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The ticket that you saw in the begining, is one of the many that I had collected while attending the seminars and dinners sponsored by Dr. Frederick Lenz.
They are rather nice aren't they?


Take a look at what it says on the other side of the ticket:

Pease Read: ASI provides opportunities for personal and professional growth; however this can involve both pleasant and unpleasant emotional and/or psychological experiences. Neither ASI nor any of its agents or employees, including Dr. Frederick Lenz, make any representation or warrenty of any kind whatsoever that your attendance at any ASI event may or will result in your receiving any particular benifit(s) whatsoever, including without limitation specific benefits concerning your career success, health, prosperity, lifestyle, personal growth, meditation ability, psychological well being, personal circumstances and/or any other matter. Your attendance at any ASI event is solely at your own risk.

You should see what I had to sign to get in each time. Actually, so would I. They never did seem to hand out carbon copies of signed disclaimers. Geez, it didn't seem that important at the time to get a copy. Ah, well, live and learn.


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