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Subject: Archive now available via FTP
Date: 18 Dec 1993 15:31:33 -0500
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In article <>, Rango Keshavan <rango@NMC.ED.RAY.COM> wrote:

>I think it was a moral disgrace to post the teachings of MMY on this net.

And how is it a moral disgrace to redistribute generally available information already in the public domain? Oh. That's right. This knowledge is "sacred" and we can't talk about it. Sorry.

We who are no longer associated with Mahesh and his movement don't particularly care for the secrecy, sacredness, esoterica and other practices and terminology that mark the Movement as a religious cultlike institution. This secrecy only inhibits unfettered critical research and examination of Mahesh and his teachings.

It's for this reason that I'm particularly pleased to announce that I'm personally sponsoring an FTP archive - the "TM Dissenter's Archive" - to serve as an independent repository of information about TM and the other programs and organizations led by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The archive is new and under construction. Current contents include all the postings in this newsgroup since the beginning of October, 1993. More material is on the way.

This archive is a personal project of mine and is in no way connected with, sponsored by or endorsed by Digital Express Group, Inc.

To access the archive, ftp to, login as "anonymous", use your e-mail address as password, and cd to pub/mike/tm-dissent.

Anyone wishing to contribute materials to the archive should contact me directly.

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