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Section 3:
'88 Update


The '88 Update was written while we were in seclusion during the first "snatching away" and was made public to a minor degree through a mailing to various New Age Centers, Health Food Stores, writers, preachers, ufologists, monasteries, and so on. Beginning in approximately late 1986 and continuing throughout this time period, some extremely revealing information was surfacing worldwide. Reports of government cover-ups of UFO crashes, alien technology being acquired and tested by the military, and rumors of underground bases housing joint alien/government projects circulated widely. In addition, detailed reports of abductions of humans by space aliens for the purposes of genetic experimentation and hybridization were escalating. It was a particularly accelerated time in our own awakening as well. Missing pieces of the puzzle were being given to us that broadened our overview and helped to clarify some aspects of our own mission. We have no doubt that the timing of these exposures was deliberate and calculated, not only for our own sake but in preparing the world for events yet to come.

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