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James Picariello (Pick-a-rello) was born June 12, 1971 and grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts dressed in the best polyester leisure suits money could buy. He went with that momentum by always trying to make people laugh and learning the fine art of lounge-lizard style piano. Jim became interested in the paranormal and alternative philosophies at a young age of eleven and continued studying those subjects intensely all through high school. Inspired by family based stress, a vivid imagination and an incredible daily intake of coffee, Jim went through a period of what is called Hypo-Mania (a mild case of mania, not quite the high reached by manic/depressives). For that he chose to take Lithium, the standard anti-mania medication, which worked immediately and he continued to take it for two and a half years.

Time passed and Jim was a senior at UMass, Dartmouth, engaged with a young woman and had a cat named Poopy (full name: Poopadupalis - Puffalumpapus - Picariello). Jim was recruited from UMass into Frederick Lenz's group, under the guise of the "New England Meditation Society." He "studied" in Lenz's group for almost one year until Jim quit school with five classes to go for his B.A., broke up with his fiancee, and planned to move away to the Westchester area in New York to study more closely with Lenz. He also planned on lying his way into the computer field, as "recommended" by Lenz's "advanced students", along with coming to the un-unique conclusion that it would also be in his best interest to plan on never communicating with anyone from his past again. Three weeks before this plan was put into action his friends and family came together and effectively informed him, by way of intervention, about the truth about Lenz's group and in what ways Lenz uses manipulative and deceptive practices on his followers. The intervention was not done violently or against his will, but in a safe, comfortable setting in which Jim simply talked with friends, ex-members and a cult expert.

Since then (over three years ago) Jim has experimented with writing, acting, rock climbing, comedic improvisation, self exploration, forms of meditation, and many other cool things that end with "tion". Still, he doesn't seem to have anything better to do than put things up on the internet that Dr. Lenz will try to sue him over, directly or indirectly. Also Jim seems to like writing about himself in the third person. He seems to think it looks more professional.

He misses his friends that became so dear to him in Lenz's group and hopes that they are doing well. Amy, Alexa, Shannon, Dan, Roger, James, and Tiffany, please take good care.


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