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"Enlightenment Radio Program"

During the fall and winter of 1979, I had the opportunity to interview two individuals who were rather high-level officials of the TM movement. As I was a rather committed "citizen meditator" at the time, these interviews resulted in the completion of 5 segments of a radio program which ran on the campus radio station of the University of Maryland, College Park. All programs are about 15 minutes in length.

All five programs Copyright © 1979 Michael T. Doughney. All rights reserved.

  • Program 79-1: "Transcendental Meditation (1)"

    The first three programs feature Dr. Stephen Druker, who, as it turns out, was not only a "Director" of one of the TM movement's many front "institutes," but also played a key role defending the movement in Malnak vs. Yogi, the New Jersey court case which found that the teaching of TM in public schools was unlawful.

    Druker also appears very prominently in the Denaro affidavit. I have no idea of his current wherabouts or if he is still associated with the TM movement.

    Update, December 2000: Druker has joined the TM movement's campaign against bioengineering as head of the "Alliance for Bio-Integrity." See: Steven Druker - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief or Religious Leader from the Center for Food and Agricultural Research. Or search on Google.

  • Program 79-2: "Transcendental Meditation (2)"

    There are a number of interesting claims made in this segment, in particular the claim that oxygen consumption decreases during TM has since been disproven. Druker also makes the curious assertion that the "Berlitz Language School" did a study finding that the mantras have no meaning - an assertion I've never heard from anyone else.

  • Program 79-3: "TM-Sidhi Program"

    This segment is a good example of the claims the TM movement was making about the Sidhis program during the late 70's. Although Druker isn't making the wild, explicit claims of supernormal powers that appeared in TM movement advertisements two years before, his claims of imminent breakthroughs to be demonstrated by scientific studies on "energy changes," and gravitational effects caused by Sidhi practice, were just as powerful to young, impressionable college students.

  • Program 80-1: "Enlightenment"

    The programs aired in 1980 feature Michael Dimick, then "Chief Minister of the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment for the United States." He has since served as the head of TM movement development projects. He confidently asserts - in 1979 - that an "Age of Enlightenment" was already starting "to come about." More great TM movement promises that never come true.

    I should also note that, beginning with this program, specific references to TM were deliberately limited to one or two per program, in an attempt to attract people with other aspects of the TM movement's belief system. Of course, back then, I thought that was a wonderful idea.

    • Program Transcript not available.

  • Program 80-2: "Age of Enlightenment"

    • Program Transcript not available.

TM Introductory Lecture

This is a recording of a TM Introductory Lecture given by TM teacher Debbie Butler during November, 1979 at the University of Maryland, College Park. 46 minutes.

Copyright © 1979 Michael T. Doughney. All rights reserved.

  • Partial transcript of student's question about irritability caused by TM practice, and teacher's response.

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