If I can help them some, should I not help them?'" Because as those leave their world behind and enter the classroom, at times we have wished we could say, "In leaving behind whatever it is that you had, you might keep in mind that we have certain needs." Then we sound like we're begging for a handout or that our Father's Kingdom can't take care of His own, and our Father's Kingdom can take care of His own. So, we're left in that awkward position, and we cannot take the position of telling them or even reminding them or bringing it to their attention, even though frequently they think, after getting in the classroom, "I see that you could have used one of these, or I had one of those, I gave it away to somebody who didn't," and so on. But it's an awkward thing, we can't do it. They are not in our classroom until they are in our classroom. When they are not in our classroom and they are severing their ties in order to enter our classroom, we can't give them instruction. They must do what they must do in order to separate from the world. We must have you understand that, because that is our position, that is the Next Level's position, and we certainly are not dependent upon this world or our asking it for help in order to survive. We will survive according to the Next Level as we serve them and please them. What's next on our list of questions?

Student: How do these items relate to overcoming: religion?

Do: Well, why don't you give me the definition of religion as what the dictionary would say religion is?

Student: "Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power accepted as the Creator and Governor of the Universe."

Do: Well, because of what so-called religions are, at times we feel like we don't want to associate with that term because we want to say the Truth that we have is real. It's not a religion because religions have become fantasy and illusion, and they have adjusted all their thinking so that they don't have to do anything about changing. But in that interpretation, recognizing a supernatural power, a governor of all that is, we are certainly then a religion. What about church, what does the definition say on that?

Student: "The company of all Christians regarded as a mystic spiritual body."

Do: I'm afraid that we're that, too. But we're not mystic in that sense, or spiritual in that sense, because spiritual and mystic in this day and time have become less than true, they've become tainted. But the church says the "body of believers," and we feel like that's a closer translation of what the church should be. But the real church is not just a body of believers, it's the body of doers, or even more than that, it's the body of overcomers, because those who believe become overcomers. What's next on that list?

Student: You asked us to bring up how a television preacher, Gene Scott, relates to overcoming.

Do: Ok, we're going to talk for a moment about Gene Scott and Pastor Arnold Murray. Gene Scott in Los Angeles has a satellite ministry, a cable ministry, an actual church ministry. Pastor Murray has a satellite ministry from a little community in Arkansas. Both of these individuals did a major step in overcoming by stepping out of the mainstream denominations, and it was hard to do. They got criticized a lot for it, which is the way of overcoming. Each step of overcoming is hard to do and you get criticized for doing it.

Let's take Gene Scott for a moment. Nobody that I'm aware of on the face of the globe has worked harder or come up with better mathematical and historical and intellectual and logical validation of the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus the Son, the prophetic events, their sequence of events in disclosing the pyramid and what they tell symbolically, the prophesy that they reveal. I mean it took a lot of work to do that and validate all that information and to make it understandable and academically acceptable, and we praise him for that work. But the issue of issues when it comes to Jesus and His purpose here was that of getting from the human kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven. And validation of prophesy, validation that the literature of the Bible is real and is true, sure that's significant, but it doesn't get you any marks in overcoming. I mean, overcoming is overcoming. It's the hard tasks of changing your behavior, of dropping the ways of the world in all of its aspects. Every tie that binds, every behavior that is not acceptable. That is overcoming.

Pastor Murray is also a very astute, very aware Biblical scholar, and if you want to watch him, watch him; you could learn a lot. You could learn a lot from both of these. They're excellent teachers of the Bible and its history. Pastor Murray understands that there was an Age before this Age, and there's going to be an Age after this Age. Both Scott and Murray realize that Jesus' birthday is not being celebrated, that it happened at a different time. All that's very interesting information, but it doesn't get you anywhere in the process of overcoming. And it's only because I love Pastor Murray and I love Gene Scott, and my Older Member said bring them up in that tape - we're concerned for them and for their followers because they've made major strides in the right direction. And it's because we care for them that we hope they will make more major strides and be willing while it's still available to move very quickly in that direction. What's next on that?

Student: What about the Florida "End Timers"?

Do: Recently in the news there's been a lot of negative information going out about this little group in Northern Florida that call themselves "End Timers," and particularly towards their leader because he feels that Jesus is going to come at any moment and he wants to help them be ready. So he's trying to help them change to the best of his ability. He has them involved in certain elements of trying to change their behavior, trying to be less worldly, and for that we congratulate them, for that we praise them. And we hope that they will recognize that there is more information that can help them move much more quickly, and much more significantly, if they're ready for it. We hope that we can be good instruments to bring it to them if this is what they are looking for; if not, it's for those who are looking for it. What's next on our list?

Student: The ones who are looking for the Second Coming, but yet they are not doing any active overcoming, will they ever know Him?

Do: Those who are looking for the Second Coming, will they ever know Him? That's a loaded question. As far as the Second Coming, meaning when is the Next Level going to bring an open door again for the Kingdom of Heaven, the Second Coming is here. We've discussed that. And we've discussed how Jesus said, 'Don't look for me. If somebody tells you they're me, don't believe them.' And yet the information, the door, is here at this time. Whether or not they will know Him or whether or not they will know His Father or they will know that Kingdom is simply dependent upon whether or not they make it through the transition from the human kingdom into His Kingdom level, or into His House. Whether or not it's going to be offered at another time, we don't know. All we know is this time. We're not given the instruction of saying, "If you don't catch this bus, there's one down the road." We don't know that there is. We feel that we must approach it as if there isn't, that it's garden cleaning time, and what's going to be done with souls that did not make it from there to here is none of our business. We're not going to try to motivate you to do this out of that kind of fear and imposing that tribulation upon you. Your tribulation is going to be imposed upon yourself if you choose this way because you will recognize that this is true and recognize that the road is tough. What's next on our list?

Student: Do we want to mention again the domesticated pet analogy and how it compares to our readiness to graduate from the human kingdom?

Do: We have to, there is no better analogy. Take the analogy of the domesticated dog who really wants to serve his master and doesn't want to run with the pack, wants to stay with his master, wants to please his master, wants to be loyal to his master, and compare that to someone who is going through the transition of entering our Father's Kingdom. They have to use as a focal point of that desire the one who stands in the position to be the object. That unfortunately happens to be their lab instructor, which happens to be this one sitting here, say "Do."

You know, at this point I have to tell you that this morning I saw on television a minister bringing up adultery. This fellow from Memphis, I don't remember his name, was talking about adultery. When you are in line for getting into our Father's House, then if you sleep with anybody else to any degree, you are committing adultery in respect of our Father's House. That's the reason that the analogy in Revelations and elsewhere for the relationship to one's Heavenly Father is of marriage, it's a bond that you're making. Now don't misunderstand that. This lab instructor, this object of that, has no interest in your plumbing, no interest in your sexuality. I mean, for heaven's sakes, my Older Member certainly had no interest in me, would not want that kind of humanness. Children are not made in our Father's Kingdom in that way. That vibration is definitely a reproductive vibration of the human kingdom. And I can honestly say that any relationship of that nature certainly never happened with me and my Older Member, certainly has never happened with any of these class members and their Older Member. And if you can find a class member that can tell you it has happened to any degree, to either one of these lab instructors, you've found the liar you were looking for. Because that is not a part of the picture. It has to be a pure relationship. It has to be within the confines of the behavior of our Father's Kingdom. So, from our Father's point of view, when you are as a bride in His Kingdom, if your attention, if your affection to any degree goes to someone else, it's adultery. It's compromised.

Another show I saw this morning on satellite - it sure sounds like I watch a lot of television! - it's interesting how my Older Member frequently uses these little preachers and their lessons to give me little clues of things to pass on to you. Here was an old gentleman that had had two wives. I suppose that one died and then he took another one. And now he was old, I think he was in his 80's, late 70's or 80's, I don't remember which. But now he was saying how he's devoting his attentions totally towards his Lord, that he doesn't have to compromise it anymore. And yet it doesn't dawn on others as they listen to him that what about those who are not in their late 70's or 80's, are they still compromising their relationship? The commandment that says, "Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy mind, with all thy soul," doesn't leave room for an affair. It doesn't leave room for promiscuity. It doesn't leave room for any sexuality, any disloyalty, any affection, to any degree to any source other than to the Next Level. And that must remain purely within the confines of appropriate behavior. You know, there's all the difference in the world between certain little behaviors that seem like such a subtle difference. For example, a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead in the right spirit can mean a very nice thing from my Older Member to me, because it's done so rarely that when it's done it's so special. But my Older Member wouldn't dirty my Older Member's mouth by pressing that mouth against this mouth and participating in anything that would lower my vibrations or hold this vehicle in a way that would stimulate lower vibrations of this vehicle. That to the Next Level is absolutely animal, absolutely a kingdom level beneath it. And you might as well know it. Whether you can accept it or not, that's your problem. But in all fairness, we must have you understand that. You know, this little old man that I was telling you about who had had a wife and then had another wife, and now he was old and he could give his whole time to his Savior, to Jesus. It's too late. He can't do any significant overcoming. He's not connected with a midwife. I don't mean to condemn him. He may not be condemned. He might be salvaged for another time. I'm not judging him. I'm trying to help you understand. That same individual quoted some of the very, very significant scriptures, the ones that we say are the key bottom-liners. For example, the one that says, "Unless someone hate their mother, their father, the whole world, even their own life, he cannot even be my disciple." And he said, "But, Jesus didn't mean it in that way. He meant if they love those things more than me. They can love those things, but not more than me." I'm afraid he's mistaken. That would be an appropriate interpretation, when the Next Level has not come in close and made a physical presence.

When the Next Level has made a physical presence, you're on the spot. And that spot says, "If you know me, you don't share, you can't share, I'm not going to share. You can't be my wife and cheat on me. You can't compromise it. I'm the only one. I am the focal point. I am the object representing my Father's Kingdom. You're moving into a crew consciousness, into a force of labor as a servant in our Father's Kingdom that can't be distracted by lusts of the physical flesh or of the human flesh or desires of the human flesh." That's the whole reason for overcoming - to have you understand that. He also said that you've got to 'give up everything of the world, break all those ties, give everything away to the poor, and come and follow me.' This man on television said, "Jesus didn't mean that; He meant, 'Just don't let it mean anything to you.'" That's not it. Those who are entering this classroom in this transition in order to grow to be in our Father's House, they have to literally and physically leave everything behind and will not have anything from the time they do that until they get out of here. Whether that departure be with vehicle or without vehicle doesn't even enter into the picture. They are no longer possessors of anything, not that they could be even if they tried to be. But they don't even want to be. They don't even want to play those games. So, they leave everything behind. Those relationships that won't let them do what they want to do, they have to sever because they interfere, they get in their way. This is the requirement, was the requirement, and always will be the requirement.

Now, the last little thing that you must understand. If this world exists beyond our departure, then there is no longer that closeness, there is no longer a Representative. Now, I am a physical Representative. These of the classroom, they are physical representatives. Should I leave this classroom and return to my Father's House, they would still be your door for whatever time one of them was still a faithful wife, faithful in all behavior, faithful in all belief and practice, wanting nothing of this world, establishing nothing of this world that could be called a church or a belief system that would be accepted by the masses. As long as one of them remains, your door is open. If that one remaining remains faithful to the full degree.

It is our hope that this has been the Next Level speaking through my Older Member into my brain and that I have not diluted it, because I want you to see it as it is. Because I feel if you could actually see it as it is, you couldn't deny it, even though I know that because of what you're addicted to - you don't want to be, but - you're intoxicated, you're drunk, you're influenced. You're not sober because of the ways of the world that hold you in that intoxication, and you have to get away from the world enough to begin to be free of that intoxication. But I'm even hoping that your intoxication isn't so bad that you can't see this. And certainly all who might see this enough to recognize that it is what they've been waiting for, the Next Level might deem deserving of entering their House. The Next Level has to touch their life. The Next Level has to let something happen in their head that says, "That's it, that's what I'm after. I've got to get there fast. I've got to go with it." And then it is our task to participate in that instruction, our task in the daily, daily, menial tasks of overcoming, the reminders, the licking of thoughts, the licking of behavior that is human, not Next Level behavior. Adopting the behavior, the habits, the ways of the Next Level. We wish you could see it as we see it. We wouldn't trade it for anything. But we're not trying to sell it. I guess we are, because it means so much to us. I feel that this is the end of this series Beyond Human, and I hope that we've been instruments of the Next Level through my Father and through our offering to you.

End of Section 4

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